Best laid plans…

Back when I did a post on my thoughts about the new Truly Me releases, I commented that I really liked doll number 62, and that I would be getting her, I just wasn’t sure when. I had intended on getting her mid-summer, I really wasn’t going to use her for a storyline until August. However, American Girl waved a temptation under my nose that I couldn’t resist–the online purchase with purchase last week was the soccer outfit. Ugh! I really wanted it, and I hated to pass up a $34 set for only $14. And I wanted this particular soccer outfit because it came with black shoes, I wasn’t wild about the newer version. What to do? Oh heck, I ordered her and the soccer outfit of course! I also got the $10 discount from the HAPPYMAY promotion, so that made it even more enticing.

Once she was ordered, I was planning on just keeping her out of the spotlight until later. But then she came, and she’s so darned cute, I wanted to share her! I also thought that if someone who was thinking of getting her saw my post, it might help them make up their mind. So, without further ado!

AG 62 1

Here you can see her in the new Truly Me box. It’s nothing special, it’s your typical doll box just re-styled with the new name. Big whoop.

AG 62 2

With the box open you can see her with the Truly Me activity set. It’s put up in a similar fashion to the BeForever dolls, just instead of a book you get the activity set. I did have a hard time getting the box open though, I don’t know if the box is a different size or what, but it was more of a struggle than I remembered with my other dolls.

AG 62 3 AG 62 4

The Truly Me activity is a cute idea, you spin the top wheel and pick a color, then spin the bottom wheel to pick an activity.  The cards in the box coordinate with the colors and activities, and it gives you ideas of things you can do with your dolls.  I can see where younger girls would have fun with this.

Here she is!

AG 62 5

The new meet outfit isn’t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’m not crazy about it, but it’s usable. I really don’t care for the shoes with it, I think they are cute by themselves, but they don’t go all that well with the dress.
AG 62 8

Personally, I would have paired the dress with a pair of gray or silver shoes, kind of like this!
AG 62 6
Her hair is very similar to the style on doll #40. One thing that I noticed is that the wig is considerably thinner. For a while I’ve wondered if they have changed wig suppliers. It’s hard for me to say because my #40 (Cassandra) was bought used, so I don’t know how old she is to begin with and how her hair was cared for. Here’s a photo of her from the back:
AG 62 9
And a picture of her and Cassandra from the back:
AG 62 10
There is definitely a difference in the color as well, and they are both described the same. I wish I had a brand new #40 to compare her with.  I have noticed that her hair has fluffed quite a bit since I got her out of the box.  When I unboxed her it seemed very flat, more like the picture on the AG website, but as I’ve “played” with her and combed her hair, it has definitely more bounce and body to it.

So, the big question: her eye color. AG describes it as brown, but I’ve seen it also described as amber by other bloggers. What do you think?

AG 62 11
AG 62 12

AG 62 14I think they are very pretty, and they are definitely unique from the brown typically used, but amber–no, I don’t think so. I would just call it a lighter brown, on the edge of being a hazel. I still think it’s cool that they currently only make 2 dolls with this eye color.

I also decided to include these two pictures for anyone who wondered the difference between the medium and light skin tones.  I used Marie-Grace for these shots.  I had seen the dolls at the store, but the memory wasn’t all that great, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who isn’t always sure unless it’s right in front of me!

AG 62 13 AG 62 15

Now I know what you are wondering–what is her name?  I’m not telling you!  Actually, I haven’t settled on a name just yet since I wasn’t really planning on getting her so soon.  I have a couple in mind, but still thinking on it.  You’ll just have to wait until I introduce her to the rest of the girls!


22 thoughts on “Best laid plans…

  1. I’m so happy to see this post as I was really curious about her. I agree on the eye color…definitely in the hazel family, lol. She’s a gorgeous doll and I hope to add her someday. I have to get Grace first! She’s next on my list. Have fun getting to know and name her 🙂

    • I’m really having a hard time coming up with the perfect name for her, she’s probably the first doll I’ve purchased that either wasn’t already named, or I didn’t have a “plan” for. But I couldn’t pass her up!

