A Present for Cassandra

Cassandra had a nice day out with us a few weeks ago when she wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t go to school. She especially liked looking at the Avon catalog I brought, and you might remember that she commented about the Minion items. Last week while I was in Target, I noticed something that I thought would be a fun present for her. She’s done exceptionally well in school this year, straight A’s in everything, so I thought a little reward was in order too.

I knocked on her door. “Come in!” she replied. I found her sitting on her bed with Chester while she played on her iPad.
Minion 1

When I told her I’d brought her a surprise, she was excited, but then when she saw what it was, she couldn’t contain it!
Minion 2
“Oh wow, A Minion SURPRISE!!!!!”

If you’ve never seen a Minion Surprise before, it’s a sealed package with a little Minion in it, you just don’t know which one you have until you open it.  This particular one could have been any of these Minions: Minion 3

She didn’t waste any time getting it opened!!
Minion 4
“I got Stuart, YESSSSSS!!!! He’s my favorite!”

Stuart is pretty darned cute, I have to admit. He even came with a stand so that he won’t fall over easily.
Minion 5
Good thing school is out and she doesn’t need her alarm clock for a while, Stuart has now taken up residence on the nightstand.
Minion 6


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