Doll Sized Finds–It’s “baaaack!”

I bet you thought I’d forgotten about doll sized finds–never!!! Admittedly I did very little thrift store shopping in the month of July. In fact, I don’t know that I did any. I did find a few doll type things though in other places, so I’m going to share those with you along with a few things I found come August in thrift stores. Let the fun begin!

I mentioned in the Dollhouse Tour how I wasn’t happy with my current sofa and that I’d found something that I thought would work better. It took a little thought but once I got going on it, I was really happy with how it turned out:
sofa 5

Abby says it’s very comfy. So, what do you think it really is????
sofa 2
If you guessed pet bowl holder, you guessed right! I only paid $15 for it, but I did have a minor issue. If you look closely you can see slats on the side that the main part is to rest on, you can adjust it for different heights. Unfortunately even the lowest one was too high to look realistic, so I had to do some engineering. I bought four short candle holders, painted them black and glued them to the bottom. Then to cover the openings, I took a piece of cardboard and covered it with a piece of matching fabric and laid it on top. The best part is if in the future I find something else and I want to use this as a pet food holder, it’s easy enough to change it back!
sofa 3   sofa 4

My next find I originally saw at Target, but I decided the $9.99 price tag was a bit steep. Imagine how thrilled I was when I found the exact same thing at TJMaxx for $4.99!!!
sofa 11
Now the girls are all ready for their geography courses, I just have to figure out a good place to put it.

A trip to visit Barbie Girl yielded an easel for something I found on a previous thrift store trip:
sofa 13  sofa 14

When I went to see Evil Twin we hit a couple of thrift stores. I found this:
sofa 12
Only $1.99 for the set, they had several and they were all brand new, had never been opened, with the original price tags of $9.95 still on them. Crazy, huh?!  What I didn’t realize is that not only did it include the figures, but a cute little book too.  It was made by the same people who made most of the books on Cassandra’s bookshelf as well as Kit’s Downton Abbey model.

Evil Twin was digging around and found this–just perfect for in Kit’s room!
sofa 10
It was marked $1.99 but it just so happened that this color tag was 50% off that day, so I got it for 99 cents. I think it’s going to look adorable in Kit’s room, once I figure out the best spot for it. I think the girl needs some bookshelves!

Last, but far from least, I had some time to kill while the dog was at the groomers, so I popped into the Salvation Army nearby. Spoons and a squirrel!
sofa 15  sofa 16

The spoons were 49 cents each and are both from Tennessee. The squirrel is a mini Beanie Baby, it was 99 cents and I think it’s going to look nice sitting on Shivan’s bed, she doesn’t have any stuffed animals yet.

Remember how I’d mentioned that I’d like to have a trunk for in Kit’s room?  I had a trip to Hobby Lobby and look what I found:

sofa 17 sofa 18

sofa 19 sofa 20

I lucked out and they just happened to be running a 50% off sale on these kinds of items, so I got it for $5.49.  I think Kit approves too.

A trip to Dollar Tree was only a $4 total sale–but one of the things I found is just too cool:

sofa 21

I thought this was just the neatest thing I’d seen in ages!  Even if it didn’t work, it was worth the dollar as a prop.  It’s really simple to use though, there is a jack that flips down on the back…

sofa 22

Then it just plugs into your phone or mp3 player!

sofa 23

The sound quality on it wasn’t bad either, I was really surprised.  Although I doubt that I will use it this way much.  Here it is as a doll prop:

sofa 24

They had several different designs for the sticker on the front too, I loved this one with the faux cassette player.

Have you found anything good recently? I have to admit that now that the dollhouse itself is finished, it has given me a new challenge in finding stuff. Next week I’m off to Pittsburgh to go thrift store shopping with my dangerous thrift store shopping buddy Heather, who knows what I might find… Until next time!

Dollhouse tour–the bathroom (and the last room!)

