Easter Monday (or recovering from the sugar rush!)

The girls didn’t have school on Monday so Abby and Zara came over to play. They brought the toys that the Easter Bunny gave them along, so we decided to get photos of everyone.

Easter Monday
Abby, Cassandra and Marie-Grace each got a Barbie doll. Cassandra also got a Barbie car, Marie-Grace got a horse and Abby got a guitar for her doll. I see lots of Barbie play around here in the coming months!

Easter Monday 1  Easter Monday 2
Kit got this cute hat that looks like a leopard. She absolutely loved it, she even wanted to sleep in it!

Easter Monday 3
Zara, Rebecca and Alya all got great big stuffed bunnies. They won’t forget the Easter Bunny with these around! Alya was especially excited, right now she doesn’t have any of her toys because they are still on their way here from London. She gave him a great big hug!
Easter Monday 4

The Easter Bunny also left something for all of the girls to share: An Apples to Apples Junior Game! You can imagine how hard everyone laughed when Abby and Zara showed up with theirs too. I see an Apples to Apples tournament in the near future!
Easter Monday 5

Easter Monday 6

I hope everyone had a terrific Easter! Did the Easter Bunny bring you something special? When I was growing up, if it was time to get a new bicycle, we always got them at Easter. My favorite thing about Easter though is all the candy, I love all the ones that are only available at Easter time: Peeps, Cadbury Mini Eggs, Solid eggs with different fillings (my fave is Crispy!)–so many to choose from. What is your favorite Easter candy?

10 thoughts on “Easter Monday (or recovering from the sugar rush!)

  1. Hey! It sounds like all kinds of fun at your house! Julie and her friends were out of school last week, so the Monday after Easter, they went back to school. I have one of those same Barbies, but I’m not happy w/ the arms not moviing, like Julie’s other Barbies, but I wanted that car! We had plenty of Easter candy last Sunday when the gang came over to watch “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, and “Godspell”. We had jellybeans, chocolate eggs and white chocolate bunnies! We don’t care very much for Peeps. (that might have something to do w/ me seeing one of those things in a microwave and watching it explode! poor little thing!)

  2. Yeah, I was surprised at the arms not moving either, not sure what was up with that! I’m sure the Peep in the microwave made a nice sticky mess too. We didn’t have much of an Easter break around here due to the fact that we missed so much school for snow. Just Good Friday and the Monday after. Hopefully next year we’ll have a longer break.

  3. Very cute…I still can’t get over how stunning Alya is. 🙂 Love the mini-Apples to Apples game. That’s a fam-favorite out our family get togethers!

    • You can imagine how excited I was to come across those at our Walmart, they were in the Easter basket stuffers. I should have opened one of them up too for this, I figured the cards were the size of the box which would have been okay, but turns out there are two stacks in the box, they are exactly doll sized! It looks like a fun game, I read the instructions, my own problem is the cards are so tiny, I would have to wear my glasses to play it! LOL

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