Dollhouse tour-Cassandra’s bedroom

I’m not going to beat around the bush here–Cassandra’s bedroom is my favorite room in the house. The crazy part is that it just kind of came together, I didn’t do any pre-planning or anything. It has only one piece of actual doll furniture in it, the AG School Desk (that they no longer sell). The rest is odds and ends. I started by making her a bed out of a box I had for the bunk bed set in Rebecca and Marie-Grace’s bedroom and it just grew from there.


I think the reason I like her room so well is that it looks like a typical pre-teen bedroom with books, toys and clutter.

We’ll start on this side of the room. Here you can see her carrier for Chester, he rarely spends any time in it though! BTW-if you watched “The Nanny”, did you know that the reason that Chester in that show always seemed more comfortable with Fran is because he belonged to Fran Drescher in real life? I thought that was cool.

On to what is my favorite piece in the entire dollhouse–the bookcase! I picked this up at a thrift store near where Evil Twin lives. Believe it or not, I almost didn’t buy it!! I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be, perhaps for a kids desktop or something similar. For $4, it has turned into a fantastic centerpiece for this bedroom. It’s a great place to store everyone’s books, Julie’s sound accessories, and miscellaneous odds and ends that belong to Cassandra. She will be so excited that I finally got that picture framed that we took of Chester! Beside it is the AG desk I mentioned before. I wish they hadn’t discontinued this piece, I think it is so well made, and truthfully much more realistic than the new one they have come out with.


The nightstand is something I made myself, it was just a plain wood cube I picked up at Joann’s for a couple of bucks.  I would like to get one or two more, but they discontinued carrying them and I haven’t seen them since!  I simply painted it in a color that went with the bedding.  The lamp is from Dollar Tree, the Kleenex box is from an OG set, the water bottle is a Tupperware keychain.  The alarm clock–oh gosh, I LOVE that little clock.  It actually works, complete with alarm!  It’s probably one of the more expensive things I’ve bought, I got it off Amazon for around $10, but it is so cute!  Of course you see her Barbie and car she got for Easter, and underneath her odds and ends that everyone seems to accumulate.


Cassandra’s bedding is my favorite of all of the sets I’ve made, I just love that fabric print. I first saw it on Etsy when someone else had made doll bedding out of it. The search was on for it, that was hard fabric to locate, so you can imagine how shocked I was to find it at Walmart! I got it at the same time I bought the fabric I just used to make Alya’s bedding set.

It wouldn’t be a kids bed without some clutter on it, we see here a backpack and an iPad. And on the floor, her roller skates, the bag her earrings came from AG and a rather full clothes hamper. I’ll tell you a little secret–to make the hampers look more realistic, I use them as storage for all of the doll socks, underwear and the few doll sized towels we have floating around. That way I always know where those items are at, and let’s face it–who has an empty hamper!


As you can see, there is a little–or should I say big–surprise waiting for Cassandra when she gets back. I found this adorable stuffed Minion at Kmart after she left and decided she just had to have it. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees it! The mini Miss AG Bear I’ve had for a long time, I got it on clearance. I didn’t plan for it to be in Cassandra’s room, that happened when I realized how well the nightgown on the bear matched her bedding. Pathetic, huh? 🙂

And there you have it, the tour of Cassandra’s room. I hope I covered everything, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. At the end of the week we will do Kit’s room, stop back!

19 thoughts on “Dollhouse tour-Cassandra’s bedroom

  1. What a cool room! And it really does look like it belongs to a real kid. I really like that book shelf. It reminds me of those old school toyboxes. So what books are on it?

    • Those are all the books that the girls got at Christmas–a book on Feng Shui, Diamonds, Tea, etc. and then I found a Charlie Brown Christmas on clearance and a book on Irish Lore to add to it. Oh, and an Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, we always have one (or two or three!) of those around ourselves, so I thought the girls had to have one. A company called Running Press Miniatures produced most of them, they have the coolest titles.

      The bookshelf originally should have had two drawers, I saw one (and it’s the only one) like it on Etsy that someone had redone. That didn’t matter too much to me, it was the perfect space for storing the record player and tape recorder.

  2. I can exactly picture the toy boxes Sherry is talking about!
    I love the room. The bedding reminds me of Vera Bradley, and those are the exact colors a girl that age would gravitate to.
    The roller skates are in the most realistic spot… Where someone is definitely going to trip over them!
    Minion is awesome..Keychain?
    I can hear Dad saying, “Don’t leave your iPad on the bed!!!”
    Books are great… Is that eBay or from a store?

    • The books came from various sources–Barnes and Noble, Amazon, a thrift store and a local bookstore who gets them in her discount book shipments, she sells them for $1 – $2. The Minion was just a plush toy, but I have seen similar ones that are for attaching to backpacks and similar.

  3. Love Cassandra’s room! It’s perfect.
    The tiny minions on the shelf are as cute as Kevin on the bed. 🙂
    The books…are those the ones you can get at Barnes and Noble near the check out? I have a bunch of those. Always check out the titles, lately there haven’t been any I had to have.
    Totally agree that the hamper is never empty…well, maybe for an hour.
    I have a green alarm clock like that. I don’t think I spent $10 on it. Found it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
    Thank you for the tour! I hope Cassandra doesn’t mind we took a look at her room.

    • Yes, the books are the Barnes and Noble ones by the checkout, but mine have come from various places. I checked our Bed Bath and Beyond for the alarm clock and none of the ones around here had them, I suspect they perhaps only sell them at certain times of year though. Michaels was supposed to have them at one time too, but another case of a day late and a dollar short!

  4. I’d be totally happy to have a room like Cassandra’s. Any little girl would feel cozy there.
    Can you tell me about the shelving you used to make the rooms.

    • Thanks! I remember having my bedroom redone when I was in Jr. High, it’s fun picking things out for it.

      The shelving came from Home Depot, and I inserted pre-cut plumbing pipe instead of the posts that came with it so they were far enough apart to accommodate dolls. You can check out this post here for the details:

      I’m not sure I would do it this way again though, I’ve had a lot of problems with the replacement posts not wanting to go in and some of the floors are uneven because of that. I cracked a few corners too. I’d love to have one of those ones made from the square “boxes” but it’s too heavy for me to move myself.

      • I’ve been looking for shelving the proper size as well. I think I have narrowed it down to some I saw at Lowes. It, too, will require me to place floor tiles or carpet remnants on the shelves to make floors. Lowes does have garage shelving that has solid shelves that would not require floor tiles but it black and utilitarian looking which would mean I’d have to spray paint it white. Tell me about the square boxes.

      • The square boxes would be like what they have at Dolly Dorm Diaries for their house. You either have to have some carpentry skills or know someone who does. I like the way they sit together and the fact that you have walls, but the weight was the big downside for me. With the shelving like I used, I am thinking that sheets of foamcore or poster board, covered with scrapbook paper or something similar would make walls though, attaching them with Velcro.

  5. Cassandra’s room is gorgeous! I love that little shelf! I wonder what it was before it became a thrifty item. I love that about thrifting, you never know what you’re going to get! It’s like a real life treasure hunt! LOL! Also, the mini minion is adorable! I love those movies. I think I love them mostly because my daughter gets such a huge kick out of them. 🙂

    ginnie /

    • I’ve often wondered what that little shelf was intended for. I did find another one like it on Ebay or Etsy and it had a second drawer in it. I think it was probably intended as a desk organizer, but it works great for her room. The minion collection has expanded since that photo. 🙂

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