“In The Swim”: Springfield Collection Swimsuit & Sarong, Springfield Collection Navy Polka Dot Swimsuit and Our Generation “Having A Ball” set

Recently I showed you where I picked up two hand towels to use as beach towels for my dolls. I plan on making tote bags and flip flops, but I only had one bathing suit. It’s no fun to go swimming by yourself, I wanted at least a second suit so that two girls could go together. Sure, I have the freebie swimsuit pattern from PixieFaire, but I’m going to make a confession here: I HATE sewing spandex knit material. I’m not a fan of sewing knits to begin with, I’ll do it, but I won’t be happy about it, especially with doll clothes and tiny seams. Hmmm…

I didn’t like the new store exclusive swimsuit that AG came out with this year, not nearly as cute as the last one. I did like the one they just came out with in the spring collection, but the price is just too much for all the more material that is involved. I looked on Etsy, saw some cute stuff, but still wasn’t sold. For some reason I was poking around the Springfield Collection website and came across the one they had–that’s it!!! I thought it was cute, their stuff is usually nicely made, and very reasonably priced. Fingers crossed I would run across one somewhere.

I needed some craft supplies, and while I was at my local store, I decided to check, they carry some Springfield stuff, but not everything. They had it!!! And it was only $7.99, I thought that was more than reasonable since it wasn’t just the suit, but the sarong that goes with it.

Swimsuit 1
I think the fit is really nice on this, whoever designed it did a very good job. It was super easy to get on the doll too, no struggling or anything. I think the sarong is a nice addition too.
Swimsuit 2
Fit around the legs is good too, no struggles. Best part is I have a small piece of pink gingham fabric that will be perfect to make a matching tote for it!
Swimsuit 3
Here’s a view from the back, very simple, just ties around the neck like a real swimsuit would. Plenty of material to tie too, not skimpy at all.
I give this set an A++–made well, fits well, priced at a reasonable price. I like it so much that I hope Springfield comes out with it in a couple of different colors, I’d buy them all!

Springfield also makes another swimsuit called the Navy Polka Dot Swimsuit. I managed to find it at a Joann’s store in another town, our store is too small and they don’t carry any Springfield Collection items. 😦 Luckily I had a coupon, so instead of paying $9.99, it only cost me $6.99-yay!

swim 1

To say this suit was disappointing is putting it mildly.  First off, it was extremely difficult to get on the doll.  I actually was concerned that it was going to rip at one point, it was just strangely made.  The fit was very poor too, that surprised me a lot because my other experiences with Springfield Collection clothing on AG dolls has been very, very good.  😦

Here is the back, it closes around the neck with Velcro.  Unfortunately, because of the way it is cut, it doesn’t lay nicely most of the time.  It tends to roll too.

swim 3

Under the front of the skirt fits fairly well, slightly skimpy, but not horrid.

swim 4

The back however was another story–YIKES!

swim 5

You can see from the other photos that the suit is on correctly, so this is just a failure in the cut.  Thank heavens for the skirt or Cassandra would be exposing her butt cheeks to the whole world.

It came with a towel as well:

swim 2“You call THIS a towel?!?!?!?!”

The towel was barely hand towel sized.  Cassandra was less than impressed with this outfit, and so was I.  The only plus was that I had a coupon.  I give this swimsuit a D.  Back to the drawing board guys!

When Target was running the 30% off sale on their Our Generation items, I happened to have a trip to an area where there was a Target store. I really didn’t expect to find much and truthfully, it was already pretty picked over. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find yet another swimsuit that came with some adorable accessories as well. It is part of their $12.99 collection and with the sale, I got it for $9.09. I can handle that! The set is called “Having a Ball” and includes the swimsuit, sandals, sunglasses, a towel and an inflatable beach ball. Too cute! I had been thinking that a beach ball was going to be an essential item in my beach collection, now I don’t have to go looking for it.

og swim 5

Abby looks so cute, don’t you think?

og swim 1

It was a little difficult to get on.  The problem is because it’s made of two different fabrics and when they sewed them together, they didn’t use elastic thread and/or a stitch that works well for knit fabrics.  ARGH!  I hope it holds up, I don’t know how it will do if it is taken off, put on, taken off, put on.  It might not be as big of a problem on an OG doll since they are slimmer.  At least I know how to sew if it does come apart, as long as it doesn’t rip too badly.

The view from the back:og swim 2

Overall it fits nicely, good coverage.  Anyone have any good ideas on how to disguise doll strings??

