My Life As Pink Summer Party Dress

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m not a huge fan of the My Life As clothing sold at Walmart for 18″ dolls. They have some cute stuff, but the workmanship leaves a bit to be desired. I’m probably a bit more critical than most people would be because I sew, but the other issue I have is the skimpy cuts. I know that they are designed for their own dolls, but you would think that they would realize the market for other companies dolls and perhaps cut them just slightly larger. Oh well.

That said, I still look to see what they have. Usually our Walmart has a poor selection of clothing anyhow, but on a recent visit, they looked as though they had recently restocked. I poked around to see what they had, and I actually found something that not only did I like, but appeared to be fairly well made. I decided to go ahead and get it, and I’m actually glad I did.

Alya was my model, I wasn’t sure who would look best in this particular color, but she seems to have pulled it off!
My Life As Dress 1   My Life As Dress 2

I like the length of the dress and the material is very nice.  I think this is a nice Easter, summer party or wedding guest dress.  Only one problem–Alya couldn’t breathe when I got it on her, it is SUPER tight!  It was a bit of a struggle to get it on her too.  😦

My Life As Dress 3

As you can see, there is this lovely gape in the back, argh! I’m not sure how to fix this either, since the ribbon on the front only goes part way around. I may have to make her a shrug or a shawl to wear with it, we can’t have her back hanging out like this!

There are no shoes with this dress, but it did include a headband and a bracelet. I paired it with a pair of Springfield Collection shoes that I already had, I think they worked well. The bracelet–what a nightmare!!! It’s cute, but getting it open and getting it on her was a real chore. It is made sort of like pop beads, but it’s not easy to get it apart or together. I can see this either breaking or ending up in the trash from sheer frustration, especially for younger girls. It took all my strength to get it apart and darned near as much to get it back together!
My Life As Dress 4

The headband is another story though. Every doll company who makes stiff plastic headbands could take a lesson from this one. It is nicely flexible, goes on easily and actually goes as far as it should. I have a couple of the stiff AG ones, and I’m always annoyed when I use them because they don’t go down far enough on either side to hold the hair completely back or they have popped off. I wish I could get a whole package of these in different colors!

My Life As Dress 5

Overall, I give this outfit a B+. The main deduction is the lack of Velcro down the entire back and the nightmare of a bracelet. Otherwise, I think this is really cute. I later decided to try it on Marie-Grace, she is the slimmest of my dolls, and it was a little bit less of a struggle to get it on, but she still had that gaping hole in the back.  😦


11 thoughts on “My Life As Pink Summer Party Dress

  1. That is so pretty!! My Walmart has been out of MLA individual outfits for awhile.

    They had a similar bracelet with another dress of theirs that I bought (Beau wore it for Eric’s birthday party) and I could not get it done over her wrist. I should try it on Leonie; Maplelea girls have slightly slimmer wrists (and also slimmer bodies). It was frustrating for me…and I am a grown woman. Eventually I gave up and put it away.

    Walmart did have a couple of playsets, though, so I got the Pop Star playset and the camping set. I have pictures taken; I just need to write the reviews.

    Also, I love that dress. So pretty. So classic.

    • Glad to know it wasn’t just me who had to wrestle with that bracelet! I got the camping set last summer and it is so cute, definitely one of their better things.

    • Not sure Sharry, I’ve never seen one of their dolls unclothed in person, plus they recently revamped the line and I think they are made by someone else now.

  2. The My Life As dolls were originally Madame Alexander, but another company had taken over making them. The dolls still follow the Madame Alexander body type though. Slimmer than AG with the vinyl breast plate.

    I have a couple of the MLA outfits. A pink and grey shorts outfit and the fairy costume from last fall. The former fits everyone well. The latter is snug, but not as bad as this dress above.

    Flo, thank you very much for the review. The dress is beautiful, but agree in the B+ rating. If I see it at my Walmart, I may get it for Haley’s wardrobe.

    • I got the tennis outfit last year and it was snug, but nothing like this dress is. I get so frustrated with this, I’m getting hesitant to buy other brands. The way they are packaged you can’t get them out without mutilating or destroying the packaging, so then if it doesn’t fit, you can’t return it. Which is EXACTLY why I’m doing these reviews LOL!

  3. Hi! Just found your blog and it’s great! Please check out mine by clicking on my name. Anyway, to fix that horrid hole in the back I’d suggest putting something similar to Emily’s Cardigan over it.

  4. Very cute dress! Hmm… I think I’ve seen similar lace at Joann’s – maybe you could add fabric to the back? Or what about an applique that matches the pink of the dress?

    • I’m actually thinking about taking it with me to Joann’s to see if I can find some wide ribbon the same color pink, then I will very carefully remove the Velcro and attach ribbon to both sides to make the dress wider, then put new Velcro on it the whole way down to close it. We’ll see though, it will depend on how close I can come, that is a very bright shade. I see a lot of human dresses where they make the zipper stand out right now, so I’m thinking I would sort of get the same effect. If not, I could probably do it with a cream color too. I’ll be sure to share if I decide to try it!

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