Meet Louisa!

I had mentioned a few weeks ago I had a big surprise coming up–well, this is it! I’ve actually had her since the end of June, you have no idea how hard it was for me not to share her with everyone. But I did it!!!
Louisa 4

She is a #55, dark brown hair with hazel eyes and freckles. I’ve had this doll on my radar since early last summer, she’s actually a doll I seriously considered back when I bought Rebecca. I decided that Rebecca’s hair color and style was more of what I was looking for though. But I hadn’t forgotten about #55. I’ve looked at this doll so many times it’s ridiculous and for some reason I just kept putting it off, over and over again and bought other dolls instead.

One morning in June I was doing my usual Ebay surfing, and I was stunned to find her, brand new, just without her clothing for a really good price. Put it this way, I’ve seen used dolls go for more than what she did. Free shipping too! I honestly think that she was purchased during the June Jill’s Steals and Deals because someone wanted the clothing but not the doll. Fine by me, I didn’t want the clothing, just the doll, worked out for everyone! And I got a good deal, and you know how I love a deal. 🙂

Louisa 1

I was so excited when she arrived, she was just perfect, her hair was even still in it’s hairnet. I honestly don’t know why I waited so long to get this doll, she is so cute. I love the hazel eye color that AG has come out with, I can say it’s probably my favorite of all of them, and it looks just gorgeous with her hair. And that hair–wow, she has some of the nicest hair for styling of all of the dolls I own. It’s all one length, making it easy to braid, pull into a pony tail–whatever style you have in mind. My personal favorite is to have it pulled back a little on the sides with barrettes, I think it makes her look very much like a little girl.

Louisa 2

Once she arrived, I had a real dilemma though–what to name her? Several of my dolls have been named before they have even arrived (Alya, Cassandra) and others I stuck with their historical names. Shivan’s name came together once I got focused, but this poor girl was a struggle. I stood her in the trusty chair in the living room so I could look at her often in hopes that something would pop into my head. Two weeks went by and nothing! I even asked my husband and he had no suggestions, not even sarcastic ones! Then one day it happened. One of my absolute favorite television shows is a British drama/comedy called “Doc Martin”. I mentioned to my husband that we needed to get caught up on watching the recent season before the new one came out. Then it dawned on me that #55 reminded me of a character in that show–and her name became Louisa! What made it even better is later I realized that she looked a LOT like a girl I went to school with whose name was Louise–freckles, long, dark wavy hair and very pretty eyes. That sealed it.

Louisa 3

I had another problem though. I’ve mentioned that I am out of room in the dollhouse for any further girls, so I had to figure out a way to incorporate her into the story. That’s when I decided on her story as a new neighbor girl who really needs some friends because she’s going through a tough time.  I’d had the story of a girl who was dealing with her parents divorce in my head for sometime, but actually intended it for a different doll, unfortunately that all fell through.  Then I came across Louisa that morning and decided she would work very well in that story line, so I started writing!

Louisa’s mom and dad met in college, they got married right after he graduated and she was still in school.  When Louisa was born, her mom quit school because it was too difficult juggling a baby and school, not going back to work until Louisa started 1st grade.  When her parents decided to divorce, her mom realized that she needed to finish college to be able to support her and Louisa, so that’s why they moved in with grandpap, her mom wouldn’t have as many expenses plus she would be able to continue at the college she had attended before and wouldn’t lose many credits.  She’s studying to be an accountant and she grew up in this neighborhood.  Even though her dad has a degree to be a history teacher, he found he didn’t enjoy it and instead works as an aircraft mechanic for an airline at the airport in Buffalo, but is trying to get a job in Pittsburgh so he can be closer and can live in the town where he grew up (about 20 minutes away).  Even though her parents are getting a divorce, they still get along okay, no horrible fights or anything, but Louisa misses her dad tremendously.  Her dog Eddie is currently with her dad, but he is going to be coming to live with her soon.

Louisa is actually very funny and can be extremely outgoing at times.  She loves performing magic tricks, likes to sing and is a good student.  She and Alya are becoming very good friends, I think due to the fact that they are both only children and kind of see each other as “sisters”.  She gets fits of the giggles sometimes and has a terrific sense of humor!  The girls here just love her and they all have a lot of fun together.  She’s still nervous about school starting, but Shivan reminded her that she was going to be a new girl too.  That made Louisa feel better, she said “well, we can be the new girls together!”

Louisa 5
I am so glad I decided to get her, I think she makes a great addition to my gang of girls. I am kind of kicking myself for waiting, but she was worth the wait. And there you have it! SURPRISE!!

In case you were wondering, her t-shirt came from If Dolls Could Dream. Her overalls-I have had those so long, I picked them up at a craft show in the mid 1990’s for Samantha! They have held up well though, don’t you agree?


