Dollhouse tour-Alya & Shivan’s bedroom

Welcome back to the dollhouse tour! I thought this would be a good place to take a break from posts about the girls, and show you what I was up to recently. This room was a serious challenge, but not for why you think. The big problem–space! Our house is a very typical 1950’s/60’s ranch with small bedrooms and whoever designed it managed to have something that creates an issue on every single wall in every single room, whether it’s a window, door or heating/cooling vent! Seriously drives me bananas. The dollhouse is on the only wall possible in this particular room (or any other for that matter!) and I was not sure how to proceed. As much as I would have liked to have purchased another set of those shelves and expand the dollhouse by another 5 rooms, it just wasn’t going to be possible.

I thought about it for a while and originally I was just going to do their room with presentation boards, but I really didn’t like that idea all that well. I wanted something a bit more “permanent”. Then it dawned on me–the top of our cedar chest would make the perfect space AND it was the perfect height! It was just a matter of rearranging the furniture a bit and swapping two pieces. Now you know how I hurt my back, ugh! But, once I got it moved, it worked out perfectly, and thanks to a heat pack, Biofreeze and some rest, my back is healing nicely. 😉

I already had the idea of making Alya’s bed out of the box Kit’s bed came in, long before Shivan even came on the scene. I wasn’t quite sure what to do for her once she arrived, but I thought it would be cute to have a daybed for her. Unfortunately AG had discontinued the daybed they made, so I was seriously looking at one on Amazon that Laurent Doll made. The very morning I had decided to order it, AG posted new sale items and lo and behold, there was their daybed!!!! I was super thrilled, I ordered it so fast it would make your head spin. Sorry Amazon! Not long after I ordered it I found that cute little white cabinet at Goodwill, the room was really starting to come together. Are you ready to see it?

a & s 1Once I got this room finished, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or Cassandra’s bedroom better.  It is truly a toss up.  I think this room appeals to me because it has a very “girly” feel to it.  I’m considering making Alya a different headboard in white so it all coordinates even more.  I’m not usually into matchy-matchy, but I think it would make a nice visual.

a & s 2
If you were following the bedding tutorial, you already got to see a lot of Alya’s bed. Overall I was very pleased with how it turned out. Something I didn’t tell you guys though–I didn’t buy that fabric to make bedding out of, I actually bought it to make doll dresses, ooooopps!!! I liked it so much when I bought it, I got way more than what I needed “just in case”. Good thing, huh? I do think I have just enough left to make a dress out of, I haven’t checked it just yet, fingers crossed. As you can see, Alya’s got all of her goodies laying about.

a & s 4
More of their “stuff”! On the top we have a lamp from Dollar Tree as well as two of the frames I picked up at thrift stores. Alya wanted a picture of her and Cassandra since Cass isn’t just her cousin, but her bestie too! Shivan picked out a picture of her and Kirsten from “Tea Time w/Melody Q”. She met Kirsten when we went to Coolspring and they hit it off. Unfortunately she lives on the other side of the state, but they stay in touch.

The cabinet, oh my, you have no idea how much I love this piece. It made a brief appearance in the bakery, but this is where I intended for it to end up. It was the perfect spot for the girls to store their toys and knick-knacks. Now for the crazy part–I discovered that they have this EXACT same cabinet over at Dolly Dorm Diaries, in a room with the daybed! How’s that for weird?!?! I still don’t know what it’s intended purpose really is, but I think it’s perfect in a doll bedroom.

a & s 3
This is Shivan’s side of the bedroom, she’s not nearly as messy as Alya. She has her soccer stuff and Archie loves hanging out on her bed. I also thought their bedroom would be a great place to put the Sit & Snooze fold out bed that I got such a fantastic deal on. I know what you’re thinking though–why do they need extra sleeping space when they have the trundle? Well…
a & s 5
The girls had so much stuff to store, we decided it would be better used as a drawer instead of a sleeping space. We have the extra mattress in storage just in case. Shivan has her painting supplies on the left and all of Alya’s things on the right.

a & s 6
Here’s a closeup of Shivan’s bedding. Hers was super easy since I only needed to make pillows, a sheet and a blanket. I was kind of torn on what to use as the backing, her fabric is similar to the bedding on Alya’s bed, but not identical. I am glad I chose the pink polka dot, its a nice contrast, but still goes well with the floral and green polka dot theme of Alya’s bedding.

