Grandma’s Camera

Louisa was sitting at the dining room table a few days ago, obviously upset about something.  Her grandpap asked her if everything was okay.  “Oh, I’m just frustrated.  My camera isn’t working right.  It’s an old one that belonged to mom that she let me have and I think it’s just wearing out.  Now that I have Eddie back, I really wanted to be able to take pictures of him to send to dad.”  “That’s the drawbacks of things these days” replied Grandpap, “they just don’t last like they used to.”  Louisa told him that she had been trying to think of something she could do to earn some money so she could buy herself a new one, she loved taking pictures.  Grandpap told her to “hold that thought”-then he left the room.

When Grandpap came back, he was holding a camera in his hands.  Louisa immediately recognized it.  “That’s Grandma’s camera isn’t it?”  “Yes, and it’s been sitting in the living room cupboard since she died.  I’m not much for taking pictures, but I think she would be thrilled to know that you were using it” replied Grandpap.  “OH MY GOSH!  Thank you SO much Grandpap!” squealed Louisa.  She gave him a huge hug and said “I will be sure to take very good care of it!”

Later on, Louisa took Eddie into the hallway so she could try out the camera.
camera 1

The first few shots didn’t come out so great…
camera 2

camera 3

camera 4

But as she got used to it, they improved  It was just a matter of getting him to sit still long enough to get a good shot.  He definitely had other things on his mind!
camera 5

Finally she managed to get Eddie to sit and she got a good shot that she could send her dad:
camera 6

“It’s not perfect,” she sighed, “but it’s going to have to do for now.  Getting you to hold still is a challenge!”

Before she quit so she could go work on her homework, she decided to try out the self-timer feature on it so she could get a picture of her and Eddie together.  It took a couple of tries, but eventually she got a good one.
camera 7

“Check it out Eddie, that’s you and me!  You’re so cute!”  “Well of course I’m cute” thought Eddie.  “I’m the cutest dog on the planet, geesh!  Goofy humans.”


10 thoughts on “Grandma’s Camera

  1. It’s actually pretty easy, just move the camera as your take the pic. It’s basically the reverse technique that you use for making a moving object look like it’s sitting still, I had to do a lot of that when I did a lot of racing photography, you pan with the object as it moves. Both take a little practice, but not all that complicated in theory.

    • Isn’t that the truth! My current dog doesn’t like having her picture taken either, shortly after I got my newest DSLR, she would run away if she saw me picking it up.

  2. Wonderful story. I like how Louisa’s hobby of taking photos helps her feel connected to her mom and grandmom.

    The photos are awesome! So realistic with regards to animal photography. You’re missing the one of the super close up when they come to sniff the lens. I get those of the cats all the time! The self timer is priceless.

  3. Adorable story, Flo, and great photos, Louisa! I always enjoy your writing as it has such a nice flow to it. Louisa is such a beautiful doll. It’s great that she can carry grandma’s love of photography with her. 🙂

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