Doll Sized Finds: a bit of this, that, and the other!

This past week was a good week for finding human sized stuff that would work well for dolls, I guess my Craigslist karma is carrying over. Planning a trip with my sister-in-law to thrift store shop in Pittsburgh in the next week, hopefully it will hang on just a few more days?!?! One can hope!

Where to start…I guess I’ll begin with TJMaxx. I went there looking for something else completely, when I stumbled across this:
It’s actually intended to be a holder for sweetener packets, but when I saw it, all I could see was a doll sized bin, for either kitchen or bath. I pictured my little doll curling iron, straightening iron and other hair accessories in it, can’t you? It was only $1.99 too, I couldn’t pass it up, I almost wish they had more (it was the only one) because it looks like it could be stacked.

We’ve had horrid weather here in the northeast, not quite as bad as Boston, but super cold with temps in the negative a few overnights and early mornings. I haven’t felt like going much of anywhere because of it, but one day I got a good case of cabin fever and decided to go check out the thrift stores close by. Goodwill was a complete and total waste of time. It has been the last few times too, and not just the one here. So bad that I may just quit going there for a while. First off, I’m seeing the same stuff over and over, and it’s been there since fall! Then to make matters worse, I had someone I know tell me a story that made me angry and then another person told me another not so good story-Goodwill either needs to clean their act up or change their name, because I’m feeling nothing but Badwill towards them at the moment.

Anyhow, from there I headed to the Salvation Army. Definitely worth the time! Earlier in the week I managed to pick up Kit’s bed on the Jill’s Steals and Deals sale, YAY! I knew I wanted a little nightstand for it, and thought I’d just keep my eye out for something. Never in a million years did I think I would find something so quickly.

df2  df3

It’s a box that held soap, made by a company called Punch Studio.  I LOVE their stuff, it is so pretty, but I’d never seen a two drawer box like this, and it’s the perfect height for a nightstand.  It even still smells like the soap it contained. $1.99.

Walked a little further and found this:


Cute, huh? I figure a bit of ribbon and it will make an adorable doll sized Easter basket. Besides, you (and your dolls) can never have too many baskets?!  Especially when it’s only 99 cents.

As I was walking towards the checkout, this item just happened to catch my eye. It was on the $1 rack and I was as excited about it as I was the other two items:
df5 df6

In case you’re not familiar, it’s a vintage girl scout uniform shirt. I plan on cutting it up to make a couple of doll sized shirts, it’s a small enough print that it won’t look odd. I’ve been wanting to make a couple of Junior uniforms and this should be more than enough fabric to make at least two shirts if not more if I cut VERY carefully. For $1, how could I pass it up? One of my BFF’s is a lifetime Girl Scout and has a ton of patches, I’m going to see if I can borrow them from her to scan in to my computer to make some patches for my dolls sashes. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes.

My last find for the week isn’t really my find. I have to give complete and total credit on this to Sophie and Brenda from The Savage Dolls. They discovered that Preemie sized infant sleepers not only make cute clothing for Bitty Baby/Bitty Twins dolls but that they also fit regular AG dolls as well! I had to run to Walmart for a few things, and while I was there, I looked to see what they had. I was surprised to see quite a few Preemie footed sleepers, so I picked up two, one made by Carters and the other by Garanimals. I got them home and immediately tried them on a doll. The Carters one fit beautifully, the Garanimals one not so well. It’s cut totally different, wider first off so it is a bit on the big side that way, but then the legs are cut really short so the crotch isn’t in the right place. It would probably work fine on a Bitty Baby, but not so great on a regular AG doll, so I ended up returning it and getting another of the Carters ones. They have some absolutely adorable designs out right now, unfortunately one that I really wanted wasn’t available at our Walmart in the Preemie size, but I’ll be checking other Walmarts when I’m near! Be sure to check out Sophie and Brenda’s post, they have some really cute photos of their dolls in them as well.

Rebecca and Marie-Grace agreed to try these on, and once they put them on, I couldn’t get them out of them!!

Perfect for lounging around on a cold, snowy, winter morning while watching television, don’t you agree?


17 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds: a bit of this, that, and the other!

  1. I have had good luck with 0-3 mo size dresses as well (rummages are great for this!). Here you can see Josefina in a Carters sundress
    Were you the blogger who featured the mini blackboards from Michaels? I cannot find the original post, but I got one for my daughter for her birthday and it was a massive hit!
    Inventing items for the dolls is so much fun. We got a color printer this weekend and are ready for Camp Doll Diaries. Now if it would just get above 20 deg…

    • This might be the post you were thinking of:

      I saw your post with the Josefina dress a while back and shortly after picked up two dresses from Target (or is that Tarjay?) on clearance to use. The one fit really well, the other one is large so I need to do some alterations. Still WAY cheaper than some of the AG or OG stuff though.

      I hear you on the whole temperature thing, winter can leave ANY time! I’ve definitely had enough. We actually had a decent day today, reached 31 and we had sun! 🙂 It’s not supposed to last though. 😦

  2. I love preemie sized things for my dolls especially on clearance! I will give you caution though. At the Carters store near us, my card got hacked after I swiped it. I don’t use it there any more and I even got the manager to give me a cash refund when I explained what happened. I’m CERTAIN it happened there though because it was used in a sister company. Be safe. Target is great for seasonal preemie clearance on Carters. You just have to be patient and not buy your favorites full price LOL

    • That’s not good! The Carter’s nearest us doesn’t have a very good selection of stuff for preemies, I struck out big time last time I was there and haven’t bothered to go back. I did much better at Target! I have a trip to see a friend on Friday, going to check out the Walmart there and see if they have the one I’m looking for.

  3. I was at Walmart today and stopped in the children’s department to buy a pair of the little footie slippers and found a pretty 3 piece spring outfit by Carters. It has a “onesie”, a t top, and a pair of little ruffled leggings. You can see the tshirt and leggings look great on Rebecca as a swing tshirt and ruffled cropped pants. I left the tag on so you can see what brand it is. It was $8.94 for the three pack. I will probably cut the onesie into a tshirt using my serger and then hem it on my sewing machine – so that will give two tops to go with the leggings. Thanks for the tip!

    • That is adorable! I will have to look for some of those when I go to Walmart later this week, Rebecca looks so springy in it. I looked at a couple of other things they had from the Carters line and debated, one was a little pair of pants with a onesie and a jacket, I might have to try it.

    • I had to order some stuff from Walmart anyhow, so I have this outfit coming. It is so cute, I couldn’t resist! Thanks for showing it Lauri!

    • I haven’t decided for sure, I really do like the floral though. I’m going to see how it works with Kit’s bed and go from there I guess. I probably would just cover it with scrapbook paper if I do, but I hope I don’t have to.

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