OG “Pretty Preppy” outfit

One day I was near a Target and I popped in to see if they had anything interesting in the Our Generation line. Selection was only marginally better than some other ones I had been to, but they did have some different things that I hadn’t seen elsewhere (I have noticed since that this seems to be improving). I got the Rock ‘N Tote, it’s the set that comes with the little records, I thought that would be great to have since I have Julie’s sound accessories. It’s also the first time I’ve found it at any of the Target stores I’ve been to. I also picked up the Pretty Preppy outfit, it just sucked me in instantly!

Preppy 1

I decided Abby would be a good model for this outfit and I was right, I think it looks terrific on her. The skirt is a little large around the waist, I’m going to have to alter it ever-so slightly to keep it from slipping down around her ankles! The sweater fits great and I was glad to see that the shoes fit an AG doll, even with the socks on. OG shoes drive me bananas as there is no consistency in the fit!
Preppy 3

Not only is the outfit cute, but the accessories are too, I love the little pen and the zippered pencil case. To complete the outfit, a nice shiny headband. I think Abby looks ready for a busy day at school.
Preppy 2

This is one of their least expensive outfits, selling at Target for $12.99. Overall I think it’s very cute and my only real complaints are the waist on the skirt and the socks tend to be a bit saggy because of the way they are made, no matter what I did, they looked sloppy. Otherwise, I think it’s a great outfit and well worth the price. My rating: B+

NOTE: I did end up altering the skirt slightly by sewing two pieces of elastic towards the back. Worked like a charm and it will still fit a larger bodied doll this way.


20 thoughts on “OG “Pretty Preppy” outfit

      • Actually, not a lot, maybe only 6. I’ve got a lot more of their accessory sets than I do clothing. I’ve looked at a lot of their clothes, but don’t usually buy because I’m not as impressed with the quality as I am with AG. Most of the clothes I have are AG (usually bought on sale) or handmade by me, a few I’ve picked up off Etsy and a few handmade that I’ve picked up at craft shows. I love supporting the little guy!

      • Which outfits have you bought? I really want to buy an outfit set but I haven’t really decided which one I should get yet. And I was wondering if you could help me out a little 🙂

      • I only have three recent ones, but I’m really picky and overall they all seem to be okay. This particular outfit seems to be well made, I also have one called “Vest Friends Forever”-the little striped shirt is just okay, but the pants and the vest more than make up for that, they are both really nice. And I have the Retro set “Floral Invitation” which is very pretty, but the shoes do not fit AG at all. I will be doing a full review on that outfit at a later date. One set I would definitely NOT buy is the PJ’s with the moose, the fabric for the PJ’s is dreadful! I’ve looked at the equestrian set several times, but never bought after reading a couple of reviews on it not fitting AG, and that’s the only brand of dolls I currently have in 18″. I hope that helped you a little?! One thing is to go in to the Target website and read the reviews if they are there, it seems a lot of people buy OG clothes for AG dolls and they are usually pretty good about saying if there are any issues.

      • Yeah, that did help! Thanks for the advice. I’ve never actually seen the OG isle at target so I don’t know if they usually have them. But, I was wondering if there is shoes you can buy in the store because I’ve seen many people have ADORIBLE high tops but they are not on the website and I was wondering if you can get them in the store? I don’t really know if you got that but I hope you did! Thanks again!

      • Yes you can buy shoes in the store, but what they have is always hit and miss. I got a really cute pair of high tops but I’ve only ever seen them once, glad I grabbed them when I did. I bought a pair of boots one time but had to return them because they didn’t fit, not only were they awful to get on, but the Velcro in the back wouldn’t stay closed. They also sell cute mini-dolls and pets, along with some little accessory sets in store only. That’s probably my biggest complaint with the OG stuff, it really is very hit and miss, I rarely have ever bought anything like I planned!

  1. Pretty cute! The headband looks similar to the one in the “Neat-O Knit” outfit I got for my girls. All you need is Molly’s bookbag to complete the look!

    • Yes, its very similar to that headband. Don’t you think it would be cute to put one doll in this and another in that school uniform outfit together? (the one I picked up at Goodwill) I’m going to have to go looking for some book bags or make some, all I have are backpacks around here. When I was little I had a book bag very similar to Molly’s.

  2. The outfit almost looks like the uniforms the girls wear to Catholic School. Really cute. We had a catholic school just down the street from where we lived a one time, so I got to see a lot of those little girls getting off the school bus, and waiting at dismissal time for their bus transportation.

  3. Great review. This outfit catches my eye, but never quite enough to buy. I think it’s because the shoes for this outfit are the same as another OG outfit we have.

    I recently bought a pair of OG tennis shoes. When I got home the were both the right shoe. When trying to exchange them I noticed that the stores get certain sets not all. I did get to exchange them when I went back to the exact store where I bought them.

    The only OG shoes I had trouble with were the purple rain boots. Couldn’t get them on at all. Had to cut a slit down the back. Now they go on, but I have to add a sash to keep them closed in back.

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