Alya’s stuff arrives!

When Alya found out she was coming here to live, she didn’t have much time to get packed. Her parents had also just gotten word that her dad’s job was transferring him to Italy from London. Since they were going to be packing things up anyhow and it’s so expensive to take much on a plane, they told Alya that she just needed to take what she absolutely needed with her and they would ship the rest. Yesterday she was so excited, she’d gotten an email telling her that her things would be arriving! She couldn’t wait to get home from school.

When Alya, Kit and Cassandra walked in to the house, there were two great big boxes sitting in the laundry room.
Alyas stuff 1

“Wow” exclaimed Kit, “those are some HUGE boxes!” Alya responded “If you could give me a hand with these, I would really appreciate it.”
Alyas stuff 2

They opened the first box. “Oh good, all of my toys, bags and other stuff!” said Alya. “You guys have all been great about letting me borrow stuff, but it sure will be nice to have my own things.”
Alyas stuff 3

“Oh great, my roller skates!” exclaimed Alya. Kit replied “hey, it will be cool now that you have those, you can come along with me when I go on my skateboard, and Rebecca can bring her bike. It will be just like on that blog we read about that girl from the 70’s–you know, Julie?”
Alyas stuff 4

Then she pulled out a stuffed animal. “Hey Cassandra, it has a camera around it’s neck.” “Oh wow, that is really neat!” said Cassandra.

Alyas stuff 5

“Oh thank heavens, my backpack.  I can’t believe I forgot to bring that with me, duh!”

Alyas stuff 6

There were all sorts of things in the box:  a rubber duck, a notebook, an mp3 player, some purses, a giant Minnie Mouse puzzle that she got at Disneyland Paris.  It seemed like the box had everything!

Alyas stuff 7

The girls helped her move the box to the living room so she could open the second box.  “Oh good, the rest of my clothes!”

Alyas 8 Alyas stuff 8

Kit pulled something out of the box.  “What’s this?” she asked.  “That is my number from a marathon I ran in with both of my parents before we moved to London.  It was to raise money for a cancer center.”  “That’s really cool, I didn’t know you were a runner,” said Kit.  “Maybe you can go out for cross country in the fall?”

Alyas stuff 9

“Yay, my favorite hat!”

Alyas stuff 10

When they got to the bottom of the box of clothes, there was a package wrapped in purple paper with a note attached.

Alyas stuff 11

It read “Dear Alya, We went to Paris one last time & picked up a few things we thought you would like.  Enjoy! Love Mom & Dad”.

“I wonder what in the world it could be?” questioned Alya.  “We went to Paris a couple of times from London, I just loved it there.  It could be anything!”

She opened the package and let out a big squeal!

Alyas stuff 12 Alyas stuff 13

In the package there was a tote bag with the Eiffel Tower on it and a t-shirt that said “Paris” on it.  “Those are awesome!” said Kit and Cassandra.

There was also a silver box in the package as well.

Alyas stuff 14

When Alya opened it up, she couldn’t believe her eyes!

Alyas stuff 15

It was a necklace of the Eiffel Tower, just like her mom bought when they were there last fall.  “Now every time I wear it, I will think of her!”

All of a sudden Alya went running out of the room carrying the t-shirt, the necklace and a pair of shorts with her.  Kit and Cassandra thought maybe something was wrong, but in a few minutes she returned.

Alya 16

“TA-DA!  What do you guys think?”

“I think it looks great!” responded Cassandra.  “You know I love sharing a room with you until yours is finished cuz, but exactly what are we going to do with all of this stuff?”  Then Cassandra, Alya and Kit burst out laughing.

Alyas stuff 16

In case you are curious, the Paris bag, t-shirt and the denim shorts came from Etsy seller If Dolls Could Dream. She has a number of things with a Paris theme, be sure to check them out!


16 thoughts on “Alya’s stuff arrives!

  1. You know I’m sitting here laughing, right? I love ya. hun! And Julie has that same puzzle! She got it for Easter a couple of years ago. Tell Alya I’m glad her stuff came and I can’t wait to see it in her new space!

    • Liked my little shameless plug, eh?? LOL That’s funny that Julie has the same puzzle! Alya and Cassandra are going to be sharing a room for a little while longer, I’ve got too many irons in the fire at the moment. I’m petitioning for a 48 hour day. 😉

  2. Cute photos! I can’t even imagine how fun it would be to receive such wonderful treats from Paris. :). The Bitty Baby outfit looks so cute on Kit! 🙂

  3. How did I miss this post? You kind of fooled me on the first picture… I couldn’t tell for sure if it was your own clothes washer or a doll washer!
    The Paris tote bag is amazing. So glad Alya has all of her necessities.

    • Now that’s funny! I did cringe though at the second pic with the human sized electric outlet, I need to make a cute little laundry room picture to hang over it that’s easy to remove, I have plans on using that outlet to illuminate the dollhouse.

      I love Maggie’s tote bags, her stuff is just beautifully made. She’s the same person I got Rebecca’s skating bag from, she does such nice work. And she’s a super nice person too!

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