    • Yeah, leave it to AG to dangle that darned carrot! I do think that she is the last doll now for quite a while. I keep hearing rumors that the new BeForever Maryellen is going to be the classic mold (boo hiss!) and I doubt there will be any other new dolls for the year, so I’m safe until the new GOTY comes out. And she’s going to have to be amazing for me to jump.

      • LOL! Actually, yes though, because there really aren’t any other dolls that catch my eye. There are some I think are cute, but not enough to want them. This doll and Alya were the last two things I was looking for. The only way I’d be buying any dolls now is if I find them cheap at a flea market or yard sale to customize. I would like to try my hand at that, but the price definitely has to be right! And not even sure I would keep those when I was done, depending on what I was able to get my hands on.

  2. Believe it or not, I bought a classic mold #60 in Nashville. I’d swear most of the weight of the box is from the Truly Me non-book. Yes, it’s cute but should increase postage costs and is missing the vital story part of what always went with the dolls so I thought that was a sad change,

    Part of the reason I bought #60 is because I took a road called Trinity Lane to get to the store and when I saw her, I knew that was her name. I hadn’t plan on another doll and I’ve NEVER bought one in store for myself so she fills a few niches.

    I honestly can’t remember your other dolls’ names. I think she looks like an Amanda maybe. Were you thinking of any more details of her background that might hint towards a name? Maybe name her after someone famous. Or go outside and look at your street signs…

    • #60 is a pretty doll. I’m just tired of how much they re-use the classic mold over and over again when there are other molds too. I love the name you have picked for her and how you came upon it! That’s what I am hoping will happen with this doll, that is usually how it goes for me. Part of the issue is I want her story to be that her background is primarily Indian, but her name doesn’t necessarily have to be 100% traditional. It’ll be one of those “that’s it, eureka!” moments I’m sure!

      The girls I have now are Samantha, Rebecca, Kit, Marie-Grace, Cassandra, Abby, Zara and Alya.

    • Thanks! I’ve wanted this combination for a while now, you can’t imagine how excited I was when I saw her. She is exactly what I was looking for.

    • Yes, I think they need to make dolls with more unique features like this. Hopefully 62 and 64 are the start of more things to come!

  3. Congratulations! She is a beautiful addition to the family.

    I remember people saying Grace’s hair seemed thin. Looks like that is a trend with the new dolls.

    Her eyes are wonderful. They remind me of how mini Rebecca’s eyes are different from the other minis.

    Looking forward to her name reveal.

    • Maybe I will bring her to meet you?!

      I first noticed the difference in the wigs when I got Zara (Isabelle). Not only did it seem like it was thinner, but also much more prone to static.

  4. AWESOMESAUCE! I have been wanting this doll as well because she looks like me! But how dark is her skin because my skin is tan-ish because I play outside a lot! If I ever get her I would name her Lyla May and she would be a surfer!

    • I can see that working very well as a tan, it’s not as dark as an African American doll is, she could pass as Hispanic, Indian, even Italian. My sister got #28, but she wasn’t sure about the medium skin so she called AG before she ordered and asked about it. The customer service person she got described it as someone with a great suntan!

      I say AWESOMESAUCE all the time too, I love that commercial. 🙂

  5. As my sister stated, I bought a #28 doll. I have a blonde (Zoee), Brunette (Nancy) and Redhead(Felicity) and felt I needed a medium brown hair, brown eyed doll (Raynia). She does look like she has a suntan.
    The only issue with this doll is her hair, it seems kinda thin, also rather uneven, and what appears to look like split ends on several areas. Being a hairdresser I set to work correcting the problems, and have just about completed the job. Maybe one more time in the styling chair and she will look like the way I think she should look. The split ends and tangles have been eliminated.

    • I remember someone telling me that you had to be very cautious with the Isabelle wigs, that there were a number of them that came out poorly made off the production line. (was that you Jen?) Mine was okay, but there were a number of complaints. That was what first made me think that they had changed supplier.

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