Here we are at the end of the dollhouse tour. 😦 If I do add any rooms to it I’ll be sure to share them, but as it stands, I am out of room. Which led me to how I came up with this room. I knew I didn’t really have space for a permanent set up, plus in all honesty, I’m not playing with this stuff like a kid would (at least not that I would admit LOL!) and just how many photo shoots would I do in a bathroom set up? It got me to thinking that my best way of handling it would be something similar in style to what I did with the bakery project. Off to get a presentation board!

The board was 36 inches tall (just like the bakery one) so I cut 12 inches off the top and saved that to use for the floor.  I found the perfect scrapbook papers to use as wallpaper and the flooring.

I like how it came out:
bath 1

The two most expensive items were the bathtub that I picked up at Kmart for $24.99 and the sink I got at Amazon for $9-ish (can’t remember exactly). Everything else is either odds and ends picked up at Target and thrift stores, and other parts from Our Generation sets I already had.

bath 2
Here’s a better shot of the side that the toilet is on. The toilet wasn’t intended to be used for 18 inch dolls so it sat a bit low for my liking. I used a cut off sour cream container, painted it pink and problem solved! The sign on the wall is a saying that Evil Twin has hanging in her bathroom that I’ve always gotten a chuckle out of.  The laundry basket came from the $1 section in Target and the towel in it is actually a wrap that came with the bathtub.

bath 3
bath 1.2
I was excited when I found this bathtub at Kmart–I actually think it’s the same mold as they use for the Journey Girls tub and perhaps several other companies as well. It came with some little bottles, a shower cap, and a wrap. I liked it because it was the same shade of pink as the toilet. Not wild about pink for fixtures, but at least they match! The little shelf is a thrift store find (I have another) and the rubber ducky and scrub brush are trusty Dollar Tree finds. I LOVE Dollar Tree!!!  The bottle came with an OG set.

bath 4

My favorite piece–the vanity!!!!  Talk about getting more mileage out of a piece that I paid only $1 for at a yard sale.  You might recognize it from the bakery or the gardening table.  I simply added a locker mirror, also picked up at Dollar Tree, ordered the sink from Amazon and everything else is stuff I already had.  The towels are a couple of washcloths I had around that had seen better days.  On one side I put two 3M hangers to hold things like towels, the shower cap, etc.

I did have one minor issue with this–the tub was missing the screw that held the fixtures in place.  Not a biggie because I really didn’t want to have it permanently attached anyhow.  I first thought that it would stay in place on it’s own, but no such luck, the hose for the shower made it too heavy.  Hmmmm…  then I remembered this:

bath 5Tacky Wax is a wonderful thing for holding things in place temporarily.  You just get a blob out with your fingers, roll it around until it’s warm and pliable and then stick it on one side of what you want to keep in place.  When you are done simply pull them apart and wipe it off.  It’s great for all sorts of dollhouse applications.  I even used it to keep candlesticks from vibrating off the shelf at our old house, it was right by the front door and every time someone went in or out, they moved.  Not after Tacky Wax!

bath 6Here you can see where it was, it did a good job of holding it in place!

The best part of this whole project is just how compact it all is once you disassemble it:

bath 9

All of the little bits and bobs fit into a small AG shipping box.  Everything else (toilet, sink, tub, shelf) all fit in the box the bathtub originally came in.

Here you can see how I attached the shelf.  3M Velcro picture hanging strips are the bomb!!!  Much stronger grip than conventional Velcro.  LOVE these things!

bath 7

Here they are on the vanity, I used them to hold the mirror in place.  I’m not going to take them off the shelf, I’ll probably just make some sort of sign that attaches the same way for in the bakery!

bath 8After everything was boxed up, I simply folded up both of the boards and it was ready to store.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do this with our own houses?

bath 10My goal over the next few months is to clean out a storage cupboard I have, most of the things in it can be sold or given away, and it will then become my space for storing all of my extra doll accessories.  I’m looking forward to that because I’m tired of worrying about tripping over something and it getting damaged.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the bathroom as well as the rest of the dollhouse!  It’s been fun giving you a little bit of the “behind the scenes” in the lives of the girls.  Stop back soon!