I hope you had fun seeing their bedroom! It was really a fun room to do and came together faster than any other room I’ve done so far. We’re just about done with the dollhouse tour, later this month I’ll be showing you the bathroom. Ta-ta for now!

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    • I think my mom was president of that club! 😉 I’ve vowed to not let my stash get too out of hand. Thanks!

  1. What a cute room! I think it’s cool that everything doesn’t match. It reflects each girl’s personality. I love the picture frames, which is something I haven’t really done w/ my dolls. So far the only doll that has had a pic of a friend in her room was Lisa, (beach snap w/ Julie). I guess that’s b/c A) I’m too lazy, and B) my dolls see each other so often, they don’t really need to keep pics! But I have a question…if Alya and Cass are related as well as best friends, why don’t they share a room?

    • Sometimes it’s hard to find the tiny frames, my favorite is the one in Kit’s room, it was just the perfect size. A lot of times I do see smaller ones in thrift stores with numbers in them–leftovers from wedding receptions!

      I decided that Alya and Cass might become too clique-ish if they shared a room, I want them to be friends with all of the girls, so that’s why they are split up. Cass didn’t really want to share anyhow, she is enjoying having a room to herself since she had to share with her much younger sister at home. They had fun for the couple of months they had to share since we didn’t have space, but she was happy to see Alya in her own space too. Sometimes Alya and Shivan get kind of noisy in there, they both have the same strange sense of humor!

  2. Very cute and girlie. I love it! Do you usually store the dolls in the rooms when you’re not using them or you have them on a separate shelf?

    • They are all over the dollhouse. It just depends on what activity I imagine them doing at that moment when I’m putting them back, usually after a shoot and a clothing change. Zara and Abby (and now Louisa) are usually somewhere to be found too, hanging out!

  3. Love the room! The bed you made turned out great! I love seeing a finished project in place. I am envious of the glass door cabinet, so cute! All our girls have to share a room, it is sometimes hard for them. There are always little struggles to get along. Everyone wonders why the twins don’t share, but they get along better with their friends!

    • Thanks! That little glass door cabinet is one of my favorite pieces ever, it just works so well. I never realized that the twins don’t share a room!

  4. Love the tiny My Little Pony!
    Now, don’t think I didn’t notice that you have 2 of those fabulous canvas bags from ‘If Dolls Could Dream’?!? I really was so impressed by the quality when I ordered one for a gift.

    • The My Little Pony was one of those blind bags, love those things. And I actually have 3 of those bags, Rebecca has one for her ice skating stuff. They are really nice! 🙂

  5. Woohoo! Great bedroom! So neat to find a picture of myself! (giggles) Please, tell Shivan I said hi! Have her give Archie a scratch for me too.

    Your rooms are really nice. I keep thinking maybe some day. I do like having all the windows for cross breezes when it’s not cool enough for heat or warm enough for ac, but know what you mean about the challenges of small rooms.

    If you had a piece of white beadboard you could cut it to fit around the existing headboard as an additional accent. It would tie together as you want and still keep the original work.

    I’d invite you to visit our hot tub…does wonders for the back. Although getting here is a back ache in itself. 🙂

    • I like that idea of the white around the board, I might have something around here that would work. LOL at the hot tub offer, yeah, that would kind of defeat the purpose! 🙂

      Shivan said to tell Kirsten Hi!

  6. Great bedroom! All the pieces work so well together and the box bed looks great! The little cabinet is perfect too! I love how all your little dolly sized finds work so well together to really make the bedroom look realistic.

    • I think sometimes stuff that isn’t made just for dolls works better as far as realism, sometimes the doll stuff is made in colors that obviously look fake. Plus it’s fun trying to find all the little things!

  7. Another great doll room! I have been enjoying all of your older posts! 🙂 I love that little white cabinet! It goes so nicely with the white trundle bed. I also took a look at all of your bed tutorials. I will definitely be using the mattress tutorial to fix the mattresses on my trundle bed. I just sort of stuffed them for now, but I will be sewing the tufts in like you did. Looks way better! Such cute fabrics you chose for your beds!

    ginnie /

    • That white cabinet is another of my favorite pieces, I did a little happy dance when I came across it in a thirft store. Thanks for all your great comments. I had a lot of fun working on the different bedding for the rooms. I can’t take credit for the tufts, I learned that from my mom. She made me Barbie bedding many many years ago like that. Another plus to that too is if you have to wash them for some reason, the stuffing won’t shift as much!

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