Easter was coming, and the girls here were getting very excited. First off, they were going to have some time off from school and everyone looks forward to that. Then of course, the Easter Bunny and Easter celebrations were something else to be happy about. But they were even more excited about the fact that their Aunt (Evil Twin) was coming to visit on Good Friday and her girls, Zoee (formerly “Other Kit”) and Nancy were coming along too!

“My gosh mom, are we ever going to get there?” asked Nancy.

“Soon, we are almost there!”

After what seemed like forever, they finally arrived:
“Finally, we are here!” exclaimed Nancy. “How does my dress look, I hope it didn’t get too squished in the ride!”

“It looks fine,” answered Zoee, “quit worrying.”

They couldn’t wait to meet everybody, but unbeknownst to them, the girls had something special planned.
Surprise 3


The girls had been busy for several days planning a surprise luncheon with lots of goodies for everyone to eat. Surprise 4 Here’s Zara with the wonderfully delicious chocolate chicks and eggs they served.

Surprise 5 Lots and lots of cake and treats to be had as well.

Surprise 6
Kit even got her frog puppet in to the act!

A good time was had by all! Before they started to eat, all of the girls wanted a group picture with everyone:

Surprise 1
Front Row: Zara, Zoee, Nancy, Marie-Grace Back Row: Cassandra, Abby, Rebecca, Alya and Kit

eggsHAPPY EASTER!!!eggs


11 thoughts on “Surprise!!

    • Thanks! Afterwards though, I realized that I forgot to put the forks on the table, they all had to root through the drawer. 😉

  1. Loved the way the pictures turned out, Story line was great. Didn’t we have fun doing this? Got to come up with another theme for May, perhaps “Lets Go to Columbus”, what do you think? , or “Wow, lets get our ears Pierced”, it’s a girl thing”. What do you think….

  2. I absolutely adore your blog site! I’m so grateful I was introduced to it. I am flattered that you chose two of my dresses to include in your adorable story! I can appreciate the time and fun invested in this and will love reading May’s story! Outstanding!!!

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