Scooter Repair

Back at the beginning of July I shared an Our Generation scooter that I found at a thrift store for $4.95. It had a few minor issues, but I couldn’t pass it up at that price, I knew I could fix it. Not long after I bought it, I kept seeing picture after picture on Ebay and Craigslist of ones for sale and they all had the same major issue–missing handlebars. Apparently these aren’t very well made if that many of them are falling apart. Because of those pictures, I decided that I would share with everyone how to repair it so that you can take advantage of a bargain too!

scooter 1

Our little scooter actually had two more issues that I had overlooked. I had decided to wash it off first before I proceeded with my repair and it was at this time I found the other two problems. The first was minor:

scooter 7
I was able to fix the license plate sticker easily with some hot glue.

The back axle was coming apart too:
scooter 3  scooter 5

Notice how clean those back wheels are?  I don’t think it was ever played with outside, just indoors and probably on carpet as there wasn’t a mark on them!  I ended up taking the back axle completely off/apart.  Upon further investigation it looked to me like a child had perhaps sat on it and popped it loose from the wheel.  Whoever had it didn’t understand how to properly repair it and attempted to glue it back in place, but that wasn’t going to work.  I actually had to scrape some of the glue off and then with brute force, popped it back on to the bracket properly.

scooter 6

If you look closely you can see some of the glue residue still there, but that’s okay, I was able to get it back on. You have NO idea what a great feeling it was when I heard that *POP* noise that told me it was seated back in it’s rightful place. 🙂

I reattached the back axle and we were ready for the final repair:

scooter 4Looking closely at the “empty” hole there, you can see there is absolutely no evidence of any glue whatsoever!  Next time I’m in Target I’m going to look at these and see if I can tell how they are attached.  Whatever it is, it’s obviously not working!  I got a 3/8 inch dowel rod.  I stuck it into the opening to determine about how long I needed to cut it and marked the first one with a pencil.  (They ended up being cut at about 2 inches long, but that could vary according to when your scooter was made, so measure to be safe.)  I cut them the length I needed.

scooter 8I glued them in place using hot glue, being sure to really coat the one end of the dowel I’d cut.  I don’t usually use hot glue for things like this, but in this case I wanted something that would dry fast and I knew I wasn’t relying on the glue solely to hold it in place.

scooter 9Then I took a piece of black duct tape and laid it on the top and folded it to the underside of the dowel.  This was the thinner duct tape, not the big stuff.

scooter 10After that, I took several more pieces of the duct tape, wrapping them tightly around the dowel to seal it all up.  The last piece I overlapped from the dowel to the actual scooter to anchor it.  This way if the glue lets go, the dowel won’t just fall out and get lost.  I did this again to the other side, and I was done.  I was so excited with how it turned out, I couldn’t wait for the girls to get home to see it and take it for a ride!

Alya and Shivan were the first of the girls to come back.  It worked out really well, Alya flew into Pittsburgh airport and Shivan and her parents picked her up and they all came here.  After they both had some time to rest and recover, I told Alya I had a little surprise.  She couldn’t wait to see it.

vespa 1

She let out a little squeal.  “OH GOSH!  It’s just like the Vespa I rode in Italy!”

vespa 2

She was so excited!  Next thing I knew…

vespa 3
She was on it and had started it up!
vespa 4

She started riding down the sidewalk…

vespa 5

“Uh, Alya, where do you think you’re going?”

vespa 6

“I’ll be right back, quit worrying!!!”

vespa 7

She did just ride it to the end of the driveway and back, but she definitely knows how to ride it. She told us how she got to drive one a couple of times in Italy, her mom and dad had rented a pair of them so they could go sightseeing “Italian style”. She’s kind of claimed it as hers, but I did tell her that she would have to share it with the other girls. I guess I’d better get working on some helmets!


15 thoughts on “Scooter Repair

    • She did…reluctantly. Shivan wasn’t all that into it though, she said she liked having her feet firmly planted on the ground. Kids!

    • She sure is loving it. She already asked if she could drive it to school, I felt bad having to tell her no, but I didn’t think that was fair to the other girls.

    • You need to do a photo shoot! Do you have one of the light blue ones, I think those are one of the rarest colors in these. I was super excited to find this one because I’d been wanting a pink one and it has just enough pink!

    • Oh no! Was it broke the same way with the missing handlebar parts? I have plans in a couple of weeks to go to the same two thrift stores in Pittsburgh, I’m anxious to see what I find this time. The one seemed to have a ton of toys, fingers crossed!

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