One Broke Girl-Bakery Display Case, Part 3

Here we are: the last installment of the display case. I have to say that other than the issue with the grain raising when I painted it, overall this turned out well and pretty much as I expected. I hope that if you are making one of these, you are happy when you are done too. Without further ado!

Right now you have some decisions to make. How you want to arrange things. I would recommend you read this last section of the tutorial and then make your decisions after reading it because you may see things you want to do differently than I did. That’s the best part of this project, lots of options.

I decided that mine would be one large drawer turned sideways on one side and the two smaller sized drawers stacked on the other. That left me with an unused drawer, but there is also another option which I’ll mention later on in this post. I also wanted an additional shelf in the large drawer, so I had to make my own out of foamcore. You can also use balsa wood, but it is a bit more difficult to cut down. You need to cut a shelf and then three supports for it like this:
drawerfinale 1

Once you have those cut, you need to decide where you want the shelf. Once you do, draw a reference line to make placement easier:
drawerfinale 2  drawerfinale 3

Then you want to glue those supports in place using that line as a guide.  Once you have them glued, leave it sit for a while so they set up.

drawerfinale 4

Once that has had some time to set up, you can glue your shelf in on top of that. Dummy me didn’t take a photo of it after I did that, duh!!!!! But, you will be able to see what it looks like here in a minute. I can’t believe I did that.

After you’ve done this with however many shelves, you are ready to start decorating! I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do, then all of a sudden I remembered a booklet of scrapbook papers I had, so I went digging around in my stuff. They were perfect!!!
drawerfinale 5  drawerfinale 6

drawerfinale 8  drawerfinale 9

There were so many choices within this booklet of paper, but I chose the last two for my display case.  First off, I measured the shelves in the large section of the case and cut my cupcake paper to fit.

drawerfinale 10 drawerfinale 11

If you look closely, you can see that the top and middle shelf don’t go all the way to the back.  Just using cardstock is not going to be strong enough to set anything on, so I needed something to firm that up a bit more.  Doll food isn’t heavy, but I wanted to reduce the risk of bending or ripping, so I took the pieces I’d cut for those two shelves and attached them to some poster board:

drawerfinale 13

Then I cut them down to size so I could attach them to those two shelves. I also used a sheet of the blue cupcake background paper to cover the top, cutting it 1/4 inch smaller than the top surface so it had a border around it.  I am not going to give you the dimensions because you really should measure it yourself.  I’m not being a smart aleck, the simple fact is that these are individually manufactured pieces and they may vary slightly.  Remember:  measure twice, cut once!
drawerfinale 12  drawerfinale 14

In case you are wondering, I used scrapbooking adhesive for this part.  You could also use a tacky type glue in clear or white for this part.  One thing I will tell you NOT to use:  glue stick.  Glue stick is fine for temporary situations like card making or crafts that you are going to probably throw out after using.  DO NOT use glue stick for anything you want to keep for an extended time as it tends to dry out and then your project FALLS APART!  I know this from experience!!!

Now that you’ve got the large part finished, you can do your smaller sections:

drawerfinale 15

Here you can see the shelf I added. Still can’t believe I forgot to take a pic of that!!!

And here we are with our finished piece:
drawerfinale 16

A couple of things that I just want to mention here. I did not glue the side pieces to the main piece, nor did I glue the two small drawers together, I simply stacked them. I didn’t glue it so that not only will it be easier for me to store but it also gives me a bit of variety. If I only want to use parts of it, this way I can. It is entirely your decision on if you glue it together or not. Some of that may depend on who is going to be playing with it. Since mine is entirely a display piece, I’m not too worried about it not staying together.  Plus I have a lot of versatility in what I can do with it.

Also, if this piece is going to get heavy play or use, you might want to consider coating the entire thing with a layer of ModPodge. Especially if you are going to use paper to cover the shelves. You could also paint the shelves instead, but with so many cute scrapbooking papers out there, it would be a shame. 😦

I have a drawer left after finishing mine. I’ll figure out something I can do with it. An option you could do if you chose to is not to put shelf paper on that bottom section and put the drawer in. It would make a nice little place to store bags, boxes, etc. Once again, entirely up to you. And in case you are wondering why I left the knobs on the drawers–a great place to hang bags, oven mitts, etc. Remember: think outside of the “box”!

Drumroll please:
drawerfinale 17

Here’s the AG Version:

drawerfinale 21
Whaddaya think? I actually thought about putting the clear section on the top like they had done, but then I realized that it would actually make mine way too tall for putting the cake stand on top. So I eliminated that part. Theirs is open on the back too, minor difference.  I think mine has every bit as much storage space in it though and it was a whole lot cheaper.  Let’s add it up:

Cabinet:  $4.79

Furniture buttons:  $1.07 (and I have lots left for another project!)

Just to be fair, I’ll throw in “miscellaneous expenses” of $3 to cover paint, glue and scrapbook paper, even though I already had it.

Grand total:  $8.86!  Not too shabby, eh?

Broke Girl Bakery Project Totals to date:

Total spent as of February 23– $16.03

Money spent on the bakery display cabinet–$8.86

Total spent as of March  $24.89


The 1st part of this tutorial can be found here:

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  1. Thanks everyone! It was a fun challenge.

    Also wanted to say, if anyone makes one like this, I would love to see it, be sure to share your pics here!

    • Various sources–some of them are erasers and I got those at Michaels, Family Dollar and Amazon. Some of the other items I got from Pippaloo and Food To Wear on Etsy, a few I made. A few are from a couple Our Generation sets I had too. I think that’s everywhere!

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