The Crying Girl

Zara and Abby were playing in the backyard with their dogs Finn and Molly when they thought they heard someone crying. They realized that there was a little girl sitting on the back stoop of the house next door. They didn’t recognize her, but they both thought they’d better go over and see if she was alright.
crying girl 1
“Excuse me” said Abby. “Are you okay?”
crying girl 2
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, everything (sniff) is so (sniff sniff) messed up!” Then she started to sob, burying her head in her hands.
“Oh honey” said Zara, “what’s the matter? It can’t be that bad.” “It is though, it’s terrible. I don’t even know where to start.”
“Why don’t you tell us your name?” asked Abby.  The girl looked up at them, and in between sobs she said “My name is Louisa.”
“Where do you live?” asked Zara. “Well, that’s the problem, I live here, I guess, I think…” And then she started to cry again.
Abby sat down on the stoop beside her. “I’m not sure what that means, perhaps you can explain?”
crying girl 3
“Well,” started Louisa, “it just seems like everything lately has gone wrong. First my grandma died a few months ago and now my parents are getting divorced. My grandpap lives here, my mom and I moved here from Buffalo, New York to live with him so my mom can get back on her feet.”
“Oh dear” said Zara, “That is a lot.”
“I’m so scared. I hated having to move and leave all of my friends behind, I don’t know anyone here and now I have to go to a new school and…” She started to sob again.
Zara sat down on the other side of her and put her arm around her. “Well, the good news is that we just live over there” (as she pointed to her house). Which school will you be going to?”
crying girl 5
“I think it’s called Kennedy?” said Louisa between sobs.
Abby clapped her hands and said “Oh good, that’s where we go to school. My name is Abby and this is my sister Zara. These are our dogs Finn and Molly. I understand how you feel, we moved here last year from New Mexico, and it was very scary.”

crying girl 4
Then Zara pointed to the house behind theirs. “Do you see that house right there behind ours? There are 6 other girls our age that live there who are all super nice, and they all go to Kennedy too!”
As she listened, Louisa had quit sobbing, and actually started to smile. “Really? Do you think they’ll like me?”
“Well, we like you, so I’m sure they will!” exclaimed Abby.
“Can you introduce me to them?” asked Louisa.
“Of course! They love meeting new people.” responded Zara. “I remember when we first came here, they were so nice to us and so excited to have some more playmates. We hang out at their house all the time.”

The girls sat there for quite a while and talked about all sorts of stuff. Louisa told them that she didn’t participate in any activities because her parents didn’t have a whole lot of money, but she was hoping to try some different ones. “I have NO idea what I want to do, I’d like to try everything! Tennis, music, art—I don’t know how to decide! I do enjoy singing. I also know some magic tricks, Penn and Teller are my favorite magicians.” Abby said that she was into cheerleading and gymnastics and Zara said she rode horses. “Oh wow, that all sounds really fun” said Louisa. “Maybe you two can help me pick something out?” She also told them that her grandpap was paying for her to go to Kennedy because he thought it was a really good school and that her mom had gone there when she was growing up. “Our mom did too” said Zara. “That’s pretty cool!”

While they sat there talking, Finn and Molly were very patient, but finally Finn couldn’t stand it anymore and put his head in Louisa’s lap.
crying girl 6
“You are so cute…” said Louisa. And then she started to cry again. “What’s the matter?” asked Zara. “My dog is still with my dad. I miss him so much. I hope to be able to get him back soon, my dad is supposed to come and visit next week and is bringing my dog with him. He’s my best friend! I’m looking forward to seeing my dad too.” “Awwww, what’s your dog’s name? Tell us about him!” said Abby.
“He’s a Jack Russell terrier named Eddie—just like in the old TV show Frasier. He was a birthday present a couple of years ago. I really miss him, he always slept with me in my bed. I can’t wait to see him again.  My dad is up for a job transfer not too far from here, so I’ll get to see him more too.”
“I know I would miss Finn and Molly if they weren’t here” said Zara. “I bet Eddie misses you too.” Then Zara gave her a big hug.

“I’m really glad that you two came along. I do feel better since I’ve been talking to you. I definitely don’t feel so scared about school now. I hope everyone there is as nice as you two.”
“Great!” exclaimed Abby. “We don’t like sad faces around here!!”
“Would you two like to come in for a glass of lemonade? You can meet my grandpap, he’s really nice, and he loves dogs too! I bet he will love these two” said Louisa.
crying girl 7
“Sure!” replied Abby and Zara at the same time. “Let me text mom and let her know where we are” said Zara.
Zara and Abby stayed for about an hour, then they said they needed to get going because their mom would be worrying about them being gone for so long. The three girls agreed that they would get together later in the week to play and to introduce Louisa to the rest of the girls.
“Thanks guys, I’m so glad you stopped to talk to me. I feel so much better about school.”


15 thoughts on “The Crying Girl

  1. I love the post for Louisa, and the kindness of the two girls toward her. This is a great lesson for all children to learn, always extend a hand of friendship, it does work miracles. I am anxious to see the get together with all the girls at your house. I am sure Louisa will just love all of them, and I know that they will all feel the same about her. Perhaps it will shed a new light on her situation, and also make her feel better about herself. I have found that usually your friends are better to you than your own family.

    • They all get along really well and she and Alya have started hanging out a lot together. I think because they are both only children, they relate to each other, especially with Alya’s parents living in another country.

  2. Wonderful story! I love how kind Abby and Zara are toward Louisa – taking her under their wings and helping her get settled. So perfect that Finn jumped in to help too. Our pets are so sweet in times of need.

    Looking forward to learning more about Louisa.

    • I agree about the pets, I used to have a dog that would get so upset if I cried about anything, she would immediately come and see if I needed “help”. Stay tuned, there will be a bit more about Louisa later this week!

    • I figured since I failed so miserably at keeping Shivan a surprise I’d do better this time! The only people who knew about her were hubby (obviously) and Evil Twin. It was hard though!

  3. I am so proud of the girls helping to encourage Louisa and Finn, dogs always know don’t they? It is so hard being the ‘new kid’ in a new school. I suspect they are all going to be great friends!

    • The girls seem to love having another girl in the group and Louisa seems to be fitting right in! Only a few more weeks until school starts, I hope Louisa gets through it okay. I think with the rest of the girls helping her out she will be just fine.

  4. What a bunch of good eggs you have living under that roof. Sweet girls! I love your new Louisa…she is gorgeous and her name is adorable and I live how you used the doll story to introduce her. 🙂

    • They are a pretty good bunch of girls, and they all get along very well. I don’t know what I would do if they didn’t! (other than pull my hair out) Stay tuned for the rest of Louisa’s story!

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