Doll Sized Finds–some good finds!

The last couple of weeks have yielded some interesting doll-sized finds in a variety of places. I’m not finding a lot at any one place or any one time, just a little bit here and there. It all adds up though, and when I started working on this post, I was even surprised myself at how much I had found.

I had an errand running day close to home. I decided to stop at TJMaxx where I found some of the most delicious fudge (I wish they had more, but they don’t 😦 ) and also these two cute little plates. I’m not sure what their real purpose is, I’m thinking maybe melted butter for lobster? Regardless, I was super psyched to see these, I recently bought some doll food that doesn’t fit well in the plates I have and these were just the right size!
goodies 1

I love the little sea horse and sea turtle logo on these, I can just picture doll sized “surf and turf” served on them, can’t you? Here they are with the doll food I mentioned, perfect. 🙂
goodies 2
These were a little pricey at $1.99 each, but they were exactly what I was needing, so I didn’t worry about that. Doll food is from Dolly’s Dining Room.

From there I went to the Salvation Army. I do have to say that the thrift stores around here still haven’t recovered from the horrible winter. I’m hopeful that once yard sale season gets into full swing we will see an increase in items available. I only found one thing, only 99 cents. It was brand new too, it still had all of the original stickers on it.
goodies 3
When I was growing up my mom had a large collection of jars like these in various shapes and sizes. She used them for storing beans, noodles and other dried items. This one is a perfect mini version of the ones she had, and I thought it would be a nice addition to my doll kitchen or in the Broke Girl Bakery. I decided to put my OG scones from the tea set in it to see how it looked, I think it works very well.
goodies 4

Last stop for the day–Dollar Tree. I didn’t find much, but I did come across something that surprised me. I’ve seen this on many doll blogs, but they are usually posts from a while back, they haven’t been in the stores for quite a while.
goodies 5
In case you haven’t seen these, they are candles with coffee colored wax in them. They are lightly scented as well. I think they are a little large, but you just have to pretend that they are like those mugs from “Friends”.
goodies 6
A picture of Kit relaxing, enjoying her morning “joe”. (I promise, she doesn’t do this often!)  I need to burn the wick down in it and let the wax resettle, it looks rather crystalized at the moment, not very realistic.  I think it will look better after I do that and trim the wick flush with the wax.

My next shopping adventure was to Pittsburgh, I had to take my husband to meet the rest of his group for a business trip.  Since I was already in the area, I decided to head to my favorite thrift store in the world, Red White & Blue.  It was a horrible let down 😦  They are suffering from the same problem the thrift stores around here are, I don’t remember the last time I saw so little.  I bought three things–two neckties for my husband and this:

goodies 7

I’ve seen a lot of these in thrift stores but they are usually beat up with broken areas in them.  They had four of them, and after looking them over carefully, decided on this one, it was in perfect condition.  $4.95–I didn’t think that was horrible, and I am just starting to pick up things for Alya’s room.  Won’t it look cute with a blanket draped over it?

Kit just had to try it out!

goodies 8

She says it’s very comfy.  My only complaint (and this is more with the doll than with the chair) is that when you sit a doll in it, it looks rather awkward since their knee joints don’t bend.  Oh well.  Otherwise, it is in proportion with other things I have.  Does anyone remember what these were originally sold for?  I’m thinking they came with a plant arrangement on them sitting on the seat?

goodies 9
On the way home I stopped at Target. Of course I HAD to look at that dangerous section at the front of the store with all the cool dollar items. I found this!
goodies 10
And it was only $1!!! It will be perfect in the bakery and even when it’s not being used there, I think it will be a fun addition to the doll house. The easel is very well made, it would be perfect for someone wanting to re-create Saige’s painting set.

A few nights ago I ventured to TJMaxx again. In addition to getting what I went for (pillows) I found not one but two really awesome things for Alya’s bedroom.

goodies 11
I’d been keeping my eyes open for some of those cute Punch Studio boxes like I found at the thrift store a while ago, but I hadn’t seen any until this trip. This particular style came in four different designs: butterfly, Paris/Eiffel Tower, Roses and one I can’t remember. I picked this one because it was somewhat neutral. I have another brooch box from them with butterflies all over it, this pattern reminded me a lot of that, and I liked the neutral tones in it.
goodies 12
These are really sturdy and well made, I was especially impressed with the fact that the crystal drawer pulls aren’t just glued on, they are held in place with screws. I think the front of these have a very oriental feel to them, and even if I decide to cover the top and the sides, I will leave the fronts as is because I think they look very realistic. I especially love the “legs” on these, probably the reason I chose this one over the other designs. At $7.99 it wasn’t super cheap, but remember, I also got two bars of soap with it!
goodies 13

Lastly, I found this in the clearance section for $8:
goodies 14
Yes, it’s a dresser tray, and in case you are scratching your head, I’m not going to use it that way, I’m going to use it THIS way:
goodies 15
Stand it on end and it’s a cute little shelving unit! I’m not wild about the green backdrop, I may cover that with some scrapbooking paper, but otherwise I think it’s ideal for displaying all of Alya’s little toys, purses, etc.

Now that I’ve found all this fun stuff, I guess it’s time to get to work on Alya’s bedroom.  I have the material already for her bedding, I’ll be working on that and the tutorial to go along with that, I will probably start posting that in June.

What have you found recently?

14 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds–some good finds!

  1. Great finds! Love the chair…very Golden Girls :). Can you imagine if AG started making more articulated versions of some of their dolls? How good would that be. 🙂

  2. Hey those are cool! I have the same lasanga set, but mine has salad. The chair is cool too, but reminds me more of Morticia Addams! LOL! And I found some cool Kleenex box couch covers to use as easy chairs for my dolls. I have a Peanuts gang room that looks outta site in Danny’s room. (still working on that!)

  3. More great finds! My happiest find this weekend was the little bags my sister brought over full of “extra” buttons that came with her clothes. They’re perfect snack and sandwich bags for my doll food. 🙂

  4. Great finds!

    I found a chair like that recently and love it! Didn’t even think of Morticia, but loved her!

    Am bookmarking the Dolly Dining Room! Their food looks great!

    • Did you post the chair on your blog? Reason I ask is I remember seeing one posted somewhere not too long ago, but couldn’t remember where!

      Dolly’s Dining Room food is beyond cute, she is an artist. There are several pieces of cake in my “Surprise” post that came from there as well, and the tossed salad I bought (I’ve not shown it) makes me hungry every time I look at it. I have some other items picked out that I want to get.

  5. Also loved the chair, and yes it reminded me of Morticia Addams also. All you need is a Gomez to be standing alongside your doll. The last time we stopped at TJMaxx together ( this was awhile back), I purchased a similar little chest in tourquoise blue with butterflies on it. It also contained 2 bars of soap. I love it, but it just sits around collecting dust like so much of my stuff. The food on the plates looks so real, it is amazing what those people can do with a bit of sculpy clay, or resin.

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