We’ve had a rough week around here. My husband came down with an inner ear infection last weekend that has left him extremely dizzy and just feeling miserable. He didn’t go to work for several days, but eventually he got to feeling well enough to work, but one small problem–he couldn’t drive. He’s in sales, so that small problem is actually a big problem! Chauffeur Flo to the rescue!!! (I need a cape) Darned Pollen Tsunami!

Yesterday as we were getting ready, I noticed that Cassandra didn’t seem quite right. She actually ran into the wall when she was walking down the hall. When I asked her what was the matter, she said “the room is kind of spinning.” Uh oh. Sounds like the same sort of thing that dad has and how it started. I gave her some medicine for it, but I knew there was no way that she could go to school. And we weren’t going to be home, so I didn’t feel safe leaving her here by herself. So, she went with us. Even though she was sick, she was excited to ride in dad’s new car.

sick 1   sick 2

You can see from these pictures that she wasn’t her usually cheery self. 😦

sick 3
Once the antihistamine really kicked in, she was very sleepy, so I lent her my hoodie to wrap up in and take a nap. She slept for quite a while, which is a good thing, it kept her from getting car sick.

sick 5

Once she woke up, she said she was hungry.  I didn’t want her to eat too much to start, so I got her one of my s’mores mini rice cakes.  She devoured it!

sick 7
She ended up finishing the bag, so she must have been feeling much better already. While she ate, she checked out the Avon catalog I brought along to look at. “Oh look, Minions!!!”

She’s fine this morning, we just have to keep an eye on her and make sure she keeps taking medicine until the pollen subsides. She said that even though she didn’t feel good, it was still nice to get to hang out with mom and dad for the day. She will be posting over the weekend with what we got on our trip to Columbus.


8 thoughts on “Sick!

    • I guess it’s a real issue around this area of the state right now, when hubby went to the doctor on Tuesday, they said they’d seen about 70 people on Monday and Tuesday with it! So not fun.

    • She seems to be much better today, just got to keep an eye on her until this pollen blizzard passes! She can’t wait to share what she got, stay tuned. 🙂

    • We did get a very nice lunch on Thursday at a restaurant we hadn’t been to in ages. The rest of the week was a no-go because the movement of the car made hubby sick and he didn’t feel much like eating and yesterday we actually hurried since not only did we have Cassandra with us, but we wanted to beat holiday traffic. He is doing much better today, I think my chauffeuring days are done, thank heavens! Cassandra is doing better too. She sure snarfed down those rice cakes!

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