First Day of School

I mentioned earlier that school started here last week. The school that the girls go to has a strict dress code with a “uniform” required most days.  It’s pretty boring–polo shirts in specific colors paired with pants in specific colors or the official school uniform (which used to be all they had!)  Throughout the year though, they have specified days that you don’t have to wear the uniform, some days are whatever you want (within reason) and other days have a theme–jeans day, boots day, sweatshirt day, etc.  The first day of school is traditionally a “whatever you want” day, so the girls decided to have fun with it picking out the perfect outfits.

Alya and Shivan were all dressed and ready, Shivan was double checking her schedule on the laptop. “Would you quit worrying!” said Alya. “You have checked it so many times, you should have it memorized!”
1st day 2

Kit was dressed and decided to see what Cassandra was up to. “Hey, my outfit looks terrific on you!” Kit exclaimed. “I like yours too, that is really cute” Cassandra replied.

1st day 1

Rebecca was in her room, hoping she hadn’t forgotten anything.

1st day 3

Marie-Grace was all ready to go and was in the kitchen when she heard a knock at the door.  When she opened the door, there was Louisa.  “Wow, you’re early, you know we don’t leave for another 15 minutes!”  Louisa replied, “I know, I was hoping you could help me.  My shoes look terrible with this outfit, do you think you have something that would work better?”  “I’m sure we do, ” answered Marie-Grace, “did you have a specific color in mind?”  “I was thinking pink or something with pink in it.”  “Be right back!”

1st day 4

Marie-Grace returned with several different pairs of shoes.  “Have a seat right there and see which ones you like.”

1st day 5

“I don’t think these will work, too dressy.”

1st day 6

“Not these either, the color isn’t quite right.”

1st day 7

“Now these…THESE are just perfect!”

1st day 8

“Thank you so much, this is MUCH better!”

1st day 9Abby and Zara showed up not long after the shoe crisis was averted, and we decided to get some traditional 1st Day Of School pictures of all the girls.

Alya, Marie-Grace and Abby all looked very nice in their outfits.  Of course Alya had to wear her hat!

1st day 10

The three oldest girls wanted their photos together. Rebecca, Zara and Cassandra look ready to take on any class.
1st day 11
Louisa, Shivan and Kit all look “pretty in pink”, don’t they? Louisa and Shivan found out that they have lunch together and since they were both nervous about their first day, they decided to take a lunch with them.  Shivan wasn’t into it, as you can see she hadn’t even found a shoe to wear yet!  Poor Shivan was not looking forward to being the new girl with a cast.  😦
1st day 12

I’m happy to say that the first day went well for everyone and all of the “new girl” jitters are out of Louisa and Shivan’s systems! On to the rest of the school year. 🙂


15 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Everyone looks like they’re all ready for school! Those lunchboxes look great! (Julie, Lisa and Sunny say Yay! to Louisa and Shivan b/c they have Peanuts and Wizard Of Oz lunchboxes too!). Shivan…did you forget your other shoe, dear?

    • Shivan was really dragging that day, I think she was a bit overwhelmed by the idea of the first day and getting around the school with that cast. The good news is that Thursday she went to the doctor to have it checked and she doesn’t have to wear the cast anymore! She can’t play soccer or gym class for another two weeks, but she said that is fine as long as the cast is gone.

    • When they got home from the first day, Louisa came here with the girls and I could just tell by the look on her face she was relieved and that it went well. Shivan is very happy the cast is gone! I told her the two weeks would fly by.

  2. Do I spy the Doodle Backpack 😉?
    I love Louisa’s tennies!
    Looks like a good first day for everyone. Did you celebrate after they all got out the front door? Pour another cup of coffee?

    • Good eye! Yes, I got the Doodle Backpack when it was the PWP last month, yay! I didn’t get much celebrating in, I’ve been cleaning the house. 😦

  3. Oh I remember those first day of school jitters and trying to pick out the perfect outfit. This was such a fun and cute photo story as our first day of school is tomorrow! I love all of their back to school outfits. Cassandra looks really cute as always! I love Kit’s outfit as well!

    • We had fun picking out the outfits, now they are back to the boring pants and polo shirts. 😦 Cassandra and Kit both always seem to look good in everything!

  4. Loved the first day of school pictures, that is always a nervous time especially if your the new girl in school or you are going off to a different school. Glad to hear that Shivan is out of the cast, Raynia ask me to tell Shivan that she too is out of her wrist brace, and looking forward to a soccer game in the near future. Got to wait a week or two.

  5. Well, all the girls looked great in their outfits. That first day is always so nerve racking! I’m sure once they saw all their friends from last year they had a great day. So glad Shivan got out of her cast!

    • Thanks! Louisa and Shivan were happy to report that they weren’t the only new girls either, there were about 15 kids total! Everyone seems to be getting back into the swing of things now that they have that first day out of the way.

    • Thanks! The Peanuts and Wizard of Oz lunch boxes are actually gift card holders I picked up at Barnes & Noble, I learned about them from the Fun with AG Fan blog. The pony one is from Michael’s, I picked it up quite a while ago.

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