Dollhouse tour, Rebecca and Marie-Grace’s bedroom

Here we are with the first installment of the dollhouse tour. I decided it was probably best to start with the room that kind of got the ball rolling! In case you weren’t aware, when I started on this journey with 18″ doll furniture, my intent was to only make a bedroom, and at the time I had Samantha and No-Name doll (who I’ve since given away). Then I got Rebecca, so it was going to be Sam and Rebecca’s room. Then Kit arrived, but she said she was fine sleeping on the floor. Shortly after that Samantha announced she was going to be leaving, so Kit took over the bottom bunk and poor Marie-Grace arrived and slept on the floor until I completed the sleep sofa in the living room–and at this point as you can probably figure out, the doll house had started to expand! I purchased a large shelving unit at Home Depot to turn into the dollhouse because by the time we’d got to this stage, I had been finding all sorts of fun items that could be repurposed for the dollhouse. This shelving unit gave me five 24 inch x 36 inch spaces, a nice area to work with when designing doll rooms.

The hardest part was deciding WHERE to put it. When I initially set it up, it was sitting in the middle of my spare bedroom. It has now been moved, and the dolls have kind of taken that room over. Because I put longer posts in it than it came with to work with the dolls, I had to divide it into two sections, so it takes up a good deal of space. I have not put walls on the rooms as of yet, I’m still deciding if this is going to be the permanent set up or not, so I’m holding off doing that. In the meantime everyone will just have the same wall color!

One of the truly nice things about working in 1/3 scale is that there are so many things out there made for humans that can be used for dolls. You will see from looking at the room tours in the coming weeks that I haven’t really bought all that much in terms of actual doll furniture and accessories. Most of the rooms only have 1 or 2 items that are American Girl furnishings. The rest has been made of some Our Generation pieces (all of which I have been lucky enough to get used), and assorted other items that I’ve discovered at yard sales and thrift stores. A few of the things I’ve made myself as well. I hope you enjoy the dollhouse tour as much as I’ve enjoyed putting this all together.

Here we are: Rebecca and Marie-Grace’s bedroom!

A couple of months ago I wanted my husband to look at something in the dollhouse to tell me if it looked right. As we stood there talking, he casually made the comment that the bedrooms were starting to look realistic because they “had enough of the odds and ends kind of stuff that kids would have!” I thought that was a huge compliment, especially coming from a guy who really has no interest in any of this at all. He is a good sounding board though, and he isn’t afraid to tell me if something looks ridiculous or is the wrong scale.

Here is the bunk bed from American Girl, I’ve had this for a very long time. It is still one of my favorite pieces too. I made the bedding for it and as you can see, the girls have all of their stuffed animals hanging out. Sometimes I wonder how they fit in the bed with all of those toys! Rebecca sleeps on the top bunk and Marie-Grace on the bottom.


The nightstand on the left is also an American Girl piece, I bought it when I bought the bunk bed.  On it you can see the AG clock/radio/phone.  Mine no longer works, I accidentally left batteries in it too long and it corroded.  Even though I was able to clean it and it worked for a bit afterwards, eventually one of the contacts fell off. 😦  I’ve thought about asking an electrician friend to see if he can repair it.  The dresser beside it is a jewelry box that I refinished.  The radio is one of my favorite finds, I paid about $3 and it actually works!  I think it may have been one of those credit card premiums as it isn’t a name brand and I’ve since seen multiples at other thrift stores.  I especially liked that the speakers came off, just like a stereo I used to have. You can see that the girls have all sorts of toys and knick knacks sitting about.  Since they have been rooming together they have become best buds and wanted to be sure to have a photo of the two of them!


The desk is a piece I made in the very early days of the blog. You can read the post about it here if you would like. It has a lot of work space on it, and is a great place for the girls to keep all of their school stuff.  The seashells I actually picked up myself in North Carolina for a jewelry project (I had lots left over!), the lamp, parrot and desk light all came from Dollar Tree, the laptop is actually a cosmetic mirror and the basket came from a local craft store.  Back in the corner you can see a waste basket which is actually a pen cup, also purchased at Dollar Tree.

Img_3949 Img_3947

Lots of space in the drawers for everything from school supplies to phones and MP3 players!

