A few last things before heading home…

The girls were all getting ready for their trips home, when someone got the brilliant idea to have a “Meet Outfit Mash Up”. In other words they each had to wear one of the Meet outfits we have in the wardrobe, but it couldn’t be their own, nor could it be from their particular group. A historical doll couldn’t wear a historical outfit, a GOTY couldn’t wear another GOTY outfit–you get the picture. They asked me to decide who got to wear what. It was really interesting to see how they looked wearing each others outfits. I put no real thought into it other than making sure they didn’t get their own category.

meet mash 2
Here we have Zara, Kit and Rebecca modeling the My American Girl Outfits. Kit wasn’t at all happy about being in a dress. “Get me out of this, I hate this, why couldn’t I have worn the Real Me outfit???” Sorry Kit, I just handed them out as I went. Rebecca isn’t wearing the shoes that went with this outfit, I don’t have them. This outfit came on Cassandra and the poor girl was barefoot when she arrived!

meet mash 3
Here we have the historical/BeForever outfits–Abby in Kit’s new meet outfit, Shivan in Rebecca’s new meet outfit and Cassandra in Marie-Grace’s outfit. I cheated on the shoes for Cassandra, I honestly can’t remember where I put Marie-Grace’s boots and didn’t feel like digging them out. Cassandra said she really didn’t feel like wearing them in the summer anyhow. I think they all look cute in these outfits, and purple is a really good color on Shivan.

Last we have our “Girls of the Year”-
meet mash 4
Marie-Grace is wearing Saige’s outfit and Alya is wearing Isabelle’s. I think Marie-Grace looks pretty good in that dress, especially considering I’ve never been that wild about it to begin with. The boots, yes, the dress–no.

After they were done playing “dress up”, they went and changed into their bathing suits, then quickly ate some lunch. They all wanted to get out there and “get some rays!” as Abby put it. They had a nice time just hanging out, working on their suntans and talking about how excited they were to go home and see their families.

meet mash 5

meet mash 6
Kit and Shivan shared a blanket. “I don’t know why I’m out here?” said Shivan. “I’m already tan! My mom yells at me if I get too much sun anyhow.”

meet mash 7
Marie-Grace, Cassandra, Alya and Zara were hanging out on the sidewalk enjoying the music and some refreshment. “Oh no, my ice cream is melting!” shrieked Cassandra. “It’s dripping all over!” “Just don’t get it on me!” replied Zara. “Alya?” questioned Marie-Grace. “What?????” “Why are you wearing your watch??” “Oh, I don’t tan well” replied Alya. “This is the only way I can get a visible tan line so I can prove that I’ve actually got a tan!”

Zara started complaining. “These glasses don’t fit right! Can someone trade me?”

meet mash 8

Abby and Rebecca were so still and quiet on the blankets everyone thought they had fallen asleep. “No, we’re just enjoying the sunshine” said Rebecca. “It took so long to finally get here, we are going to savor it.”
meet mash 9
The girls started to talk about their journey’s home the next day. “I still can’t believe that you have to fly all the way to Italy by yourself Alya!” exclaimed Zara. “It’s really not that bad” Alya replied. “I’ve had to do it a couple of times before, the flight attendants kind of look out for you. Last time I flew was when I came here from London. They seated me with a girl about my age who had flown all the way from Jordan and was going onΒ to Colorado, can you imagine that?!”

Kit said she was excited to get back to Cincinatti for a few weeks, and Rebecca was looking forward to seeing New York City. Their parents were coming in the morning, as was Cassandra’s. Cassandra and Marie-Grace were going to ride together to Washington, DC and then Marie-Grace’s dad was going to come from New Orleans and pick her up there. Shivan’s mom and dad would be here in the afternoon since they both had to work in the morning, but at least she only had to go as far as Pittsburgh. Abby and Zara were excited, they would be leaving in a couple of days for New Mexico with their dad, he had to travel out there anyhow for his work, so they were going to be visiting with their grandma. Their mom would be joining them in two weeks when she had her vacation time.
meet mash 10
“It sure has been a fun year here” said Marie-Grace sadly. “But we’ll all be back before you know it. Can’t wait to see you all in August!”

20 thoughts on “A few last things before heading home…

  1. Great post. I love the mash up and the sunbathing.

    I’m kind of confused on the “trip home part.” I’m sure I missed something along the way and am clueless; please send me a clue. πŸ™‚

    • July is when they all go home to visit with their families in their hometowns. They live here while they go to school. Think “Facts of Life” as someone else put it! πŸ™‚

  2. If there are dolls in need of a swimsuit, now they know where to go! Love the yellow swimsuit on Cassandra.. Where is that from?
    It’s going to be awfully quiet at your house!

  3. I see Springfield, OG, AG and MLA swimsuits too! I’ve been on a swimsuit kick lately. That’s not too bad. I was on a coat kick last year and I’m always on a shoe kick (because they’re too hard to make!).

    Lookin good!

    • Yeah, we have a little bit of everything! One of these days I want to try making shoes, not sure if I have enough hands. πŸ˜‰

  4. I think Marie-Grace looks cute in McKenna’s outfit. And I love all the swimsuits! We’ll miss you girls! Have a good trip home to your families!

    • I had a good time “collecting” all of those swimsuits over the past year. Seemed like every time I had enough, someone else would join the group! πŸ˜‰

  5. Gosh, Isabelle has the best hair…Saige looks adorable in Kit’s outfit! Do you know where the outfit in the first photo on Rebecca is from? I’m just curious as I recently bought a used Elizabeth doll on Ebay and she came in that outfit.
    I am loving all the fabulous bathing suits as well! I need to get some for my poor girls who are all in “winter wear” still, lol.

    • Are you talking about the purple top and capri pants? If you are, that was a meet outfit that was called “Real Me”–you can read about it:

      It’s probably one of my least favorite of all of the meet outfits. Isabelle’s hair is hit and miss, it suffers from terrible static, I spend more time straightening her hair out than any of the other dolls. It is a nice thick wig though.

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