14 thoughts on “You’re never too old for a doll…

    • I think it’s a great story. I’m sure that many girls growing up now in the US can’t imagine having to “do without” anything. So many people in that generation had to make a lot of sacrifices just to cover the basics. I loved that she seemed so mentally sharp too.

    • I thought it was so sweet, and yes, Rebecca!!! I imagine it probably reminded her a lot of her own childhood in that era.

  1. Brought tears to my eyes! A great story and a beautiful message from her. Rebecca does look like her daughters, so probably looks a bit like her when she was younger too (well without the pageboy bob).

    Thank you for posting. I shared on google+ too.

    • I loved when they showed her daughter too, she was having a hard time not crying either. I thought it was such a great story.

  2. This video made me so happy; to see a little old lady so happy to finally get a doll. Being elderly myself I still love my dollies, and yes Virginia “You are never too old for a doll”. My first AG doll was a gift, and one that was acquired because some young girl decided she was “TOO OLD For A DOLL”. Thank God there are still some of us who plan to never grow up. Someone once told me “When you grow up, You grow Old”, so keep thinking you are young.

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