Just like in a kids room, you never know what you are going to find under the bed…


Ah, a basketball, boots, a flute and a violin and some other odds and ends. At least we didn’t find any food stashed!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this part of the tour. Stop by next week when I will be showing you the kitchen. 🙂

23 thoughts on “Dollhouse tour, Rebecca and Marie-Grace’s bedroom

  1. Love this room! It’s perfect! Too funny about finding food under the bed; maybe you should add an empty plate. 🙂 The bottle on the nightstand…that’s Tupperware, isn’t it? One of their key chains or similar? The desk is wonderful – looks like it was fun to make too.

    In your tour, you reminded me of one of the things I loved about early AG. Things worked. I have two wrist watches that need new batteries, but they actually kept time. Marisol’s cell phone was a digital clock (that needs a battery too). I was disappointed the first time an outfit came with a fake watch. It seems they are getting back to that with Julie’s tape recorder and record player and now her chair and Kit’s radio. To me it’s more fun if things work. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing more of the doll house.

    • Yes, that is a Tupperware key chain, I came across a lady selling them at our local mall, she was clearing them out for a dollar each! I agree that it was more fun when they made things that worked as well as more realistic in colors and so forth. I think that’s why I just had to have Julie’s tape recorder and record player, I love stuff like that. I would love to see much more too!

  2. Cool! The bunk bed kinda reminds me of camp w/ the clipboard calendar hanging there. Which one of the girls is into Vikings? When they play together, do they pretend the Viking kidnaps Barbie? LOL! That radio is too cool! You always find the best stuff!

    • The calendar ended up there a while ago because I couldn’t think of anywhere else to hang it, but you’re right, it is like camp! The Viking–it was one of those “blind bags” from Lego, and they both thought it was hilarious. I think he was called “Hun Warrior” or something like that. Barbie better watch out!

  3. I enjoyed seeing the items that you have mentioned before coming to life in the room, such as the picture frame! The “stereo” on top of the dresser is the coolest! Also love the items under the bed. Look forward to the kitchen

    • You know, for an el-cheapo stereo, it doesn’t sound half bad either! I don’t have a radio in the spare bedroom so I use it while I work on doll stuff, the girls have been learning about Metallica, The Smashing Pumpkins and other alternative music as well as 80’s classic rock.

  4. That is such a cute room! I love it! I don’t have a room currently for my dolls because I don’t know where to put it! My mother would get mad at me if I put it in her room (even though it is GIANT!). Oh well.

  5. Were did you find the shelving unit in Home Depot… I have looked before but not had much luck. Perhaps I could order it online. I keep my dolls in my room currently, and wish it was more organized in a doll house.This room is very cute! I also only have one or two furniture items form American Girl, but I don’t ave any Our Generation furniture items.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Here is the post that explains what I did along with a link to it on the Home Depot website:

      That said, I’m not 100% happy with it. When I read how someone else did it, it sounded easy enough and was anything but. That’s why I’m not putting walls on it, I’m not absolutely sure I’m going to stick with this setup or do something else. It works for now. When it came time to put the posts in, things didn’t go the way they should have and I ended up with some places cracked as well as it not wanting to stay together, or not wanting to come apart easily like I had intended. Grrrr…

  6. Room looks great, only needs a bit of clothing laying on the bed and floor. I remember how my shared room looked when I was growing up. And yes, a plate or two could be found on the floor or under the bed. Donuts don’t taste too good after a week or two, they also attracted ants.
    Your girls are awfully neat. Were they threatened with no allowance if they didn’t clean it up for the camera shoot. All in all it looks like a typical girls room. ET2

  7. All of the items in this room are so adorable! I love how you stashed things under the bed, just like in a real kids room! It makes it way more realistic! I also love how your husband gives you his opinions. My hubby couldn’t care less. He is supportive, but mostly it’s from the TV room. LOL!
    We have that AG bunk bed! We received it in a bundle when we purchased our TLC Kit doll. Our mini Kit as well as the yellow/purple retired AG soccer outfit was also included in the bundle. It ended up costing less for the entire bundle than just buying a brand new Kit doll!

    ginnie /

    • I’ve had that bunk bed for ages, I bought it on clearance about 15 years ago, but it has held up very well. Cool that you got it as part of that bundle! I have a pink one too that I got off Craigslist (along with the kitchen). I made bedding for it, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. It’s for Abby and Zara’s bedroom which will be a temporary set up situation. I’m outta space 😦

  8. Love your room! I could kick myself. I saw that yellow bunk bed at Goodwill and almost bought it for$6.99. Then I talked myself out of it because I didn’t know where I would put it. Of course when I went back to get it, it was gone.

    • Oh no!!! It is a great piece, maybe you’ll run across another someday. I see it frequently on Ebay, but not for $6.99. 😦

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