Sorry girls!! (Lori by OG)

I mentioned before that I was off to the thrift stores last week with my thrift store shopping buddy Heather and I was hoping to find some super cool doll things.  Sorry to my gang, but it was not meant to be. 😦  There were lots of toys for little kids, but not much for the 8 and up group.  And I didn’t find any thing that I could use for “doll sized finds”.  I did see a kids jewelry box that would have made a cute chest of drawers, but I’m sticking to my “has to be better than what I already have” rule, and it didn’t apply.  Oh well.  It WAS a good day for me though, I got 3 shirts, a pair of shoes and a gorgeous purse in brand new condition.  Considering how most of my thrift store shopping lately has been for the dolls, I don’t feel guilty. 😉

We did stop at Target while we were in the Pittsburgh area to see if I could find any of the newer 18 inch Our Generation items or the Lori by OG line.  The store we stopped at was very disappointing in the 18 inch line, nothing new to see and I was very shocked at all that they had–this store is a busy store, yet they only had 1/2 of an aisle on one side dedicated to this line–wha?!?!  That surprised me more than anything because even the smaller stores around me have more than that, most have one side of an entire aisle and sometimes an endcap.

Speaking of endcaps…I have to thank Xyra over at Tea Time With Melody Q for clueing me in on this next thing.  She was fortunate enough to find some Lori by OG and told me that it wasn’t in the aisle with the regular OG stuff, that it was on an endcap.  Sure enough–that’s where I found some!  It was very odd though, it was on a back end cap, I might have missed it had it not been for her telling me about that.  I think this line is so cute and I really wanted to see it in person.  AND they had the one thing that I wanted the most…so of course I had to buy it!!!

Lori 2 Lori 3

This is so cute, and I have to explain why I wanted it so much.  Not because I don’t have a car for my mini-dolls, but because it’s a Mini Cooper.  I used to have a Mini Cooper myself, and when I saw this on several blogs, my mind was made up that my mini girls HAD to have it.  I traded my Mini in a couple of years ago because I needed a bigger vehicle, but I have fond memories of it.  This isn’t the only Mini Cooper in my doll fleet either, I also have the Barbie one, the Sunshine Family drives it.  Yes, I’ve yuppified the Sunshine Family.  Sorry.

This car has so many awesome details to it.  I love that the doors open and close.  It has a working AM/FM radio.  I think they did a great job with making the headlights look realistic.  And at $24.99, it’s very affordable for either kids or collectors.  The only complaint I have is that it is a little difficult to get the dolls to sit properly, but if you’ve ever owned or ridden in a Mini Cooper, you know they got that part right too. 😉

Lori 6
Check it out, the center console even opens!
Lori 4
Look closely, the floor has a cool “rug” pattern.
Lori 5
Love the opening doors, makes it easier to gets dolls in and out of the front seats.

I only have 4 mini dolls, and that’s probably where this collection will stop.  I started with Mini Isabelle and Mini Kit from the AG line and when I found out they were changing the line, I made sure I picked up Mini Sienna and Mini Lana from the OG line, those two were my favorites.  I’ve mentioned before that when my mom passed away, I inherited her 1/12 scale doll house.  I haven’t been sure what to do with it, but now I have a game plan–Mini House!  After the new year, I’m going to start going through the boxes and boxes of furniture and sort out what I can use and what I want to sell.  There is quite literally enough furniture to do 3 houses!  There are several pieces I definitely want to keep but the rest will be determined by how well it works with these dolls.  Let me just say that with everything in those boxes, these girls will be living in the lap of luxury, my mom bought some very high end pieces.  I just have to figure out a good place to put it!  I can already picture the Mini Cooper parked outside the Mini Mansion…

As you can see, the dolls were excited too, they couldn’t wait to try it out.  Kind of reminds me of someone who has won the “showcase showdown” on “The Price is Right!”

Lori 7 Lori 8 Lori 9 Lori 11

Lori by OG is a cute line, the hardest part at the moment is finding some of it.  The store I found the car at had a nice selection of dolls, two cars, two campers, some clothes, ballet studio and the house–but no furniture!  It seems that the furniture is the hardest to find.  Earlier this week I went to another Target and they finally had some of this line in as well, and they only had one set of furniture.  Again, Target falling asleep at the switch on distribution of doll stuff, ARGH!  I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that.  I thought it was odd that at this store, the display was also on the backside of an endcap, it’s almost like they don’t want you to find it!

I picked up two of the four outfits currently available:

Lori 1
“I Spot You!” and “Wonderfully Warm” clothing sets

As I was looking at these outfits, I had a sudden flashback to something from my childhood:  Dawn dolls.  Anyone else remember and/or love them?  I had quite a few of them and a decent collection of clothing.  Unfortunately I had to throw them all out, they were ruined and posed a health hazard for me (mold).  I think the way the clothing is displayed for the Lori line is reminiscent of how the Dawn clothing came, not sure if the little “mannequin” will stand on it’s own just yet.  Another item I wish I still had is the Tonka Winnebago, it was the perfect size for Dawn, and since Dawn was a little taller than the current mini dolls, it would work well.  Darn.

dawn doll  dawn doll outfit


Evil Twin is coming next week and if we have time, we may stop at another Target that has a huge selection of OG stuff (most of the time), so I may pick up the other two outfits.  I may try my hand at making a few things for these dolls too, it would be a great way to use up tiny scraps left from other projects.

