Doll sized finds: It’s all “relative”

It’s bad enough when you are totally addicted to collecting things for your dolls. It doesn’t help matters when you have family members who enable your addiction–just kidding!!! My niece works for a deep discount, off-price retail chain, and sees some cool stuff come through her store. Recently she came across something she thought I would be interested in, and was she ever right! She sent me a text and I was so excited! 🙂

So what did she find?
relative 1   relative 4
These are Madame Alexander Favorite Friends sets. On the left is the Fun and Funky accessory set, I did have a photo of it before I took it out of the box, but accidentally hit a wrong button and **poof** it was gone, so this will have to suffice. On the right is the Techno Girl accessory set, and the Urban Garden set. These are no longer available on the Madame Alexander website, the boxes are dated 2013. Madame Alexander sets usually sell for between $15 – $30 each (sometimes even more depending on what is included). These were only $9.99 each! We both wondered if the shoes would fit AG dolls or not, but even at this price, it was worth taking a chance on.

Here is Abby modeling the Fun and Funky set:
relative 2

As you can see from this poor photo, the shoes fit great!
relative 3
One thing I do want to say is that the glasses in the Techno Girl accessory set are a bit on the big side for most of the AG dolls–except dolls made from the Josefina mold (Rebecca, Julie, Grace). It’s a common complaint that the dolls made from that face mold can’t wear the AG glasses well or at all, but these ones fit Rebecca perfectly.

relative 7
Both pairs of shoes fit AG dolls, the t-shirts fit fine, the only thing that was iffy was the skirt and it fits, it’s just really close, and really only where it closes. I may change it a little so it’s easier, the waistband is just grosgrain ribbon so it shouldn’t be hard to fix.

The fun didn’t end there though. My niece is a huge Barbie collector and she said that she had something else for me, she had purchased it thinking it would work for her Barbie display. Once she got it home, she realized that it was too big, but thought perhaps it would be the right size for 18″ dolls.
relative 5  relative 6
Isn’t this music stand cool? It’s short, so the girls will have to set it on a table top to use it but otherwise the size is perfect. I haven’t decided if I’m going to paint it a different color or leave it as is, but I was super excited to get this as this is one thing we don’t have to go along with our assortment of music instruments.

Kind of nice when someone else finds goodies for your dolls. 😉

11 thoughts on “Doll sized finds: It’s all “relative”

    • I think it helps that some of them are crazy doll people too! That stand is really sturdy too, now I need to find some sheet music to shrink for on it.

  1. You’re lucky, my family thinks I’m bananas, and depsite the fact that they live in Seattle, I can’t even get an AG gift card out of any of them! Those are great finds!

  2. Love these finds! The outfits are adorable and the music stand is perfect. I need one for Kaya so she can properly practice her cello.

    I’ve had issues with some of the OG glasses not fitting the AG girls well. It’s a major bummer when a really cute pair can’t even work as a headband because the frames are too wide and the arms too loose.

    • I’ve not had any problems with OG ones yet, but that’s good to know. The best fitting ones I have (which you frequently see on Cassandra) came from of all places, Cracker Barrel!

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