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I was very happy to get Kit’s bed recently on a Jill’s Steals and Deals sale, it was something I had debated on buying before, but this time I thought “why not?!” I am so glad I decided to jump on it, this is one of the most amazing pieces of AG furniture I own. Before I start on the review though, I just want to say something about the Jill’s Steals and Deals sale in hope that maybe, someone from American Girl will read this and pass it on to the powers that be.

This sale stunk. Not that there weren’t good deals, but in how it was handled the whole way around. First off, people figured out the codes for the sale and for some reason, AG opened this sale at 8:00AM, a good 45 minutes before the segment even aired on the Today Show. By the time the “honest” folks like myself tried to get in, they couldn’t. Fortunately for me, I wasn’t really interested in buying the doll that was advertised. But that, my friends is another issue. If you had watched the Today Show segment, you would have thought that Julie in her original outfit with a set of PJ’s was the only thing on sale, but it wasn’t, there was a whole list of things, but none of it shown in the segment. The AG site freaked out from all of the traffic, and I didn’t actually get in until around 10:00 AM, a good hour and 15 minutes in to it. I was one of the lucky ones too. Some people didn’t get in until much later and by that time, most of the stuff was totally sold out. Only a few West Coast people managed to get anything. The whole thing was a fiasco with it leaving a VERY bad taste in the mouths of a lot of potential buyers. I read a lot of other doll blogs and there are some really angry people over this particular sale. AG needs to fix this whole thing so that everyone is at least on an even playing field. Opening the sale 45 minutes prior to the airing of the segment was wrong, these items shouldn’t be available to anyone, even if you do figure out the sale code. There were some other glitches in this that also have left me wondering: is my credit card data safe on the AG site??? This sale wasn’t the first time I’ve seen where people have figured out coding, allowing them access to stuff that isn’t public. And then there’s the whole thing with people grabbing these dolls, only to flip them on Ebay, doubling their money. They had no intention of keeping them in the first place. That whole thing makes me sad because I think of friends who have a hard time affording AG stuff, this would have been a perfect opportunity for them to buy something really special, but didn’t have the opportunity. Bad show AG 😦

On to the bed though! I’ve mentioned it before how much I love Kit. I love her story, I love the doll, but I really don’t have much as far as accessories and furniture for her. A few weeks ago I ordered her typewriter, beyond cute! But the bed-I didn’t think it was possible for me to be even more impressed.

This is a substantial piece of doll furniture! I was surprised just how heavy the box was when I picked it up. I have the yellow bunk beds AG made a number of years ago, and this is even better quality than that. It goes together very easily, no tools required. So easy a kid (or a technology impaired adult) can assemble it. Pegs on main bed frame attach to loops on the head and footboard, easy peasy.

bed 1  bed 2

(Sorry for the crap picture of the peg, you get the idea, and I’m too tired to care LOL)


bed 3 replace

One of the things that I thought was especially cute about this bed was the whole extension aspect.  The trundle beds that they have made for dolls are cute, but this is just too clever, I always thought beds like this were neat in real life.  While this isn’t exactly like a real one, it’s still well done. 

You remove the bedding and mattress and the frame simply lifts up:
bed 4
Then it lays flat:
bed 5

Then the short piece flips around and makes the whole frame stable.  At first I thought mine was put together backwards, but you do have to play with it a little bit so it flips around the whole way.

bed 6

I love the way the mattress is done on this piece too, when it’s a single bed Kit has a nice fluffy mattress but then it folds open so it fits the larger bed as well, nicely thought out!
bed 7
Here it is with the included bedding, the quilt covers the top of both mattresses:
bed 8
Zara and Abby decided to crawl in when I wasn’t looking!
bed 9
Opened up this way, I think you could probably fit a third doll in, but it would be a bit tight!

bed 10
Overall, I think this is just darling, it reminds me of beds that so many of my friends and family had in their homes when I was growing up, huge nostalgia value. My only complaint with this–no sheets!! I guess I’ll have to fix that. Shouldn’t be hard, I’m just going to make very simple, white cotton sheets, very true to the era. And if some else is going to stay in this bed, it needs a second pillow, so I will have to fix that too. At least they are all easy things to make.

