My Life As Sofa & Pull Out Bed

I was in Walmart Monday and came across something I hadn’t seen in person, but just had to get! It was the My Life As Sofa & Pull Out Bed. My dollhouse is slightly deficient in seating and we can always use an extra bed. I was very excited to find it because I hadn’t run across it in any of the Walmart stores I had been in. Once again, I can’t help but wonder what the heck is going on with the distribution of their items, it’s almost as bad as Our Generation and Target!

Here it is in the package:
chair 1

I barely had it out of the package when Marie-Grace jumped in it. She says it’s very comfy!
chair 2

It appears to be well made, the fabric isn’t super high quality but durable enough for hours of play. I wouldn’t exactly call it a sofa, or even a love seat, it’s more of an oversized chair. Oh well.

It easily opens up to be made in to a bed: (like my plants?  Can’t wait for tomatoes and peppers!)
chair 3

Nice, except whoever designed this obviously didn’t think this through. Yes, I realize that this is for dolls, but I’m a stickler for details. The last section folds the wrong way so there is this gigantic hump! I sure as heck wouldn’t want to sleep on it. Thank heavens dolls are a bit less particular.
chair 4

The length is good on it as a bed though, and the little pillow in the shape of a butterfly is very cute. Overall I think it was a good buy.
chair 5

I did get a chuckle out of the photos on the back of the box, they don’t show it opened up completely. Hmmmm, wonder why?!?!?!
chair 6

So you ask, how much is it? WELL, that’s where things get a bit confusing. Walmart does something with their pricing (particularly with toys) that drives me bananas. Their prices online don’t match their in-store prices. GRRRR!!!! I paid $12.97 for this in store, but if I had ordered it online, it would have been $9.97. Crazy huh?

Overall, I even think at the higher price it is a good deal, and still way cheaper than the similar one that American Girl is selling. All I need is a little blanket to go with it and my girls are set!

10 thoughts on “My Life As Sofa & Pull Out Bed

  1. It’s cute, but that bump has got to go. And the armrests laying down look kinda weird…like you’re sleeping on a giant butterfly!

    • Yeah, I thought the way it laid looked kind of odd too. Maybe they are trying to keep with the whole butterfly theme? LOL 🙂

  2. I saw this in Quakertown in December and haven’t seen it again. You’re right on about the distribution of things. Pennsburg has a decent My Life As selection if you can find it all…3 different locations. Harleysville doesn’t carry any My Life As – none.

    Thank you for the review. With that nasty hump I probably wouldn’t completely unfold it, but it looks like a great, comfy chair for reading and watching TV and, of course, drinking tea. 😉

  3. Love the baby seedlings!
    The chair seems a good price for an extra seat and bed. Marie Grace is adorable in her argyle.
    Then the chair is extended into a bed it reminds me of when they convert chairs into “beds” for hospital guests. 😃

    • I can’t wait for them to get bigger so I can get them outside in their planters. Got my soil yesterday. 🙂

      The argyle I just had to have, I originally saw that outfit over on Xyra’s blog and was very excited to find it.

      Geesh, I must have family that ends up at the wrong hospitals, they never did that for us!

  4. I tried to find a tutorial to post on how to make your own chair and COULDN’T find one. I might have to make one…I have made flip chairs that fold out into beds as gifts using foam and fabric I had around the house that fold flatter than the MLA one. I don’t think the MLA one is a bad deal but if I had to choose between that and the bed for play factor, I’d pick the bed ( because it’s stackable for bunk beds or could be a sofa by day too but I have SO much furniture that I do not need more!

    I used a dog bed to make a sofa (doesn’t flip) once. Pet beds can be good “hack” sources for doll furniture too. In my case, the dog bed matched the two flip chairs my daughter had (as gifts) from AG already. We also have the pink flip chair from Springfield (also a gift).

    This side pieces on the MLA chair are a little odd when it’s unfolded too…

    • You and I must be on the same wavelength because I thought about making one myself. I can’t imagine it would be that difficult, I’m going to have to look really closely at the one AG sells when I out there. The MLA bunk bed is cute, but like you, no more room for beds at the moment!

      Dog beds-yes, I can see where they would work well too. I actually looked at this one from this set to use as a sofa:

      The MLA chair looks like it’s going to “take off”, maybe I need to buy an Aladdin doll for it. 🙂

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