Do you collect any of the mini dolls?  What is your favorite thing about them?

Check out how the radio sounds here:

Unfortunately no volume control but I was shocked at how clear the stations came in!


19 thoughts on “Sorry girls!! (Lori by OG)

  1. My grandmother had some Dawn Dolls at her house, and then she gave them to my sisters and me! We gave them as dolls to our 18″ dolls. 🙂


  2. LOVE the car! I didn’t realize it was also a radio! Also didn’t realize it was a Mini. That’s cool.

    Yes, Lori is on the back endcap at my Target too. I think Target is being sneaky. I think someone in product placement does know how popular this line would be and that perhaps stock was limited, so they made it hard to find on purpose.

  3. Um, yes. I bought quite a few of the Lori minis and I have all the OG ones (and all the pre-Beforever AG ones). I hemmed and hawed on the car and decided my dolls don’t drive the cars they already have so no more cars! I wish they sold the piano alone. I like the room but I don’t need it. The rest of the furniture seems slightly off in scale (no surprise from OG).

    I had several Dawn dolls and loved them. Someone just bought me the mini Winnebago and presented it while I was performing my new song called (shockingly), “Cream Colored Winnebago.”

    • This is the first car for the AG/OG gang, I don’t have one for my 18″ girls because mine aren’t old enough to drive! The scooter and bikes will have to do. Yes, that piano is darling, I agree that it would be nice if they sold it separately. And the scale thing–glad to know it wasn’t just me that thought that, in a blog post I saw somewhere I remember thinking it looked way too small for the dolls. That’s one of the reasons I want to go through the furniture I have and make sure it’s going to work or not, I’m super fussy about that (if you haven’t already figured that out LOL!)

      COOL about the Winnebago! It was a favorite toy not just for me, but for my nieces and nephews. My one nephew used it like a ride on toy for a while, that thing was just about indestructible! I wonder if Tonka trucks are still built that tough?

  4. Oh, I forgot the real question here. I didn’t have Dawn, but I did have a few each of the Dazzle, Glamour Gals, and Miss Sergio Valente mini dolls. They reside in my 1/12 doll house. My favorite thing about them – they looked human. So many of the “doll house families” of the time were very bland.

    One drawback to the Glamor Gals…you couldn’t change them. Their clothes were made in such a way that they stayed on. You’d collect the many versions of Vanessa in her different outfits and put them in a case like Hot Wheel or Mtachboxes.

    Back to OG – none of my Targets has a full aisle side relegated to OG. About 2/3 is a far as I get. And maybe a front endcap if there is a sale.

    • Nothing wrong with getting sidetracked, kind of like when you walk into a room and think “what did I come in here for?”

      I agree that most of the dolls made specifically for 1/12 scale are just blah. I don’t understand why either, they put so much detail in other things sold in that scale.

      • Exactly! I can get a pint of strawberries and can see the seeds and hulls, but the family isn’t articulated and the faces are somber (at best).

  5. Great post! I had been curious about the car, so it’s nice to see the details up close. They didn’t have it in stock at my store. Now I’m kind of kicking myself for not picking up the “home workspace” furniture I saw as it probably won’t be there the next time I stop! I think the OG minis are just so cute. I can’t wait to see how they look in your mom’s dollhouse!

    • I’m going to be very curious to see how supplies of this line are as the months progress. I’ve noticed that many items that start out as being “hard to find” in the 18 inch line all of a sudden show up in mass quantities. Perfect example is the BBQ set, it was being sold on Ebay for 2 and 3 times the price, now it’s in every Target store I’ve been to and usually each has 3 or 4 of it. I don’t understand why they do this either, they could make TONS of money off the OG line just by keeping items available.

    • I’m excited about it! The house was a pet project of my mom’s and I hated to get rid of all of it because I think it’s pretty cool, it will be fun to give it a new “life” with new residents. I need to do some remodeling to my tastes though. It’s an after Christmas project, something to work on in the grey days of winter.

  6. You know my local Target rarely has any good OG stuff. It’s very frustrating. I used to have a Dawn doll! I loved her! I wish I knew where all my old dolls went…sigh.

    • I was at a huge Target store today and they didn’t seem to have anything more than any other I’ve been at. Interesting!

      Dawn dolls were awesome, they were the perfect size for a girl to take back and forth to school in the winter for days when we were stuck indoors for recess.

      • I used to get in trouble because I’d build a house from my books and use my stubby pencils as dolls. The trouble part was because I did this during lesson not recess. 🙂

  7. Hey! I had Dawn when I was little, and she was friends w/ my Rosemary Rock Flower doll. Julie got her for Christmas 2 years ago. I’m not really into the Lori dolls, but I do wish AG would market extra clothes and accessories for their minis. I picked up a MaryEllen mini at the AG store in Seattle yesterday.

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