A Day At The Races (sort of!)

It’s hard when you have a horse crazy girl in the house (Marie-Grace) along with a neighbor girl (Zara), but it’s even harder when it’s horse racing season. I guess I can’t say too much, I remember the first Kentucky Derby that I really paid attention to, I can even tell you that Canonero was the winner. When the girls asked if they could have a party to watch the Derby, I unfortunately had to tell them no because we had something else going on. Instead we decided to do it for the Preakness, which to me is more fun anyway, wondering if someone will win the second part of the Triple Crown just adds to the excitement.

They decided they wanted to watch the race on the great big TV in the main living room and thought it would be fun to bring the new picnic table out to set food and drinks on. It turned out to be harder than they thought!

races 1
“At least we got it through the door okay,” said Cassandra.

races 2
Kit complained. “I KNEW I should have pulled my hair back out of the way, darn it!”

races 3
“My gosh this thing is heavy!!” exclaimed Marie-Grace

Just then, “dad” came through and lent a hand.
races 4

races 5

“HEY!!!!!!” yelled Cassandra. “Oh, be quiet,” said Marie-Grace. “That thing was too big and heavy for us to be carrying. I’m glad he took over!”

races 6
Rebecca and Zara brought two of the kitchen chairs for extra seating. “These things are heavier than they look” said Rebecca. “Yeah,” said Zara, “I’ve got to take a break. This hall is really long when you are only 18 inches tall!”

Next Abby and Alya were carrying the big wicker chair.
races 7
“Aw shoot!” griped Abby, “I dropped my part and hit my toe, ouch!”

Finally they managed to get everything into the living room and all set up. Since it was so close to dinner, they ate their regular meal and then they had snacks and cake to nibble on while they watched the race. Of course “dad” and I decided to watch golf while we ate dinner and waited for the race to come on.  I think I’ve got the girls properly trained to root for Phil Mickelson!  He wasn’t doing so well though. 😦

races 10
While they waited they talked about who they thought might win. “I’d love to see American Pharaoh win!” said Zara. “That means he’d only have to win the Belmont then and he’d win the Triple Crown. There hasn’t been a Triple Crown winner since 1978!”

races 11

While we were watching, it started to rain at the racetrack. Then it started to pour. We weren’t sure they were going to be able to run the race, but since there was no lightning, they went ahead. The girls were anxiously waiting…
races 9
They loaded the horses into the gate–and they were off!
races 12

The girls watched intently as the race was on!
races 14

As the horses approached the home stretch, it was obvious that American Pharoah was going to win!!
races 15

Everyone was so excited that he’d won. Especially Zara. “Only one more race to win the Triple Crown!”
races 16

races 17
Zara and Kit were so excited, they did a “happy dance” to celebrate.

races 18

After everything was over, Rebecca and Alya cleaned up the mess while the other girls put the furniture back. “Mom?” asked Rebecca. “Yes honey?” “Next weekend the Indianapolis 500 is on, can we do something special for that?”
races 19
Oh, she is so my mini-me! 🙂


6 thoughts on “A Day At The Races (sort of!)

  1. Wow, it sounds like the girls had fun! It’s nice that both their “mom” and “dad” got into the act too. I’m not much on horses, but my 70s group have their weekly TV events. On Fridays, Julie gets to invite one or two girls to watch “Friday Night on ABC”. (Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Odd Couple…etc). There are so many girls, I have to keep a list so everyone gets a turn. On Saturday, the boys get to watch “Super Sci-Fi Satirday Night on Me-TV. (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Star Trek).

    I can’t wait to see what you guys do for the Indy 500!

    • I’m not sure I’ll be doing a post for the Indy 500, other than Rebecca, none of the girls seem to be all that interested. Oh well. 😦 Maybe next year.

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