This should go into the Ebay hall of shame!

I don’t usually “out” Ebay sellers, but this time I’m going to. Just because I think this person deserves every bit of crap they get. I saw this Ebay listing and I was infuriated. First because this person is trying to take advantage of someone, but also because the photograph’s in it are all stolen, one is from an Instagram account!!! BEWARE of these kinds of Ebay listings, it has recently been discovered that many of these types of listings are scams and while you may get your merchandise, it may also be stolen or from someone purchasing it using a stolen credit card.

Seriously, $200 for a doll that is going to sell for $115–and you don’t even get it in advance of the release. Who are they trying to kid? Ebay is turning into the cesspool of the internet anymore.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m in the process of collecting more “Bad things happen to good dolls” photos. It never ends!


17 thoughts on “This should go into the Ebay hall of shame!

  1. So she’s really just offering a personal shopping service and using stolen photos of the item to promote standing in line. I can see how that might be infuriating. 😉

    Thankfully, we real doll people know that half the fun means getting it yourself.

    • That’s what I have issue with though and it sends up ALL sorts of red flags as to it’s legitimacy–listing says “Purchased Directly From American Girl Store or Catalog in the United States”. I smell something fishy…

    • The person from before that we discussed is still selling on Ebay. I can’t believe that they haven’t shut them down. I guess Ebay figures as long as they get their money, they don’t care!

  2. Well it sure beats ruining your dolls feet with glue! Those creepy feet are really popular for people that make doll shoes for the American girl dolls. I have even shipped a pair to Russia. One woman thanked me for not have to carry a big doll in her knitting bag anymore, for when she is knitting her socks for dolls. Make sense doesn’t it? I sold a another pair today, and the person was linked to your blog. Thanks!
    My Girl Clothing Co

    • I’m curious if the person from Russia was using them for American Girl or another brand? I’m always interested to see how many different places AG reaches too. Glad you got a sale–but you have to admit that they kind of throw you the first time you see them if you don’t know what they are for!

  3. I don’t know about the person in Russia, but I think she was using them for AG. i don’t see the creepy, I just see the feet as a great tool, I use all the time.

    • I do know that there are a lot of people who find doll parts a bit unnerving, and not just young girls, I had a male family member who was totally freaked out about a doll I had disassembled on my dining room table one time. Heck, there are people who find dolls creepy too–and clowns! LOL

  4. Checked out the ebay site. Just what is going on here, how was this person able to get a hold on 5 of the dolls, when they aren’t even available to the public till last week in August. Check out the last sentence in the item description, was this person in such a hurry that they forgot what the name of the doll is that they are selling on Ebay. Description starts out with Maryellen, and then at the end they state that your Grace doll will arrive new in box. Hummmm! Anybody stupid enough to purchase from seller deserves to pay more than what AG is selling her for. ET2

    • I missed that boo-boo in the description, geesh! She did change the first line to read that they wouldn’t be available until the 27th. But she also states to “check out her 100% positive feedback” which is a lie! Yeah, anyone who is dumb enough to buy from her is a sucker. I notice that she still doesn’t have any takers.

  5. Thanks Flo! I am also infuriated by these sellers. I would never buy a new doll from anywhere but the AG store. Another thing I warn people to be careful of is any AG item coming from China. The factories are there and you can assume the items are probably stolen. Also, I know from selling on Ebay that a lot of overseas shipping goes in and out through Florida in overseas packets. We in the doll community must be smart and try to stop this kind of thing!

    • That’s VERY interesting about the packets coming in and out of Florida. It is just sad that there is so much dishonesty anymore on Ebay and how it’s affecting the doll collectors as well. Yes, we must stick together!

  6. Wow! I know I’ve wanted to find someone to go to the Oshkosh outlet for me, but I’d look within my friends first, not go to eBay.

    Okay, the feet or below the knee down legs are a bit startling. I definitely understand they are useful for crafters…regarding the dismantled doll…well, it all depends on why. Maybe you should create a doll hospital exam room with a curtain. 😉

    Some clowns are kind of creepy. Not all, just some. 🙂

    • Someday we’re just going to have to plan a roadtrip together and go to Oshkosh. I’ve been trying to figure out for a long time why anyone would buy a new doll off Ebay for a price close to AG or more, it makes absolutely no sense to me at all. First it usually ends up being way more expensive, especially when you figure in how often AG runs free shipping deals and then if the doll is defective, you may or may not have any recourse, depending on how honest the seller is.

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