We interrupt this programming…

I just recently discovered something that disturbs me greatly. I regularly read the blog “American Girl Doll Play”. I hadn’t been on the site for a while, but today I popped on to see if they had posted anything new. You can imagine how shocked and bothered I was to see this message:

“If you reached our blog via the instagram account ‘ag_doll_play’ and believed she was from our page, please unfollow this person. Our Gracie is in no way associated with this account!

EVERYONE!! PLEASE NOTE that this Instagram account is NOT ours! We do not have one. This person has implied that they are us by using our blog name, photos and linked to our blog in their bio. Please help get the word out that this isn’t us! https://instagram.com/ag_doll_play/”

You have NO idea how this kind of stuff bothers me. First off, this person is impersonating a child. I went in and looked at the Instagram account in question and she has stolen LOADS of content off AG Doll Play. I’d be curious to know if this person is a kid or not, or someone posing as a kid to get followers. I don’t even want to go in to anything further that could be implied by that. I think you probably get the idea.

Second off, this is out and out stealing!!!! These pictures were done by the writers of AG Doll Play and they put a lot of time and effort in to them. Perhaps maybe a large lawsuit is in order so that this person (and others) will realize that just because a photo is online, it isn’t public domain and can’t be used for whatever you feel like without EXPRESS PERMISSION!

Third: this is a violation of Instagram policies. All photos posted on Instagram are to be the sole property and taken by the person who opens the account. Not only did this person steal all of these photos, but some of them are very obviously photos taken of a computer screen!!!

Anyhow, this whole thing is just massively WRONG on so many accounts. If you run across this Instagram account please report it. I’m hoping for the gals who work on AG Doll Play so diligently that this person gets a conscience and takes this down. I am concerned about this because it seems to be an ongoing issue online, not just in the doll community. I’m sure there are people who look at my profile and see that I am a photographer, yet I don’t have the world’s greatest pictures all the time on here. I do that on purpose.  I’ve seen this happen far too many times.  Watermarking isn’t even a guarantee, if someone knows anything about photo software, it’s easy enough to get rid of it if you want the picture bad enough.  😦

We’re all one big happy community in doll land, and when stuff like this happens, it makes me sad and angry.  I feel for anyone who has had their content stolen.  It’s wrong, just wrong.

Please feel free to pass this information on as well.  This has to stop.

PS. Just in case this ever comes up here, please note: I AM NOT ON INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK or any other social media platform. I am on Twitter, but it is a personal account not associated with this blog. Anyone claiming to be me or affiliated with this site is an imposter.


3 thoughts on “We interrupt this programming…

  1. Oh no! That’s awful! I don’t have an instagram account but my friend does and I will tell her to report he/she.

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