I give this bed an A+. My only regret is that I didn’t buy it earlier when it came with the chenille bedspread, oh well. I also love the box it came with, heavy and well made, I see another box bed in my future! You can never have too many beds (or dolls), can you?

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  1. Hey Flo,

    I totally agree w/ you on the Jill’s Steals and Deals thing. It really wasn’t fair. And I’m not mad at folks who bought these dolls to actually keep them, but the whole thing was handled badly. I really wish I could have gotten a Julie doll to give to my grand-niece for when she’s older (she’s only 2). I don’t own any new AGs, (but that’s OK, I love my used ones very much), but it would be nice to give Livi a new one.

    Kit’s bed looks great! I like it better than the other historical beds. Your dolls are so set! Now I wonder what your doll space is gonna look like? Hmmmmm….

    • I’m hoping to do some reveals soon, but I want to get the “house” in it’s permanent spot first. I have a few little things to decide on too.

  2. Agreed on JS&Ds. I would have loved Kaya and broken my no buying rule for her but there was NO CHANCE of getting through.

    I love Kit’s bed but I bought Molly’s a few years ago (the yellow Jenny Lind style which made NO sense for Molly since everyone already knew what her bed looked like) and it’s still … well, it’s out of the box but hasn’t found it’s forever home yet (that part of the “house” isn’t done yet). I just would not allow myself to get it. SO GLAD you did!

    • Lol Nonna, you need to get your doll room and house finished, huh? That bed was really cute, but yeah, I could never figure out why they decided to totally change her bed. Samantha’s made sense since the first one was brass and lots of people complained about it tarnishing.

  3. Do you know how much Julie cost in the sale? Because I was looking for a cheep one for a very long time and I was just wondering.

    • She was $55 and that included an extra outfit too! It was an awesome deal. Unfortunately, the cheapest I’ve seen any of these going for that have turned up on Ebay or Craigslist is $100. 😦

  4. I agree about the Jill’s Steals and Deals. Good Morning America does something similar and what gets me is that they do the segment when many of the people interested in buying are at work and not by the TV. We find out the codes late in the day and can’t get anything.

    I’ve always liked Kit’s bed, but like you said the chenille bedspread was better. Shoulda – coulda- woulda here. 🙂

    One time I was checking eBay and Craigslist fr something and found items AG had on sale for double and triple the original price. Sellers should know smart buyers are going to purchase direct cheaper rather than go through the secondary market. Of course, there are those buyers who don’t compare and think because it is on eBay or Craigslist it has to be right.

    I am so very glad you were able to get Kit’s bed and show it to us. I didn’t realize it was a trundle. Looking forward to seeing more.

    • I know what you mean about the eBay stuff going for ridiculous prices, I was looking the other day and found a bunch of Grace’s stuff at absolutely nutso prices. First off, why would anyone pay those prices to begin with, when you can still purchase it from AG at much lower prices? Plus, if you buy it from AG and there is something wrong, they are very good about fixing that, don’t think you would get that kind of service from an eBay seller. I also wonder how much of it is counterfeit! eBay is really becoming a big problem with AG and like you, I wonder how many people get taken because they don’t do any kind of checking. 😦

  5. I love that Kit’s bed can sleep more than 1! We often have a bed shortage around here.
    My daughter and I had to start an AG blog… is where are are located!

  6. Since I’m on the west coast, anytime I hear about the the steals and deals, I automatically assume I wouldn’t be able to get anything in time (I’m at work by the time that segment comes on) – which is probably good because I don’t have room for another doll yet haha. I’m glad you were able to get Kit’s bed! It has such nice details! I didn’t realize it was so well made!

    • That’s what I think is unfair about these sales, so many people miss out. Why they can’t just run their own sales is beyond me, they must be giving NBC a big kick back is all I can figure. The bed is just…perfect. And I finished our taxes and my “payment” to myself is her desk to go with it, I can’t wait to get it!

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