Doll Sized Finds: Perhaps I should stay out of Walmart!

Sorry for being MIA recently, it’s been kind of nutty around here. Not like I don’t have enough going on to begin with, but then there’s this little thing that has been nicknamed the “Pollen Tsunami”. Every year as spring approaches, they warn us that the pollen and allergies are going to be worse than ever, but I don’t usually see a huge difference. This year they were right and while the allergy meds I take have done a good job of keeping me from sneezing and itching, the one thing they can’t overcome is the feeling tired that comes from having ones immune system go into overdrive. I went to bed at 8:30 two nights in a row I was so tired between allergies and everything else. Plus I feel like a space cadet, I’ll be glad when it’s done. Our cars are covered with pollen, the streets are covered, I’ve never seen it quite this bad. Last night I ran to Dairy Queen (yum!) and the streets near it look like they have been snowed on. Crazy! Ah, the joys of living in the Northeast.

I did manage to get myself to Walmart this morning, I needed a few grocery items that they don’t carry at my usual grocery store. Of course, while I was there I had to check out a few OTHER things, and let me just say that this was a good morning. Or should I say bad? (at least for my wallet, good for Walmart’s bottom line!)

I realized that Kit hasn’t been my model for a while, so she’s going to do the job. She was super excited to try everything on. First stop was the infants department to see if they had any cute preemie sized clothes that would work. Our Walmart usually is pretty picked over, but for once, I was the lucky winner. They had several footed pj’s, but I passed on those as we have more than enough and warm weather is coming. I was looking for summer type clothing, and I happened on these two 3 piece sets:
walmart 1
Each set included a pair of capri type pants, a top and a matching onesie. I’m going to cut the onesies off like I’ve done before to make t-shirts.

Here is Kit in the first one:
walmart 2     walmart 3

She was nice enough to volunteer to hold up the onesie too so everyone could get a better look at it.  I think this is so cute, and the sizing was really very good, the only issue is the pants are just a little loose in the waist and go up a little further than normal since they are technically made to fit over a diaper (think “grandpa” pants!).  Everything is 100% cotton though, so I suspect a trip through the washer and dryer would remedy that if it really bugged you.  That is another thing that I do like about buying baby clothing and adapting it, most of it is easy to launder.

On to outfit number two–I thought this was so cute on the hanger, and once I put it on her, oh my!

walmart 4 walmart 5

Is that not totally adorable?!?!?! Kit also was nice enough to hold up the onesie for this one too.  I definitely think that this one is my favorite of the two, but I like them both a lot.  At $8.94 for each set, I think they are well worth the money, I can’t think of much you can buy in any of the doll clothing lines that would cost that little.

On to the toy department!  Our Walmart is very hit and miss on the My Life As items, but they seem to have recently restocked.  They had quite a few things that I hadn’t seen for a while, or had seen at all.  I did finally decide to spring for one item that I had seen there before and was glad to see back in stock:

walmart 6

Kit was beyond thrilled to get to be the first to try out this little scooter.  I’m impressed with how well it fits the doll, especially since it’s made for a different brand.  Only $12.97 too, and well thought out, the steering wheel even turns just like it would on a real one.  I also liked this idea, although with Kit in her barefeet it didn’t work out so well:

walmart 7

I definitely think it would work better with shoes on the doll, it would fill in some of the space and make them more secure.  I’m really happy that I decided to get this though, I think it’s super cute!

Last but not least, I came across a My Life As Outfit that I couldn’t pass up.  Fingers crossed that it was going to fit because it was so darling.

walmart 8

It’s called the “Ruffled Turquoise Tankini & Coverup” set and includes a two piece swimsuit, coverup, flipflops and sunglasses for $9.97.  So, the big question is, does it fit????

walmart 9

It does!  Every bit of it!!!!

walmart 12

Here’s a shot of the back.  It wasn’t that difficult to get on at all.  My only complaint is the use of Velcro on this outfit, it kept getting caught on everything and I did end up with a couple of snags, argh!  I’m going to find whoever thought Velcro works on every piece of doll clothes and wrap them in a giant piece of it so they can’t ever escape!!!!

Anyhow, enough of my Velcro rant, here is Kit without the coverup on:

walmart 13

I don’t know if you can tell, but the sunglasses in my set are damaged.  Not terrible, and I don’t know if it happened in the process of my bringing them home since I had tossed all of this in the same bag, they could have gotten damaged from a hanger in the bag or the little scooter.  Not a big deal, I’m not that crazy about them anyhow and I have no shortage of doll sunglasses around here.  I just wanted to point that out so that if that is important to you, be careful!

walmart 11
If you look closely, you can see where they got bumped too hard in the right side of the photo.

walmart 10

The flipflops are darling!  The only issue I had is that they are rather smooth on the bottom, so it makes it difficult to stand, especially on a slick surface like this countertop.  I am tempted to trace them onto a piece of white foam, cut it out and glue it to the bottom so that they aren’t quite so slippery.  I was impressed with how they fit though.

Overall I’m very pleased with what I purchased, and can’t wait to cut those onesies off to turn into t-shirts, it will give both of those outfits another option.

Hoping to get another post up later this week if all goes well. Next week: Evil Twin and I are off to Columbus to the American Girl store there. We are going a couple of days ahead of the new releases, so I will be sure to share any “scoop” I might come across. Cassandra is going to get her ears pierced and either Zoee or Nancy are too-they both were going to have it done, but now one of them is not too sure about it. Can you guess which one is definitely getting hers done?

And to all of the mom’s, pet mom’s and dollie mom’s: Happy Mother’s Day too!!!


8 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds: Perhaps I should stay out of Walmart!

  1. Great finds! I love the pink and white striped capri outfit. We enjoy looking for newborn outfits at rummages, but you never can tell if it’s going to work out. For .50 though we usually take the chance!

    • I know what you mean, there definitely seems to be some size variance in brands on newborn outfits, I have a dress I bought last year that is a perfect example of that. I am still trying to decide on how I want to remake/alter it. However, when you get a good deal, it is definitely worth the chance!

  2. Hey, groovy finds! Those outfits are too cute. And I love the scooter! So now Alya can skate, and Kit can ride her scooter and Rebecca can ride her bike outside, like that girl on that 70s blog? What’s her name, again? (LOL!)

    • We have a skateboard too, so it will be a regular ride-a-palooza! Yeah, what was that girl’s name–Janice? Jackie? LOL!!!

  3. Great finds! I love the outfits. I can never seem to find preemie or newborn stuff I like at our Walmart, but the local consignment shop is another story. I found 5 white, long sleeve, wrap tee shirts (snap closures) for $1 each! I have to go back to see if I can find more like that for new camp tee shirts. 😉

    The scooter is great.

    I completely agree about that darn Velcro. It’s a pain when it snags on the clothes but my biggest issues is snagging in the doll hair! Kaya and Kirsten’s braids were beautiful until I started changing their clothes more often. now they are rag tag. Kaya’s have been rebraided already, but I’m putting off Kirsten as long as possible. I’ve watched the tutorials on YouTube and still can’t get her one braid loop back in place. have two out of whack will drive me nuts more than frizzy braids.

    • Good finds! Preemie stuff around here is so hard to find, I don’t know why. The only thing I can figure is that there is someone (or several someone’s) who beat me to most of it.

      Argh, that would drive me nuts with the braids too!

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