American Girl Sit & Snooze Fold-Out Bed Review

Last week I was excited to see American Girl running some Daily Deals in the run-up to their new releases. The first one for me was a must have! I’ve wanted one of their fold-out beds for a while, but the price was always a bit more than I felt like paying, plus until this recent release, they weren’t made the way I remember the real ones. However, when I saw this normally $48 item on sale for $24 and free shipping, I couldn’t get it ordered fast enough. I always wanted a chair like this for myself when I was younger, but never got one. I’ll just have to live vicariously through my dolls!
folding chair 1

folding chair 5

The afghan is adorable, very well crafted. A nice size too, what you would expect for a throw. The pillow was a big surprise, the photos on the AG website make it look kind of thin, but it’s far from that. This is a substantial pillow, a nice plus to this set. It’s so thick though that it’s not very practical for sleeping on, more just a decoration. The bed with the pillow and throw make for a really nice, finished look to any doll room.
folding chair 3

folding chair 4

The bed–totally worth it! Way better crafted than the similar My Life As sofa bed I reviewed not long ago. It’s made just like the full sized ones I longed for all those years ago. The one thing that did surprise me is that there is no Velcro holding it closed, whoever designed this did a terrific job in getting the perfect balance on the sections so it doesn’t come undone on it’s own. Of course, you don’t have the dolls plopping themselves on it like you would with humans!
folding chair 2

Overall I’m very pleased with this purchase. I hope AG sticks with this style as it’s much more accurate in design and since it can be a chair or a bed, much more versatile. I’m eyeing it up, trying to figure out how I could make a sofa sized one, hmmm… In the meantime, I need to figure out who gets to have this in their room!  (I’m thinking Alya and Shivan although several of the girls have tried to claim it!)

Just in case you missed it too, I’m running a contest, and there are only 5 days left to enter.  You can check it out here.

9 thoughts on “American Girl Sit & Snooze Fold-Out Bed Review

  1. Very nice! I found the Maplelea fold out bed on Amazon for $20 on sale. It’s pretty similar to the AG one, but it doesn’t come w/ the blanket and pillow, and the headboard stays up when it’s unfolded. It’s even almost the same color. I wonder if anyone has done a side by side comparison of the two of them. Hey, since I bought that for my Lisa, maybe your Cassandra or Alya would like your AG one!

    • Yes, it would be a great piece for a “I don’t feel good” storyline.

      The plants are all outside. The tomatoes have blossoms, yay! The peppers don’t look so hot, we had to wait so long to put them in because of torrential rains. As long as we have tomatoes and lettuce though, I’ll be happy (and the lettuce has started to poke up out of the soil).

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