Review of Journey Girls Epic Summer Set

I’ve not purchased any Journey Girls items before, but they have had several things that I’ve thought looked interesting.  Recently they introduced several new items that I was curious about, so I decided to head to ToysRUs and check them out!

I have to say that the Journey Girls merchandise is very cute, and if it weren’t for the fact that the doll bodies and feet were a different size, I might be tempted to spring for one of the dolls or an outfit.  But, I don’t want to get into another set of clothing and such that isn’t 100% totally interchangeable with what I have, so I will pass.  I do think they are a nice alternative to American Girl for someone just getting into the 18 inch doll category though.

On my list of things I wanted to see:  the Epic Summer Set, the School Accessories Set and the Lunch Accessories Set.  The School Accessories Set was the one I really wanted to see, and it figures, it was out of stock at this particular store.  I looked at the Lunch Accessories Set.  Very cute, but out of scale, the pieces are a bit on the large size in my opinion.  I also looked at a couple of sets I didn’t have on my radar, but in the end I decided to go with the Epic Summer Set.  Yeah, it’s the end of summer, but there is always next year!  I actually wanted to do a beach shoot recently, but we’ve had a bit of an issue at the lake near us.  The weather hasn’t exactly been cooperative and algae has taken over, so they closed the beach and the swimming areas.  I decided to take a drive out myself one day to see if by chance it was open, but once I drove across the causeway, I didn’t figure it would be, the lake was visibly green from the bridge!  Eww!  Better luck next year I guess, at least I have the right equipment now.

Here is what it looks like in the package:

Journey 1Once you slide it out of the package, it isn’t hard to remove, it’s held in with two ties and some tape:

Journey 2

And yes, more paper twine!!!!!  (are you paying attention to this Our Generation???)

Journey 3So, first things first–the main reason I really wanted this set was for the chair.  Another blog had shown it and commented on the chair and how it was repositionable just like a real beach chair.  I had to see this for myself–and it really is!!!

Journey 6 Journey 5

And the umbrella is hinged and works like a real umbrella, here you can see the mechanics for it:

Journey 8 Journey 7

And here is everything in the set once I had it unboxed:

Journey 4So cute, I really like this set!  It comes with the chair, umbrella, beach towel, beach ball, ice cream cone, suntan lotion bottle and a chest type cooler.  Everything you would need for a day at the beach!

Another shot of some of the other pieces.  I like the cooler, the lid flips open and stays open and the handle is nicely hinged.  I’m already picturing my bead “ice cubes” in it with bottles of water and soda.

Journey 9 Journey 10

One HUGE advantage this chair has over other similar chairs is that it folds flat, just like a real beach chair, making it super easy to store.  I have the chair that came with the My Life As camping set, and it doesn’t fold at all, making it a bit of a challenge to store.  Journey 11

The chair has one other positive aspect to it…
Journey 13
The cover can be removed! It has Velcro at both ends, making it simple to take off in the event you need to clean it, or better yet, if you want to make a custom cover for it (which I can totally see me doing!).

Shivan happened to be the first one home from school the day I unpackaged it, and she was exhausted from lugging that cast around all day, so I told her to give it a try. I didn’t think I was ever going to get her out of it!
Journey 12

Doesn’t she look relaxed, sitting there eating an ice cream cone?

Overall, I think this set is adorable. However, it does seem a bit fragile, so I don’t think it would hold up to a child who tends to be rough playing with it. This set would be much better suited to an older child. I do think the accessories all work well together, and even though it has a good bit of pink in it, I was very happy to see that they paired it with a peachy orange tone instead of purple. The price point on this set is excellent too, I got it at the regular price of $16.99 which I thought was more than reasonable. Heck, Our Generation sells clothing sets for this much, and I think the attention to detail exceeds any of that. I give this set a B+, the only reason I am not giving it an A is because I do think it could be easily broken. It’s a shame the lake is such a mess, it’s definitely hot enough to go to the beach here at the moment, and we could try it out!   😦

I definitely will be giving more Journey Girls items a try!



