Our Generation Floral Invitation Deluxe Outfit

Several weeks ago I did some sewing for Sharry at Julie Newman’s 70s Time Capsule. Sharry has such a unique blog, but being as it’s set in the past, it does present some unique problems, one being finding fabrics, clothing and other items that fit in. Sharry is a good friend, and she had asked me if she sent me some fabric that she had, would I be able to make her a couple of things she had in mind out of it. Not too long after our conversation, a box arrived with the fabric and I was ready to get started. As I unloaded the box, there was a smaller box underneath all that fabric, and in it was the Our Generation Floral Invitation outfit! First off, that was so sweet of her, I was so excited. But not just because of the fact she sent me a present, but because of which outfit it was. This outfit was the one I wanted the most out of all of the Retro outfits they came out with. I seriously wondered if perhaps I had mentioned it to her in a conversation or in a post somewhere. She said no but that she thought because I had Rebecca and Kit, it would look great on one of them. I swear she was reading my mind! 😉

So, since she had that idea, I decided that I would use Kit to model it. I have to agree that it looks really good on her! I still need to try it on Rebecca, maybe she will wear it for Easter.
Kit 1   Kit 2
I took a photo without a flash and with a flash just in case of color variations and distortion.

The dress fits very well, not difficult to get on at all.  Same with the little tights, and I especially like the material that these are made out of, they are very realistic, but don’t seem like they would snag easily.  The gloves fit well and the purse is very cute.  The only thing that didn’t fit were the shoes.  I could get them on the dolls feet, but could not get the straps to close around her leg because AG dolls have thicker legs than OG.  Fortunately I had a cute pair of sandals I bought from Springfield that were very similar in style and look just as nice.

Here is a nice shot of the back so you can see how well it fits.

Kit 3

Have you noticed how nicely the skirt on this lays and kind of poufs out?  There is a little “secret” to this:

Kit 4
Attached to the inside of the skirt is a lavender colored tulle “slip” that gives it just the right kind of dimension so it has that perfect pouf. Very clever and well thought out! I’ll have to remember this if I ever sew a skirt like this for my dolls.

The set also includes 2 sparkly barrettes. I’m not sure how authentic it is for the era this dress is supposed to be from, but they are cute. They were put together kind of weird though, I had to change them because not only did they not want to stay in doll hair, but they made it lay funny if you did get it to stay in. They have mini bobby pins attached to them and it was just a matter of pulling them apart and putting the bobby pin in a different spot. Not entirely sure that it’s not the way they were supposed to be put together in the first place, but you know how things can go haywire in the manufacturing process!
Kit 5

Overall I think this is a very pretty outfit. I’m not going to take any points off because the shoes didn’t fit, it wasn’t made for AG dolls to begin with, but I think the barrettes need to be made differently, they would work better as clips instead of bobby pins. Since that is a minor issue, I still give this set an A. It looks so nice and springy. Just what I needed on a dark gloomy winter day! Thanks Sharry!!!

If you’d like to see what I made for Sharry, you can check out her video at :

Be sure to leave a comment too, she loves feedback!!


7 thoughts on “Our Generation Floral Invitation Deluxe Outfit

  1. The items you made for Sharry are AWESOME! backing n the 70s my mom made me a Welcome Back Kotter peasant shirt that had cartoon drawings of the “Sweathogs” and sayings like “Up Your Nose with a Rubber hose”! I also had a Bionic Woman Barbie-style doll.
    Sharry … For some reason I can’t ever get my comments to go through on your blog, even when I use “Anonymous” 😦
    The OG outfit is lovely.
    I need to learn to sew this summer!

    • Hey Jen, I still have a Bionic Woman doll, (as well as Steve, Oscar, Fembot, Bigfoot and Maskatron). The 70s was a groove, wasn’t it? That skirt sounds cute! I don’t know why the blog doesn’t work for you. I do have it set so anonymous people can reply. Maybe if you joined Blogger it would help? Not sure, but please leave comments for my video! Lots of 70s goodness on my channel!

    • “Up Your Nose”–ROFL! That was a classic line! I had the Bionic Woman doll too, I loved her. And yes, you need to learn to sew. You can start with my bedding set tutorial, it won’t get much easier than that, it’s all going to be straight lines and maybe a zig zag if you want.

  2. Oh wow! You’re so welcome, Flo. After all the time and effort you put into those wonderful things for Danny and Jason, this was the least I could do. Kit looks adorable, as I knew she would. Can’t wait to see it on Rebecca! (and thanks for the plug, hun!)

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