Doll Sized Finds: a butterfly, a babydoll and a bed! (oh, and a picture frame)

I’ve been popping in and out of the various thrift stores near me the last few weeks and I’ve come across a couple of fun things. First a butterfly!


A 5 inches by 5 inches, I thought this was ideal for a doll display and I could hardly go wrong at 49 cents. I already have an easel, and I recently picked up the “Just Add Water” painters set from Our Generation, I think it’s going to be adorable in the dollhouse. I just have to decide who the artist is going to be!

Next: a baby!
Lucy 1
Isn’t she adorable?!?! This has a rather long and complicated story that I won’t go into. The short version is I know someone who was looking for a doll like this. While I was chauffering my husband around, we were going to be driving past a thrift store that I don’t get to go to very often, so I told him we would stop there and he could do paperwork. I spotted her, but then I wasn’t sure if she was THE doll. I figured at 79 cents I would go ahead and get her, I didn’t want to take the chance that it was the right doll and I’d left it behind, and if it wasn’t, then I got to keep her. Well, turns out I was right, she wasn’t the right doll, so she gets to stay with me, yay! She’s about 8 inches tall, the perfect size for a baby in the 18″ world.  I haven’t exactly figured out how she is going to fit in with my girls, but I have some ideas. I need to make the poor thing some clothing though, she’s getting cold. 😉  She needs a name too.

Onto a bed!

I first saw this at the Salvation Army near me two weeks ago, but I decided to pass on it. You can imagine how shocked I was that it was still there, so I decided it was fate and went ahead and bought it. I paid $14.99, it is a Badger Basket brand bed which usually retails for $35 – $50, depending on which retailer you buy it from. I hated the bedding though, not only was it a little dirty, but the workmanship on it was dreadful, I would have tossed it even if it had been clean. The bedding along with the two boxes underneath all went into the trash. It just needs a good wipedown otherwise, and Bitty Baby will have an awesome bed. And I have another sewing project!

Now the picture frame:

bbb4     bbb5

Isn’t this neat?  It was a little more than I would normally spend at $1.50, but it was brand new and at 2″ square, it is the perfect size for a doll tabletop or dresser.  It even came with little templates so you can be sure that your pics are going to fit when you cut them down.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep the existing photos and just replace the “holds your pictures” square or replace them all.  I loved the detail on it though.  Interestingly enough, it has a pin back on it so you could wear it, but I think it would be kind of heavy for that.

Have you found anything fun recently?  Have an awesome weekend! (and to those who get out of school today, yippee!!!!!)

3 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds: a butterfly, a babydoll and a bed! (oh, and a picture frame)

  1. Very nice finds! The frame is very cute. Baby reminds me of the dolls my grammy would give me…she’d crochet their outfit. The bed is cool. Your ready for camp arts and crafts with the butterfly.

    I just got back from a trip to Walmart and Dollar Tree. I picked up the My Life As beats style headphones ($1.97) and bamboo coasters that could work as place mats ($1 for a pack of 4) and an orange hand towel…beach towel…($1).

    Thought of Sharry, Julie Anne Newman’s mom, in Dollar Tree’s bath section they had bath mats in avacado green, orange, and red…looked like shag carpet. 😀

    My splurge was a My Life As outfit…the winter coat and hat with grey leggings and a sleeveless top with a kitty on it. The coat and hat have been stored until winter, but the top and leggings are good for spring and summer.

    • LOL@ It’s nice to be thought of Xyra! I do have an avacado green bath mat for the shag rug in Julie’s TV room. Bath mats make groovy shag carpets!

    • The My Life As outfit sounds cute! Dollar Tree is definitely one of my favorite places to look for doll type items, you never know what you might find.

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