Doll Sized Finds-I almost fainted!!!

I haven’t written a doll sized finds post for a little bit because I haven’t come across too much lately. This post of them covers several shopping trips over several weeks. I really didn’t go much of anywhere the end of February through the first week of March because the weather was horrid, so hopefully once the weather gets a little better, I’ll have more to share. Thrift store shopping hasn’t been all that great lately either, shelves are nearly bare. I blame that on the weather, who wants to take a box to drop off in horrid, bitter cold? I know I don’t.

My first find came from the trip to the thrift store I made with my sister-in-law. I actually got a couple of things on this trip: a shirt that I’m going to cut up to make doll sized garments, some Beanie Babies that I might use for my girls (the jury is still out on this) and these lovely picture frames.
I’m always running across frames that someone has used to number the tables at weddings, but they are usually plain. I thought these were especially pretty and at $3.95 I couldn’t pass them up. Even if I didn’t use them for my dolls, I would use them for myself.

On this same trip, we made a visit to IKEA. I LOVE IKEA, they always have the coolest gadgets. They also have awesome toys! Sister-in-law was checking out some adorable stuff for her granddaughters (yes, I have grand-nieces, yikes!!! ) and I came across these:
They are fingerpuppets and they are the perfect size for hand puppets for 18″ dolls!! They don’t cover the whole hand because of the way the thumbs are on most dolls, but the scale is perfect and every single one fit over the main part of the doll hand. They were only $4.95 for the entire bag. It’s a nice assortment with a turtle, moose, elephant-and a rabbit that looks like something straight out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Scary…

Last week I needed a few things from RiteAid, so I decided to look around to see if there was anything in the Easter section. Not much there, nothing that would work for dolls, but I did stumble across these containers in the dollar section:
These will make perfect doll-sized containers for food storage. They were marked $1 but since we have one of the Rite Aid rewards cards, they were only 80 cents.

The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days (about time!) and Thursday I needed to run some errands. While I was out, I decided to check out both the Goodwill and Salvation Army near home. The Goodwill still looks like death warmed over, I may have to take a break from there. I did find this cute little crate though for $1, I’m going to repaint it and use it in either the Abby/Zara bedroom or in Alya’s. Not sure, I have a few things and ideas for both, I’ll probably hold off until I get the doll house in it’s permanent spot and work on some other things for it.
Thrift store 1

The Salvation Army looked as though it was going to be a dud too. Until I hit the last row of stuff where they have the toys. This one doesn’t have a ton of stuff, but it seems to be a little better stocked and better quality than Goodwill. About halfway over I saw something sticking out of a bin. Is that? No, it couldn’t be…what the?!?! (insert near faint here)

Thrift store 2 edited   Thrift store 3

She has a bit of damage to the hair area and needs a good cleaning but is otherwise in very good shape. When I first saw this doll there was a bunch of stuffing stuck to the body, I thought perhaps it was out of the doll, but it wasn’t, it was out of something else. I’m not really a baby doll person. I’ve always thought Bitty Baby was cute, but not enough to buy one. However, at $1.99, I COULD NOT pass it up. I’m going to give her a good cleaning first and see if I even need to touch up anything on the head. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep this doll, or pass it on to one of my grand-nieces. At this point they are both still a little young, and maybe by the time I’m done working on this doll, I’ll be too attached to give it away!

Heads up too, in case you aren’t aware, some McDonald’s stores have Mini Barbie items available in their Happy Meal Toy selections, perfect size for 18″ dolls to play with. There are a couple of dolls, a car, a horse and a guitar. Not sure how soon these are going to end, don’t miss out!


12 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds-I almost fainted!!!

  1. GREAT finds. Don’t forget about The Broken Doll. They would fix her up and get her to a little one who has some extra love and needs to share it.

    I LOVE Ikea. I never thought about using those for hand puppets…great idea!

    • Thanks for that info Nonna, I’ve never heard of that before, but will keep that in mind, even for future thrift store looks. I’ve seen a few dolls here and there that would have probably worked out well for that.

    • Stay tuned Jen, I did some work on her after this, I will be sharing that later on. Other than her head being marked up, she’s in great shape.

  2. The Broken doll is on Facebook – no other website at this time (I think). They do a lot of great work getting dolls into little girls hands. So if bitty doesn’t feel like staying with you… You are absolutely right, hard to pass her up at 1.99.

    Great finds. I love the little frames.

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