Meatloaf in Love!!!

One by one each of the girls came back from their visits with their families. Everyone had fun, but now they were ready to get “back to business” and get ready for the new school year. Most all of them had to come back now because of various activities. The day after everyone got back here, Zara and Abby came home from visiting in New Mexico. They were excited because they had a big surprise for us:

Meatloaf in love 4

This is Molly. Molly is a Pomeranian and is 2 1/2 years old.  Molly belonged to a friend of Abby and Zara’s Grandma Davis. About two weeks before the girls got there, the friend tripped over Molly and took a very bad fall, breaking her wrist and her hip. Because she had two injuries and wasn’t able to take care of herself, she went to an extended care facility to recover. Grandma Davis offered to take care of Molly while her friend recovered. The more the friend thought about it though, she wasn’t sure if maybe she shouldn’t find Molly a new home as this wasn’t the first time she’d fallen over her.
Meatloaf in love 3
When the girls heard this, they begged their parents to let them keep Molly. After a lot of discussion, everyone agreed, and they arranged to bring Molly home. Molly’s owner, Mary, was very happy to find Molly a new home with a younger family as she thought that was what Molly needed to use up all that excess energy.

The girls brought Molly over to meet our dogs. Of course everyone had to give her the “sniff over” and she passed with everyone. The girls said that she got along with Finn well too. Then Meatloaf came into the room…
Meatloaf in love 5
It was love at first sight! He immediately went over to her and sniffed, it was obvious that he thought she was pretty special.
Meatloaf in love 2
I don’t think she’s as impressed though. Maybe she’ll come around?
Meatloaf in love 1


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