Doll Sized Finds: thrift store gold

I think the thrift stores in my area are finally starting to recover from the nasty winter, and I’m sure as yard sale season gets into full swing, we’ll see them back to their usual inventory. I had some errands to run today and decided while I was out to stop by the two closest to me and see if I could find anything. Not a lot, but I did find a couple of really cool things.

At the Salvation Army I found a mini beanie baby bear, still in the package for 99 cents. You can imagine how hard I laughed when I found another at the Goodwill for $1.49! I was excited that they were still in the package, they will make great bed decorations/toys for the dolls. I did think after I got home with these that I probably paid more for them at a thrift store than they originally sold for at McDonald’s–if you could get your hands on them back then.

thrift 1

I also found this at the Salvation Army, not 100% sure what it was supposed to be, but I’m thinking probably a toothpick holder. It’s really filthy dirty, but I figured for 69 cents it was worth taking a chance on, I think it will make a cute vase or a holder for kitchen utensils. Fingers crossed that a trip through the dishwasher will take care of all the dirt and grime.
thrift 2

The last thing I found at the Goodwill I almost left behind. Then I realized what they were. My best friend used to sell Mary Kay, and when I opened these up, they were exactly what I thought they were:

thrift 3     thrift 4

My bestie used to sell Mary Kay and I am slightly familiar with the concept–you buy these to store the makeup in, and then when you need refills, you only buy the makeup to replace in the container. I opened both of them up just to be sure they were what I thought–bingo!
thrift 5
I think these will make perfect doll jewelry boxes or makeup kits, don’t you? I am going to decorate the top to cover up the Mary Kay logo. Each of these was a whopping 99 cents. I’m almost tempted to keep one of them for myself for in my purse.

Did you find anything good this week? Monday I’m off to AG Columbus with Evil Twin for some shopping fun, I can’t wait to see the store exclusives and if they have any of the new stuff in early. I will be sure to share some pics from our trip!


12 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds: thrift store gold

  1. I will remember that! Truthfully I think it’s just surface dirt/dust/grease, I’m going to try washing it in the dishpan first to see what happens and go from there. I just thought it was so pretty and petite.

  2. The smaller compact could be a great laptop too. 🙂

    I agree with Nonna about the vinegar soak. That takes away so many ills with coffee and tea pots.

    Great finds!

  3. Good scores!! I was out thrifting yesterday (there are 2 of them across the street from each other, a St Vinnies and a Sally Ann, 3 blocks away from home) and I got some cute things. My biggest score was a little rattan shelving unit that is the right size and height to be a bookcase for my dollhouse and a couple of teeny little Asian sauce dishes that are the right size to be doll food dishes (for whenever I find where the hell I packed my sushi erasers in the move). I also got a bunch of little toddler board books to recover into more interesting books for the girls (going to make them a set of school textbooks, for example) with modge podge and pretty paper. I got like 15 of them at 30 cents a book.

    My big big big AG score wasn’t thrift; it was and I got the full flute set: flute, music stand, book and fingering chart for 20 bucks. The guy said his daughter just turned 13 and is selling all her dolls because she is “too old” and wants to use the money for something else. I had a look at some of what else they had for sale, but mostly I just wanted the flute since it’s not available on AG’s Canadian website and the US website won’t ship to Canada. So now, when I go to the AG store in Seattle (guy said that’s where he and his wife bought the flute), I will be able to buy other things – like Fina, who they won’t ship to Canada and isn’t available on AG’s Canadian website either.

    • You got a lot of good stuff. I always feel bad when I hear the “too old” story, but I know I have gotten some great deals that way too. I didn’t realize that they had such a limited availability on some things in Canada, I wonder why that is?

      • I don’t know, but Josefina (and all her collection) are not available on at all and even when I ordered Ysabeau last fall off (before they launched the .ca), Josefina said right under her picture “This item does not ship to Canada”. And that sucks so much because I really want Josefina (and maybe some of her collection)…so at some point I will have to go hit the AG store in Seattle and bring her home to me. None of the musical instruments (flute, guitar, violin) ship to Canada or are available on the Canadian website either. There are others, but those are things that I really want and drool over periodically, so they are the ones I remember.

        I will say that it is too bad that the dolls are not more poseable because neither Beau nor Leonie can actually hold the flute to their lips. The flute, though…is amazing. So detailed and the little case for it is the cutest thing ever…oh and the teeny tiny fingering charts and book with real, scaled down sheet music. The music stand is a bit “tippy”. I may be doing some minor tweaking with clear elastics or wire or something to get to stay in place better, but that is a very minor thing, especially given that it is second hand and the whole set is intact (I wonder how many of those tiny little music books and fingering charts got lost….they are both around the size of a playing card)

  4. Aww, I kinda miss the days when collecting Beanie Babies was super popular. XD Those would be great for a ’90’s historical doll. And I’m thirding(?) the laptop idea! Great finds!

    • Yeah, a 90’s historical doll could have Beanie Babies, a Walkman, a Tamagotchi and a Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt! (a Zero one preferred) Or an obsession with New Kids On The Block!

  5. Well, I haven’t been thrift store shopping in awhile, but it was never that great in my area anyway. But I’ve already had things that I could repurpose in my boy (doll) Danny’s new room. The mini figures from the “Busy Books” make great dolls or action figures for dolls. I’m a Star Trek fan and had mini ships w/ stands from Micro Machines that made great models for Danny’s room. Hallmark ornaments are great for dolls! Lunchboxes, Hot Wheels car cases, record players, and radios from Hallmark are all doll sized! And don’t forget about Happy Meal prizes. Many of them are doll sized too!

    • Oh dear, Micro Machines. I have a “Back To The Future” set stored away, I’m doing my best to keep from ripping it open for my girls. Love Happy Meal toys, they are probably my favorite since they are so inexpensive.

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