Down on the Farm

Zoee and Nancy came to visit on Good Friday and didn’t head back home until Easter Sunday morning. Saturday was a kind of messed up day because so many of the girls had other things going on. Rebecca and Alya were the only ones around, so they were trying to think of something for the four of them to do. Rebecca came up with a good idea–take the three of them to the farm down the road to see the animals and such. Alya hadn’t been there yet either, so everyone was excited. They hurried up and got dressed and headed off.

First off, Alya spotted the plants that the farmer has been growing, getting ready for the garden and to plant around the yard to make it pretty.
Farm 1

“Aren’t these rabbits cute?” she asked the other girls. “I just hope they don’t eat the plants!”

Then they went over to where the pigs were.

Farm 2

“Look at how little they are!” exclaimed Nancy.  “It’s hard to believe that they will get so big like those ones over there in the pen.”

“You know what’s fun when they are this size?” Rebecca asked Nancy.  “Sometimes you can catch them!”

Farm 3

“He’s adorable, or is it a she?” inquired Nancy.

Next they went to see the horses.  The big old horse, Butterscotch, was hanging out in the paddock.

Farm 6

“He’s huge!” said Alya.

Farm 4

“I wonder if we could ride him?” asked Nancy.

Farm 5

“No” said Rebecca.  “Not yet, it’s too early in the spring and he tends to be a little wild.  Maybe in a few weeks after the farmer has had time to work with him.”

Suddenly Rebecca realized that Zoee had been missing for a while from the group.  The girls decided to go looking for her.  They found her over near the chickens.

Farm 7

“Isn’t this the coolest chicken?” asked Zoee.  “They just got a whole crate full of peeps too, aren’t they cute?  And they got this new coop just for them!”

Farm 8 Farm 9

The little chicks ran over to the coop as soon as the crate was opened, they seemed to know it was their new home.  The girls stood there and talked for a little while, then suddenly realized that the chicks had disappeared!

Farm 10

“OH NO!!!!” yelled Rebecca.  So much for worrying about the rabbits getting in to the plants!


Later that night after everyone got home, Zara and Abby joined the girls for a sleepover since Nancy and Zoee would be going home in the morning. Marie-Grace entertained everyone with her guitar. She’s pretty good!
Party 1 

Party 2

Party 4

Zara, Nancy and Abby were getting something to eat.  “Look at all of these leftovers from our luncheon yesterday!” exclaimed Zara.  “We definitely got a little carried away, didn’t we?”

Upstairs Rebecca and Alya were talking.

Party 3

“I am soooooo tired,” said Alya.  “Chasing all those chicks really wore me out!”

“I know what you mean,” responded Rebecca.  “Those little things can really run!  At least they didn’t ruin the plants…too badly.”

The girls all had a fun weekend, they are looking forward to having Zoee and Nancy visit again soon.

8 thoughts on “Down on the Farm

  1. What cute animals! Reminds me of when this city girl, (me) went w/ her class all the way to upsate NY to go to “Old MacDonald’s Farm” on a field trip (twice) and got to see and touch the animals. Big thrill for a kid who thought wildlife was pigeons! LOL! Nice set-up Flo and Twinnie!

    • Thanks! I was thankful that ET was here to help me with this, my back is still irritated. We had fun doing it, she was surprised how quickly it went once we got things set up. She agreed that the worst part is getting everyone dressed! :LOL

    • That guitar is probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever bought from AG. The detail on it is amazing, and the case looks just like a real one, even on the inside. It was one of those “must have” purchases!

  2. Great set up, really liked what you did with the story line. Sent your blog address to Carolyn so she could see what we have been up to. Talked to her on Easter and she ask what I had done. The guitar looks so realistic. ET2

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