Dollhouse tour-Kit’s room

Of course, Kit has the room in the “top” of the house. Her room could use something more in it, I just haven’t figured out what yet. I think it’s going to be “I’ll know it when I see it” kinds of things.  Part of the problem is I really hadn’t planned on a room just for Kit, but then they ran her bed on that darned Jill’s Steals and Deals.  I am glad I bought it though, it is really well made and I think this version is much more authentic in the color than the new one they came out with.  What is with all of this color coding crap anyhow???


Kit is a typical little girl with her toys and stuff strewn all over as well.  I am still not 100% happy with the flooring in her room, but it works.  If I do decide to put walls in the dollhouse, I’ll make hers with a wood grain finish in keeping with the attic room theme like in her story.

Img_3986Her nightstand is the one I found at a thrift store.  Another Dollar Tree lamp, the little vase is also a thrift store find, filled with flowers from the garden stand.  The camera clock used to actually work, the battery died and I haven’t been able to get it open to replace it.  I’m almost afraid as to how corroded it is too, but I do know how to clean that if I can ever figure out how to open it.  It’s still cute.

Her chair is also a thrift store find, cluttered with her hat, her dolls and a bin underneath that stores the hand puppet collection.  As you can see she’s recently taken up bowling too!

I had no intentions of buying her desk.  But I thought it was so cute.  I bought the typewriter.  Then I did our taxes and our refund was more than what we were expecting, so I decided to “pay” myself for doing them and I got her desk.  It is one of the nicest things I’ve ever bought from American Girl, so detailed.  My only complaint is it isn’t finished all that well, I think they could have done a little better on that aspect, it has some rough spots on it. I need to keep my eyes peeled for some cute stuff for in the cubby holes in it.


Up on the top she has her books, her Downton Abbey statue and a photo of her beloved Coconut!  That was also a picture I cut out of an old AG catalog.  That works so well for little photos for in tiny frames.  I don’t know how she expects to throw any dirty laundry in her hamper with that beach ball in there!

That’s it for Kit’s room!  As I said, it’s still “in process” at the moment.  I would like to find a different chair for in there, and maybe a small set of shelves so I can add some other little things.  I still need to make her an extra pillow and a set of sheets.  In August I will be showing you Alya and Shivan’s room as well as the bathroom, hope to see you then!

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    • Yeah, I think if I do even put “walls” in it, it may just be on one side in each room. The girls want somewhere to hang things like poster and such, and I really don’t want it on the real walls.

  1. It’s cute! It looks like Kit is a girl who wants to have fun! (w/ apologies to Cyndi Lauper!). Maybe a cute little trunk would look nice at the foot of her bed.

    • That’s funny you mention a trunk because I did think about it. I may have to rearrange her room though, I don’t think there’s more than maybe 2 inches between the end of her bed and the edge of the room. I’m thinking if I rearrange it, I might like it better too.

  2. I love Kit’s room! I especially like how many thriftables you found – so cute! You know, there are LOTS of great printables for envelopes and letter paper, you could print out some and stick little envelopes in one of her desk cubbies?

    • That’s so funny because this morning before I posted this, I was looking at it and thinking “she needs paper!” I’ll have to go look for some of those, I was thinking of making her an old fashioned ink well too to stick in one with a bead and a feather. That could be a fun story line too about her spilling ink all over her term paper or something! (Note to Kathie–tell Bobby Bird I need a smaller feather!!!)

      • Hi Flo – Bobby Bird said he would b happy to give you one of his very SPECIAL feathers. Give him a call and we’ll arrange to get it to you. He has some REAL pretty ones in mind. Kathie & Bobby Bird

  3. The bed and desk look great in there. Love the little teddie bears. I have a trunk possibility for you that I saw at Office Max. It may be too current for Kit but I will email you a pic of it.
    How about a printable newspaper?
    Bowling ball is great. I can see Kit doing that.

    • I finally got that photo file to open (stupid computer)–I’ve seen those somewhere around here, but I can’t think where. Perhaps Staples. I’ll have to look for a newspaper printable. There is some stuff that came with the typewriter, but I’d rather have something that I could fold up and not feel bad about LOL!

  4. I love your Kit’s room setup! I have Kit’s bed and I’m hoping to get her desk, typewriter, and radio at some point in the future and figure out a room setup for her.

  5. I love Kit’s room!! I especially love her bed. It’s the only AG bed that I wish we could purchase. Sigh. Too expensive though, especially for us Canadians! Maybe eBay, but it seems that most of the AG sets on there are overpriced. Even things that aren’t retired yet! Anyhow, if you are looking for a newspaper printable, we made one with Kit’s reporter set. It’s really cute and easy!

    • Thanks! I did get a different chair for in there, I hated that one. I lucked out with her bed, AG ran a Jill’s Steals and Deals sale, otherwise I doubt I would have it. I’ve only paid full price for two of the AG pieces I have, her desk and the desk in Cassandra’s room. Everything else was either on sale or thrifted.

      I will check that out, we have the one that came with the typewriter, but can always use more!

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