What’s in the box?

The day after all the girls were back, I told them there was a surprise for all of them, even Zara and Abby. While they were gone, a box arrived from “Auntie Sharry” with all kinds of fun goodies in it. They could each pick something they liked to keep.

They all rushed into the living room where the box was sitting:
box 1

box 2

“I wonder what is in it?” “Hurry up!!!” “I can’t see.”

Once they got the box open, they pulled out a giant piece of bubble wrap, which Abby grabbed immediately. “Can I pop it? PULEEEEEEEZE!”
box 3

There were all sorts of fun things in the box!
box 4  box 8
Some pajamas…

box 5
A cute skirt…

box 7
and a pair of Crocs!
box 6
“Hey guys, check out this bag…ooooops! Of shoes.”
box 9

box 10
Shivan, Alya and Abby decided to try on the shoes. “Oh wow, I like these sandals!” said Shivan. “Abby, you know you didn’t finish putting on that shoe” remarked Alya. “Yeah, I got too engrossed in looking at what you two were doing.”
box 11
Kit came over and saw a pair of shoes on the floor that no one had tried yet. “Oh wow, I really like these, they will go with a lot!”

Rebecca and Cassandra decided the bubble wrap was fun too.
box 12
First they thought it would be a nice place to take a nap.
box 13
Then they thought it would make a nice exercise mat, but neither of them wanted to get up.
box 14
“Hey Zara, did you see this bag? It looks right up your alley since you love all things 80’s!”
box 15
“Oh wow, that is cool! And it gives me a terrific idea…I need to think about this!”

After all of that, the girls decided it would be more fun if they just shared all of the stuff. I’m just glad they were able to agree on it. As for Zara’s idea–she wouldn’t tell me. She said it’s a big big big surprise!

THANK YOU AUNT SHARRY!!!!  We had fun going through all the goodies!  –Rebecca, Kit, Marie-Grace, Cassandra, Alya, Shivan, Zara and Abby


11 thoughts on “What’s in the box?

    • I’ll just answer here, I figure that’s the easiest way to do this since your blog isn’t set up for this kind of stuff.

      1) Fave music? Alternative Rock
      2) Do I like storms? Yes
      3) Pets? a spoiled rotten dog!
      4) Provolone or swiss? Provolone-but I like swiss on a cheeseburger!
      5) Horses or llamas? Horses
      6) What doll would I choose? AG #57
      7) Guitar or piano? Piano
      8) Being outside? yes, but only when there are no bugs or pollen
      9) Favorite sport? To watch: Golf, Indycar racing. To play: Golf, tennis
      10) Visited another country? Canada, England, Ireland and Wales

      Since I just did one of these not that long ago, I’m only going to nominate one person, I didn’t nominate them last time around:
      Clara at Clara’s Craft Corner!

      I will be sure to send you some e-mail photos when the girls wear some of the goodies. At the moment someone is wearing the sandals, the vans and the skirt!

  1. Cassandra just looks so smart in Julie’s gauze shirt and the hiking boots. The 80s bag is fantastic. Can’t wait to see what is in store!

    • It was awesome, the girls had so much fun with it and now they have all sorts of new goodies. The crocs are so cute–they are Springfield brand.

    • We have been so busy since everyone got back that I’ve hardly noticed what anyone has on. The bubble wrap was recycled not long after I took those pics–but don’t tell Abby!

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