What We Got at the American Girl Store (by Cassandra)

Hello Everyone and Happy Memorial Day!!! It’s Cassandra here, and I’m going to tell you about the trip I took to the American Girl store with mom, Auntie Evil Twin, Nancy and Felicity. We had a terrific time, so much to see and do. I’m hoping I get to go back soon.

First off, I got my ears pierced. I was a little nervous, but not too bad, several of my friends have them done already and told me what to expect. A really nice lady named Sally took care of me, and when I was done she handed me a bag with a package of earrings in it, yay!
goodies 1    goodies 2

I love them, the dangles are all interchangeable so I can have a bunch of different looks.  It will be a little while before I can wear them though, I have to wait several weeks before I can change them while they heal.  I just have to be sure to remember to turn them a few times every day.

Mom thought these boots would be good for us to have for all of us to share:

goodies 3 goodies 4.5

They are super comfy and they have such nice details in the trim.  Mom thought they would make nice riding boots too.  They look kind of funny with my shorts though!  She told me to wear them so you could see the boots better.

We grabbed an extra pair of jeans to have here, it seems like we never have enough of these!

goodies 4

We picked up the store exclusive swim suit and a pair of sunglasses that we can all share. I think I like last years swimsuit better, but this one is cute too. I’m still hoping that mom makes me one out of the leopard print fabric she bought, I think it will make my hair and eyes stand out.

goodies 5
goodies 6
These sunglasses make me look like a movie star! **giggle**

You already saw that I got a new pair of glasses. I really wanted another pair so I could change them according to what I was wearing and what kind of mood I was in. Both the sunglasses and the eyeglasses came with a nice case to protect them.
goodies 7

Several of us have been talking about trying out for basketball, so mom picked up the basketball outfit while it was still on sale. Even if none of decide to play, it was well worth the price for the ball, shorts, shoes and socks. It also included wristbands and some hair ties.
goodies 8

The purchase with purchase (if you spent $50) on that day was Saige’s Turquoise outfit, yippee!! Mom was excited too, she had looked at it several times but didn’t buy it. She didn’t realize that the white pants were jeans, she was really happy about that.
goodies 9
Mom said she thought I looked really good in this outfit, and I have to agree. 🙂

Here are the mugs we got and the hair tie that was wrapped around mom’s napkin at the Bistro. Felicity and Nancy left their mugs here too so we have some extras and so they can use them when they come to visit.
goodies 10
Since we were taking the pictures in my bedroom, Chester decided to get in to the act! He’s such a sweetie, how could I tell him no??

So, now for what I bought for myself.  You already know I had saved up some money to get my new glasses, but I also had been saving up for something else.  Any guesses as to what it might be???

goodies 11
Julie’s skates! I had been thinking about getting a pair, but once Alya got hers back, I thought it would be so much fun to have my own pair so we could go skating together. Hopefully I won’t fall and break a leg or anything!

Before I sign off here, mom posed the question to the readers as to who said “If you carpeted Florida, how long would it take to vacuum?” Well, I said it in the car, but it’s not an original line. It was from the TV show “Wings”, I’ve been watching reruns of it on Netflix. In the show, there is an annoying old man named Carlton Blanchard who asks the most ridiculous questions, and this was one of them. Another one he asked that I thought was hilarious was “If a monkey bit you, what kind of medicine would you have to take?” I love that show, it makes me laugh so hard, mom says it was always one of her favorites too.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what we got, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Thanks for all of your well wishes too, I’m feeling much better and dad is too. Only two weeks left of school for us. 🙂

Have a Happy Memorial Day!


We’ve had a rough week around here. My husband came down with an inner ear infection last weekend that has left him extremely dizzy and just feeling miserable. He didn’t go to work for several days, but eventually he got to feeling well enough to work, but one small problem–he couldn’t drive. He’s in sales, so that small problem is actually a big problem! Chauffeur Flo to the rescue!!! (I need a cape) Darned Pollen Tsunami!

Yesterday as we were getting ready, I noticed that Cassandra didn’t seem quite right. She actually ran into the wall when she was walking down the hall. When I asked her what was the matter, she said “the room is kind of spinning.” Uh oh. Sounds like the same sort of thing that dad has and how it started. I gave her some medicine for it, but I knew there was no way that she could go to school. And we weren’t going to be home, so I didn’t feel safe leaving her here by herself. So, she went with us. Even though she was sick, she was excited to ride in dad’s new car.

sick 1   sick 2

You can see from these pictures that she wasn’t her usually cheery self. 😦

sick 3
Once the antihistamine really kicked in, she was very sleepy, so I lent her my hoodie to wrap up in and take a nap. She slept for quite a while, which is a good thing, it kept her from getting car sick.

sick 5

Once she woke up, she said she was hungry.  I didn’t want her to eat too much to start, so I got her one of my s’mores mini rice cakes.  She devoured it!

sick 7
She ended up finishing the bag, so she must have been feeling much better already. While she ate, she checked out the Avon catalog I brought along to look at. “Oh look, Minions!!!”

She’s fine this morning, we just have to keep an eye on her and make sure she keeps taking medicine until the pollen subsides. She said that even though she didn’t feel good, it was still nice to get to hang out with mom and dad for the day. She will be posting over the weekend with what we got on our trip to Columbus.

