What We Got at the American Girl Store (by Cassandra)

Hello Everyone and Happy Memorial Day!!! It’s Cassandra here, and I’m going to tell you about the trip I took to the American Girl store with mom, Auntie Evil Twin, Nancy and Felicity. We had a terrific time, so much to see and do. I’m hoping I get to go back soon.

First off, I got my ears pierced. I was a little nervous, but not too bad, several of my friends have them done already and told me what to expect. A really nice lady named Sally took care of me, and when I was done she handed me a bag with a package of earrings in it, yay!
goodies 1    goodies 2

I love them, the dangles are all interchangeable so I can have a bunch of different looks.  It will be a little while before I can wear them though, I have to wait several weeks before I can change them while they heal.  I just have to be sure to remember to turn them a few times every day.

Mom thought these boots would be good for us to have for all of us to share:

goodies 3 goodies 4.5

They are super comfy and they have such nice details in the trim.  Mom thought they would make nice riding boots too.  They look kind of funny with my shorts though!  She told me to wear them so you could see the boots better.

We grabbed an extra pair of jeans to have here, it seems like we never have enough of these!

goodies 4

We picked up the store exclusive swim suit and a pair of sunglasses that we can all share. I think I like last years swimsuit better, but this one is cute too. I’m still hoping that mom makes me one out of the leopard print fabric she bought, I think it will make my hair and eyes stand out.

goodies 5
goodies 6
These sunglasses make me look like a movie star! **giggle**

You already saw that I got a new pair of glasses. I really wanted another pair so I could change them according to what I was wearing and what kind of mood I was in. Both the sunglasses and the eyeglasses came with a nice case to protect them.
goodies 7

Several of us have been talking about trying out for basketball, so mom picked up the basketball outfit while it was still on sale. Even if none of decide to play, it was well worth the price for the ball, shorts, shoes and socks. It also included wristbands and some hair ties.
goodies 8

The purchase with purchase (if you spent $50) on that day was Saige’s Turquoise outfit, yippee!! Mom was excited too, she had looked at it several times but didn’t buy it. She didn’t realize that the white pants were jeans, she was really happy about that.
goodies 9
Mom said she thought I looked really good in this outfit, and I have to agree. 🙂

Here are the mugs we got and the hair tie that was wrapped around mom’s napkin at the Bistro. Felicity and Nancy left their mugs here too so we have some extras and so they can use them when they come to visit.
goodies 10
Since we were taking the pictures in my bedroom, Chester decided to get in to the act! He’s such a sweetie, how could I tell him no??

So, now for what I bought for myself.  You already know I had saved up some money to get my new glasses, but I also had been saving up for something else.  Any guesses as to what it might be???

goodies 11
Julie’s skates! I had been thinking about getting a pair, but once Alya got hers back, I thought it would be so much fun to have my own pair so we could go skating together. Hopefully I won’t fall and break a leg or anything!

Before I sign off here, mom posed the question to the readers as to who said “If you carpeted Florida, how long would it take to vacuum?” Well, I said it in the car, but it’s not an original line. It was from the TV show “Wings”, I’ve been watching reruns of it on Netflix. In the show, there is an annoying old man named Carlton Blanchard who asks the most ridiculous questions, and this was one of them. Another one he asked that I thought was hilarious was “If a monkey bit you, what kind of medicine would you have to take?” I love that show, it makes me laugh so hard, mom says it was always one of her favorites too.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what we got, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Thanks for all of your well wishes too, I’m feeling much better and dad is too. Only two weeks left of school for us. 🙂

Have a Happy Memorial Day!


10 thoughts on “What We Got at the American Girl Store (by Cassandra)

  1. The shopping trip was a success, your girl got what she wanted, and so did mine.
    Question??? You had said something about the girls watching the Indy 500, did that come to pass? I was thrilled that Juan Pablo Montoya won, even though it was his second time to victory lane. Looking forward to that blog.
    Evil Twin

    • Rebecca was the only interested in watching, none of the other girls seemed to be in to it. Maybe by next year! I was not happy that Montoya won at all, he is not a driver I support as he is far too reckless. Same reason I don’t support Marco Andretti–he may have the last name, but not the same class and finesse as dad and granddad.

  2. Ah, what a treat to find this post on a holiday morning! I think Saige’s clothing collection is one of the most useful they have had in a while. Her pieces mix and match so well and they all look good on my Addy!
    LOVE the skates. Definitely a blast from my past.

    • I agree, Saige’s collection had a lot of options. Isabelle’s was just okay, I guess it would have been good if you were into dance (which I am not). I like Grace’s, but it definitely does not lend itself to mixing and matching much.

      Someone I know had skates very similar to these, but I can’t remember who. Mine were boring white ones.

  3. Looks like your dolls got some cool stuff! Hmmm…those skates look familiar. LOL! Maybe Alya and Cassandra can got to a roller rink too! I never watched the show “Wings” so I wouldn’t have guessed. It’s cool you got to take the cups and saucers home, not all AG stores do that. I only got to take one home, and I bought another set. I usually take doll food with me. I remember once in Seattle, I had the AG party hot dogs, and a lady asked where I got the food. I told her I brought it along and she said that was a great idea. Wouldn’t it be cool if someday we got together and went to an AG store? Yeah, probably not gonna happen, but I can wish, can’t I?

    • I wondered about the cups and saucers, I made sure I asked. Maybe it depends on how busy they are? Or perhaps they are trying to clear them out because they are going to change them soon? I was just excited to get them, they are so cute and I almost bought a set.

      Great idea about taking food for the dolls, I’ll have to remember that! Oh gosh, that would be so fun for you and I to go together, we would get into so much trouble. Never say never!

    • I think it fits better than last years. I’m going to try and make some similar out of different print fabric, we’ll see how that goes.

  4. Looks like a really great trip and haul of goodies. Love the new boots, jeans, glasses, sunglasses, and skates. Oh, who am I kidding, I love everything you got. 😀

    • Very dangerous place, I went armed with a list to keep things under control! One thing I wanted was out of stock there, that’s when I decided to go ahead and get the basketball set, so I was still within my self-imposed budget. 🙂

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