Bedding set for the bunk beds

Several weeks ago I posted about the bunk bed set that I got off Craigslist. It was in really great shape, the only thing I had to do to it was remove some residue that I think came from some stickers. No surprise, we all know how little girls love stickers! The bedding that came with this set was pathetic though, and it just wasn’t going to cut it for me. Not only was it made of poor quality materials, but it was, well…weird. No mattresses, the blankets were all there were (and all that came with it originally I believe)and one of the “pillows” went missing. I say “pillows” because they were really a poor excuse for that too. I’m not going to toss all of this, after I looked at it, I decided that maybe I could make little dog beds out of it, so it’s in the laundry now.

I dug through my fabric stash and found a couple of pieces I thought would work well. I made two mattresses out of white fabric over quilt batting, two pillows, two mattress cover/sheets, two pillow cases and two reversible blankets. I love doing the reversible blankets, I think it’s a great way to give two entirely different looks without taking up a bunch of storage space.

Here is the bed with the mattresses with the covers on them:

bunkbed 1

You’ll notice that the mattress covers seem a little large, and I will tell you that I did do that on purpose. The fabric I used is 100% cotton and if I ever have to wash these, there is a good possibility they will shrink. This way, if that happens, they will simply fit better and if they don’t, then I will just need to adjust the seams. I’d rather do it this way and tuck a little bit in instead of having to start all over again later and perhaps not have everything match.

And the finished project:

bunkbed 2

Some of you may recognize the Eiffel tower fabric from a previous post. I wasn’t sure I wanted to use it until I held it up beside the bed and realized that the pink background matched the paint on the bed exactly! I thought the raspberry pink was a nice contrast to it and very girly.  I’m very happy with how it all turned out!

Abby and Zara were happy too and couldn’t wait to crawl up to the top bunk:

bunkbed 3

bunkbed 4

Abby looks like she’s going to fall asleep, doesn’t she? Doll bedding is super easy to make, a great place for a beginning sewer to start, if you can sew a straight line, you can do it. I did zigzag stitch over the edges on the inside of the mattress cover and the pillow cases to make them more durable, but other than that, it’s all straight stitching and nothing complicated. I make my own patterns and designs for these, but I know that there are lots of patterns available for different types of bedding. It’s a fun project and they work up quickly. I can’t tell you how long it took me exactly from start to finish to make these because that particular day I had a zillion interruptions, but I started around 10 in the morning and finished around 4 in the afternoon. I didn’t work on it continuously either, I took a lunch break, snack break, watched some of The Chew, picked my husband up at the garage-you get the idea. It would be a great weekend project!

Last week I posted a poll to see how many of my readers would be interested in learning how to make some bedding for their own dolls.  47 people voted which surprised me because I didn’t realize I had that many regular readers!  And of those 47 people, 70% voted a resounding “YES!” to me posting a tutorial on how to do this.  So stay tuned, I will probably do this sometime in the late spring/early summer.  I do want to get the bulk of the “One Broke Girl” bakery project out of the way first, plus I thought it would be a good project for some of the younger readers/doll lovers when they are out of school.  Thanks for the input!  I will be teaching you not just how to make a mattress, pillow, comforter, sheet and pillowcase, but also for those interested how to make a cover for a box as well as a headboard AND how to measure for ANY size bed or box.  It should be a fun project, and even if you don’t own a sewing machine, you can still do it because all of the items can be hand sewn as well, it will just take you a little longer.


15 thoughts on “Bedding set for the bunk beds

    • Yeah, I’m a real stickler about scale on stuff. There was another fabric with a Paris theme that I actually liked better, but it was just a bit too big.

  1. IKEA pillows are cheap enough that you can trim one, sew (or staple) only one side and voila, mattress! They then fit PERFECTLY into pillow cases which you can tuck in (no sewing) and change as desired. Put two of those on a double tired shoe rack and you’ve got bunkies!

  2. Fabulous! This bedding looks great. I’d like to see how you re-purpose the old “pillows” too. Thank you for the great tips!

    My recent dip back into sewing showed me that my bobbin tension might be okay and I may have threaded the needle incorrectly instead. So I may be sewing again soon. I had fun with the work project – just forgot how long it takes to pin. Now I understand why people iron their seams ahead of time. 🙂

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