26 thoughts on “Meet Louisa!

  1. That’s the same doll I got for my grand-niece Olivia from JS&Ds. But she’s only 2 and I’m gonna wait til she’s 6. I love your backstories. You get even more elaborate than I do! And that outfit is adorable!

    • Yeah, you have no idea how hard it was for me not to buy her initially when the JS&D”s sale happened, but Evil Twin and I had just placed a rather large order with AG together at the time and I’d just gotten Shivan, so I had to let my credit card recover! The timing on finding her on Ebay was absolutely perfect.

      LOL at the backstories–I should have been an English major with all of the writing I do.

  2. She’s lovely! Now refresh my memory … Is this the same “hazel eyes” that you liked when the TM were released? Her wig is great.
    So fun to have a new girl… Pretty soon you will have a whole neighborhood like Sharry!
    Side note… I saw on agplaythings that someone ordered a Grace on eBay, and it was a fraud situation.. Drop ship. The crazy part was it showed in her AG order history with someone else’s credit card!!

    • LOL @ the comment about me, Jen! Careful Flo…if you keep getting more dolls, pretty soon you’ll have to make a school, a playground, a summer camp….(does any of this sound familiar? LOL!)

    • These are more of a green hazel–the ones with Shivan are more of a brown shade. Louisa shares the same eye color as Zara (Isabelle) and Rebecca. And that wig–every time I mess with her hair I am just in awe. I thought Alya had a nice wig!

      LOL at the neighborhood like Sharry! I think I’m done now, there truthfully aren’t any others that catch my eye. For a while I thought I’d like to have a #57, but she’s far too similar, so I’ve kind of vetoed her, plus I remember seeing her in person at the AG store and I wasn’t as impressed. About the only thing that would suck me in is if GOTY 2016 is a Jess mold doll that doesn’t have brown hair and brown eyes.

      That is downright frightening about the Grace doll. I am just amazed at the amount of fraud that is going on via Ebay and it seems like they are doing nothing to crack down on it. UGH!

    • Thanks Linda! Not only is her hair cute that way, but it is really simple to do as well. I’ve done a lot of different things with her hair, but it is by far my fave.

  3. She is cute! She is my 3 yr olds mini me so I’ve considered getting her for that reason. Her hair looks beautiful. I love the outfit you put her in!

    • Well then, you have to get her if she looks like your daughter! I will say that she isn’t a doll that I would recommend for a younger child as her hair does tangle easily, and I think if it was overbrushed, it might take that curl out. But for you, heck yeah!

      Funny story about the outfits that all 3 girls wore in “The Crying Girl”–I knew I had to make them all sit on our back stoop so I had to make sure that they were wearing “flexible” clothing! Because those overalls (and the outfit Zara was wearing) were made to fit an older AG doll, there is lots of room in the seat, so it made posing far easier. I think they look really cute on her too.

  4. Adorable! She kind of reminds me of the girl we were visiting last week in Ocracoke. We were talking dolls and she said her JLY really isn’t right because she got it when AG didn’t have hazel eyes. It would be fun to surprise her with something closer.

    Looking forward to seeing Louisa in future posts.

    • I wonder what year it was when they did start making hazel eyes? Yes, that would be fun to surprise her!

      Louisa is going to have some fun posts in the coming months. She fits in very well with the rest of the girls.

  5. Oh Flo! Louisa is so lovely! Sadly Sophie and I had to stop buying dolls because we were running out of space. (that was 3 dolls ago) Ah well, it’s hard not to want to adopt every adorable doll we see. SIGH

    • Thanks, I agree! I too am out of space for anymore dolls, I don’t know what I’m going to do if they come out with something else I like. Of course when I started buying AG again last summer, I never thought I’d have this many already!

  6. Wow! Louisa is lovely. I hadn’t really given 55 much of a look until now, but I can see why you wanted her so much! I feel like if I ever got her, she would be the Ruthie for my Kit because I think she kind of looks similar to the Ruthie doll that AG made.

  7. Hi, I know I’m late to this conversation and you may never see it, but don’t buy the new Truly me dolls. They are lower in quality. And her eyes are a darker hazel. I love 55 and was so disappointed. I’m looking to buy a 2011 doll.

    • Very interesting!! Makes me glad I got her when I did. I hope you can find one online, I see 55 pop up fairly often on Ebay. It’s a shame that they have cheapened the dolls though, they were always such a great product. I was very happy when I found the doll I used for a recent customization, she is a much older doll and she is heavier overall as well. I noticed a definite change in the wig quality a couple of years ago and it’s all been downhill from there. 😦

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