Aren’t these sandals the cutest?

og swim

Only one problem-the way they are designed and because it’s an OG outfit and OG dolls have smaller feet, I couldn’t get them on her without a “minor” alteration:

og swim 3

Yeah, I had to cut through the red band.  Otherwise, they fit great.  I’m debating on removing that band completely and either leave it off, or replace it with a red ribbon, I could either tie it or put a bit of Velcro on it.  I haven’t decided just yet, I have a little bit of time before beach season arrives.  I still think they are the cutest sandals I’ve seen in ages.  I have noticed in recent outfits that OG has really upped the cuteness factor in their shoes.

Abby is all ready to go to the beach now.  She’s such a ham!

og swim 4

“Now THIS is a towel!”

I give this swimsuit a B+.  The only reason I can’t give it an A is the way the two pieces are sewn together, that to me is a major fail.  Otherwise, it is cute as heck and I definitely think even at the $12.99 price point, well worth the price, especially with the accessories it comes with.

I also broke down and bought a shirt to cut up that I think will make a cute swimsuit, a project for later.  In addition, I found an infant’s swimsuit at Dollar Tree of all places in a pattern that I love, so that will also be made in to another suit. I have several ideas, I guess I need to get busy. I’ve also discovered some cute suits from one of my favorite Etsy sellers so if my attempt at making them turns in to a disaster, I know where to go.  Summer’s going to be here soon!


11 thoughts on ““In The Swim”: Springfield Collection Swimsuit & Sarong, Springfield Collection Navy Polka Dot Swimsuit and Our Generation “Having A Ball” set

    • I got it several weeks ago, didn’t see anymore like it when I was at Target yesterday. I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those things we see off and on over the summer. That MLA suit is cute, I’ll be curious to see how it fits.

  1. I have that same pink Springfield swimsuit. I also have one older exclusive AG bikini, and the rest of the suits are Etsy specials. I like the OG suit, except for the rosettes. Not sure I like that it’s 2 different fabrics though. I have to get another suit for Shante’, Boy outfitting 16 dolls is a big job!

    • I’m on the fence over the rosettes. I can’t imagine having to dress that many, 7 is bad enough! Mine do a ton of clothes sharing too since most of them all live in the same house LOL.

      • Mine share clothes, too, except for swimsuits and Christmas dresses (and the boys’ suits), oh, and Julie’s David Cassidy t-shirt. She says NO ONE gets to wear that! LOL!

  2. Wow, too bad about the polka-dot suit…it’s so cute in the photos, but it’s nice to hear an honest review. Total wedgie! The OG one is adorable on Abby. BTW, all of your dolls are so pretty. I had one of the MyAG Jess molds on my wishlist, but I was on the fence about wanting to get the shorter or longer haired ones, but your photos of Cassandra I think sold me on the shorter haired one:) Happy weekend!

    • Yeah, I’m not going to mince words on some of these clothes just because they are cute. This was one of the main reasons I started this blog, I think that everyone needs to know these kinds of things. I always wonder how many doll clothes end up in the trash because a child or a parent got frustrated trying to get it off/on a doll. Or it fell apart, ripped, etc. I have a top to an old meet outfit that is the epitome of annoying, I’m sure there were a lot of curse words said over it!

      Cassandra has wonderful hair, but so does Alya. They both have a different texture though, Cassandra’s seems to have more body. I was torn too, I decided on the short haired one after I saw them both at the AG store. It was all downhill from there LOL

  3. About the strings on the AG dolls….. don’t cut them, but with a bamboo or metal skewer you can poke them down into the doll’s body. If you ever need to remove the head later, you can fish the strings back out with a crochet hook. Makes for a nicer display doll and is easier to play with too.

  4. I have that pink Springfield bathing suit and a different Springfield navy blue polka dot one! I just got them recently (40% coupon for one and I had a 20% off my entire purchase coupon that covered the other one). The blue one I have has a lot more fabric in the butt than yours does and is a two piece with a solid navy blue bottom and a blue-with-white dots tank top, which pulls over the head (it also didn’t come with a towel). It looks adorable on Leonie and I think the bottoms (since mine doesn’t have the skirt) probably would work for a boy doll too since I have plans to get a second Leonie to turn into a brother for the girls.

    Beau claimed the pink gingham one on sight haha.

    Same day E and I went to Toys R Us and I got the Journey Girls Epic Summer set (which is totally worth it and all the main items are very well made). Once my camera is working again, I will be doing a review of the whole beach haul.

    • I’ve seen that other swim suit on blogs, but have had no luck finding it here. I wondered why you hadn’t posted on your blog for a while, gotta get the camera going again, I want to see your goodies!

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