15 thoughts on “Review of Journey Girls Epic Summer Set

  1. I got the Epic Summer set at the beginning of summer and I’m seriously tempted to pick up a second one – for the awesome chair. Journey Girls shoes are insanely well made and very detailed in their quality too – they fit Maplelea feet perfectly. I haven’t tried any JG clothes, but I might because Maplelea are a little slimmer than AG.

    • I would be tempted to get a second set too! That’s interesting about the shoes fitting Maplelea, good to know! I bet the clothing would fit too, I think Journey Girls dolls are the slimmer build.

      • Another doll friend did some shoe shopping for me since my local TRU has almost no Journey Girls selection (a few playsets, a few outfits, some dolls) and Leonie needed more shoes. 6 pairs of shoes for around 18 bucks (including shipping) was a good deal, I thought.

  2. A green lake? YUCCKKK! Maybe you should make an indoor beach scene.

    I love that the chair is adjustable. Not too wild about the towel w/ Journey Girl writtten on it, though. I hope you have enough drinks for that cooler! I’ve been working on making soda cans from those cylinders vitamins that keeps them from sticking together.

    Purple Passion soda, anyone? :o)

    • Yeah, and it’s not even a nice shade of green!

      That’s a great idea for using the desiccant cylinders–I’ll have to keep that in mind the next time I get one. I do have some bottles that should come close to filling it once I put the “ice” in it. I wasn’t all that wild about the Journey Girl name plastered on the towel either, but I probably wouldn’t use it anyhow since I have nicer beach towels for the girls.

    • There are so many to choose from, it is hard. I’ve read a few not so great reviews on the Our Generation tent–the one they have had for a while, not the teepee. I guess the poles that go into it tend to break easily. I have the My Life As set, it’s cute, but I don’t think that it’s as realistic as it could be. You should try making some of the stuff, I bet you could come up with something cool.

  3. For me, the cooler is worth the price of admission! Love Sharry’s idea to repurpose the desiccant cylinders.
    The Journey Girl clothes also fit my “Poor Pitiful Pearl” doll, and give her something less pitiful to wear!

  4. Thank you for the great review. Toys R Us is not in my routine circle of shopping so I have yet to see Journey Girls in person. Great set!

    My issue with the OG tent is not the poles (though I hear they break) but that the flaps don’t close. Who goes camping in a tent with no door. LOL

    This is a great set. the chair is the best. I do like the towel – aren’t any of the girls fans of Journey Girls? 🙂

    We really hope Shivan can get out of the cast soon.

    • I guess the Journey Girls could be like the Cheetah Girls, didn’t think of that! I’m with you in the Toys R Us not in the routine either, Target is a little different because I can pick up doll stuff at the same time I’m buying coffee. Plus it’s even more tempting when I’m at Toys R Us, they have Playmobile, Calico Critters and a bunch of other stuff I need to stay away from…

      Shivan goes to the doctor this week, she is hoping he will say she can get rid of it. She’s very tired of it. You should have heard her when I told her about wearing one for 8 weeks when I broke my ankle, I think I freaked her out!

      • Ooo, Cheetah Girls. They were fun.

        Any store is tempting for me. LOL Although, depending on the layout Toys R US might be okay…if I go into information overload i shut down and leave. My first trip to Wegman’s was a disaster. I’m much better now. 😀

        Best wishes for the trip to the doctor.

  5. This is such a cute set! I can’t believe you get all that for around $16. Very good value, I think. That chair really is so awesome. I love when they really put in an effort to make it an actual miniature version of the real thing. Shivan looks like she’s just soaking it all up. 😉

      • I do too. When the accessories were detailed wood-like resin or metal. When clothing had working zippers, buttons, and snaps. That first tent and hiking set…I’m still a little disappointed I didn’t ask for it for Christmas, but not going the eBay way – too expensive. I’ve tried finding the garnet holiday dress a couple of times and wow!

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