Columbus Or Bust!!! (or “How I learned to love ear piercing”)

When Evil Twin was here for Easter we talked about going to the Columbus American Girl store and taking a couple of the girls with us who wanted to get their ears pierced. After a bit of schedule checking and a minor crisis, we did manage to get on the road Monday morning at 7:15 AM. Prior to that though, Zoee had a bit of a meltdown shortly before we were supposed to leave.
columbus 1
“I’m not going!!! I’m not getting my ears pierced, no way, no how!!!! Grandma always said that if God had intended you to have another set of holes in your ears, he would have put them there in the first place!”

Okay. I guess that answers that. However, Felicity, Nancy and Cassandra were still excited about going.  We set off down the road and everyone was having a good time.  Unfortunately it’s a 3 hour drive which is long enough when you’re an adult, but when you’re only 18 inches tall, it seems like an eternity.  About an hour in to our trip, the questions started.

“When are we going to get there?”

“How much further???”

“Are we there yet?”

“If you carpeted Florida, how long would it take to vacuum?”

They seemed to be appeased with the answers.  Then the real problems started.  Felicity started to have second thoughts.  “I’m afraid.  Does getting your ears pierced hurt much?  Is there any blood?”  She started to cry.

Evil Twin and I told her it was really simple, and it only hurt for a split second and there wasn’t any blood.  She seemed to be okay with it.

“Quit being such a wimp!” joked Nancy.

After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived!  The girls were super excited to get there, and so were we. 🙂

columbus 2
Arrival picture–of course Cassandra stuck her hand in the air just as I snapped it, sorry Nancy!!!

We decided to go see about doing the ear piercing first so no one would get scared and change their minds. We didn’t need any butterflies in the stomach to interrupt the rest of the trip! We went to pay for that and then headed over to the piercing station where a VERY nice lady named Sally took care of the girls. Cassandra decided she would go first, she was so brave!

columbus 3
Cassandra with Sally after she had her ears pierced, thank you Sally!

Next it was Felicity and Nancy’s turn.  They decided to go in together for moral support.  Felicity was still really scared, but she got through it okay.  Afterwards she said “that wasn’t so bad!”

Columbus 4
Felicity and Nancy wanted their picture with Sally afterwards too, she was so nice to them and reassured Felicity that everything would be fine.

Nancy took such a shine to Sally that she asked if it would be okay if she hung out and chatted with Sally while the other girls checked out some of the store. Sally was more than happy to do that, and Nancy was so excited. Sally was very interesting, we found out that she collected American Girl dolls before she ever started working for them and that she has 31 dolls total, wow!!

First stop was to meet Grace Thomas, Cassandra and Felicity couldn’t wait!
columbus 5  Columbus 6

Grace was such a sweetheart, she even gave the girls a tour of her patisserie.
columbus 7
The girls got to meet several other girls around the store and check out some of the cute outfits.

columbus 8
Hey, this girl has the same outfit on as…
columbus 9
…this girl!

 Nancy caught up with us just in time to meet Julie

columbus 10
We did some shopping and I had a chance to talk to Sue, my personal shopper from the last time. We didn’t sign up for the personal shopper this time, but it was terrific to see Sue, and even though we weren’t utilizing her service, she was more than helpful. I was super excited to hear that she has been stopping by the blog regularly to read too. 🙂

After we were done shopping, it was time for lunch. We hadn’t had anything since breakfast before we left and we’d built up quite an appetite with all that shopping! We got all situated at our table in the bistro and then Hannah came around to wait on us.
Columbus 11   columbus 12

columbus 13

columbus 14
After we placed our order, the girls enjoyed reading the “Table Talks” cards and asking Evil Twin and I questions. It made the time go very quickly, and before we knew it, our meal was there.

We all had the same thing–Mediterranean Chicken Salad, which was VERY good! It was a ton of food, we were all stuffed when we were done. Of course we had to try the milkshakes too, Evil Twin, Nancy and Felicity had the chocolate and Cassandra and I split the Grace’s Chocolate and Cherry flavored one. I think the next time we go I might be tempted to make a meal from just the ice cream menu, it was yummy!

After we were done, we got ready to head out. The girls were really excited that they got to keep the cups and saucers that they had been drinking out of as souvenirs. Nancy and Felicity both decided to leave theirs at our house so that we would always be sure to have plenty of mugs for them to drink out of whenever they come to visit, isn’t that sweet?

It was a long ride home, and when we pulled into the driveway and opened the door, this is what we found:
columbus 15

After a little while they were wide awake again and couldn’t wait to pose for pictures so everyone could see their new earrings:
columbus 16

columbus 17

As you can see, Nancy and Felicity both picked up American Girl Columbus t-shirts as well. Evil Twin picked out a new pair of glasses for Zoee since she decided not to go, I think they look really cute on her!  She’s been doing really well in school, so this was a special surprise for her.
columbus 18
Cassandra had saved up some money to get some new glasses too. She still likes her pink ones, but thinks these ones make her look more scholarly, don’t you agree?
columbus 19

We had a wonderful day at American Girl Columbus and just want to thank Sally, Sue, Hannah and Claire for taking such good care of us. Everyone is super nice at the store and it made a great experience even better. Our hope is to go back in the fall again, perhaps someone else will get their ears pierced this time. I wonder who? We just know it won’t be Zoee!

Over the weekend Cassandra will share what we picked out while we were shopping.  She had a great time looking at all the displays and not only picking out a couple of things for herself, but for the other girls here too.  We didn’t get any sneak peaks on any of the new stuff coming out, but you could certainly tell they were getting ready for lots and lots of new goodies!  Claire at the checkout told me that she had seen the new releases and that they were “super exciting and lots of fun!”  Can’t wait for Thursday. 🙂

A million bonus points to the first person who can identify where the “vacuuming Florida” question came from!