Take a hike! Queen’s Treasures hiking boots review.

I haven’t done any clothing product reviews for a while, but I recently bought something that I felt was worthy of a review.  Of course, the morning I was getting ready to photograph it, I noticed that someone was walking out the door with it!

hiking 1

Louisa!  “What?”  Stop! I need those boots!  “I was just going to go hiking in the woods to get some photos.”  This will just take a minute, I promise.

I’d looked at these boots many times over, and recently I had an Amazon order that needed something to put it over the $35 minimum to get free shipping, so I decided to add them.  I’m so glad I did, they are about the cutest things I’ve ever purchased.

hiking 2

Many years ago I had a pair of boots very similar to these, I was totally amazed by the attention to detail.

hiking 3
Even my husband (who rarely has opinions on doll stuff) thought these were pretty darned cool. I’ve decided that doll shoes are one of my favorite things in the whole wide world, and I think he’s almost as impressed with these! (don’t tell him I said that!)

There were two things that impressed me the most–the fact that these are lined like real hiking boots would be:
hiking 6

And the lugs on the soles, oh my!!!
hiking 5  hiking 4

The girls have already been getting a lot of wear out of them, I think they have been on someone’s feet since they arrived.  I paid $10.99 for these from Amazon, plus you get free shipping on them all the time, it just worked out for me to wait to get them so they would put my regular order over.  I recently read at A Day Late/A Doll Short that she got them for right around $6, they must have run a one day sale!  You can also buy them from The Queen’s Treasures direct, they do charge a shipping fee, but if you are ordering from them anyhow, you can add them on.

I highly recommend these little boots for all of your outdoor adventures!

Louisa’s outfit is a Carter’s preemie baby outfit that I picked up at Walmart, her backpack is from Our Generation.


19 thoughts on “Take a hike! Queen’s Treasures hiking boots review.

    • I can see where they would go great with that set. They are awesome for most any outdoor activity set like that. One of the cutest things Queen’s Treasures sell in my opinion!

  1. Hey ET
    Love the hiking boots, Are you having many fights as to who gets to wear them next? They look so authentic, and the lining in the boot is really nice. They can go with a lot of stuff, even to school with jeans, part of that retro-girl thing. The Camo outfit is very nice, I was with you when you purchased that, and said all it would need would be cutting off the bottom of the T-Top. Looks great.

    • Not too many fights, the girls seem to be diplomatic. That shirt is actually the one that was just a shirt to begin with, the onesie isn’t so hot, the day I sewed it was one of the days the sewing machine was giving me fits. 😦

  2. I love those boots. i keep looking at them. The quality is so nice. Reminds me of the black boots from AG in 2000. They are my go to, but having a pair of brown would be good too.

    Quick, Louisa! Run now and get those photos. We want to see your shoot!

    • One can never have too many boots!

      My shoot didn’t turn out so great Melody, I was trying to get pictures of birds. They move even faster than Eddie!

      • Louisa, I know exactly what you mean. I tried taking photos of the birds at Nana Kestrel’s…it’s almost impossible. The only thing worse is trying to get shots of butterflies or bumble bees.

  3. These are so cute! You’re right about the detail…holy cow, these may be the best shoes to fit AG I’ve seen yet!
    That’s a great tip about preemie outfits as well!

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