Home Run!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a terrific Craigslist find, and how I’d felt that I’d hit the jackpot. My good find karma didn’t carry over for my thrift store shopping, but I did have it work for me on another Craigslist find and this one is “outta the park!” Are you ready to see what I got?

homerun 1

Yup, the Our Generation laundry set! It’s missing a couple of things, but not enough to worry about, the main pieces are intact, and I’m not wild about their hangers anyhow. I’ve looked at this set a couple of times and debated on purchasing it, but I couldn’t justify the $65 price. And am I ever glad I resisted buying it. It is really cute and fairly well made, but it really isn’t worth the $65. I also think that someone needs to teach Our Generation how to make boxes, the dryer sheet and detergent boxes are the typical poor quality that I’ve seen in some of their other sets. I can overlook that though, I’m going to reinforce them somehow and for what I paid, it’s not an issue.  Otherwise the whole set is in very good condition, very well cared for.

However folks, that’s not all I got! The story behind all of this is that the girls are now teenagers and the family is getting ready to move. Dad said it made more sense to him to sell all of this stuff at reasonable prices before the move instead of moving it all. They made it up in to lots for sale, it was actually kind of funny, I met him at a shopping center in the Pittsburgh area and while I was there, two other ladies came to pick up two of the other lots. One of them joked “hey, it’s an American Girl yard sale in a parking lot!” Everyone was happy because the stuff was definitely priced to move. I don’t think anyone was as excited as I was to get this lot though, not so much because of the laundry set, but because of this next item. Put it this way: I would have paid what I paid for the whole lot, just to get this piece.

DRUMROLL PLEASE…………………………………………………………………

homerun 2

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My girls FINALLY have a sewing machine! I’ve found the elusive “unicorn”! (I loved when someone described this set and the turquoise blue laundry set this way on another doll blog) I mean, come on, for as much sewing as I do, it seems crazy that my dolls didn’t have a sewing machine.  Let me just say, when I opened this listing Sunday morning, I think my mouth probably dropped open. I quicky e-mailed the seller and I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I had a snowball’s chance in Florida of getting this, I thought for sure it would be gone. When he e-mailed me back to tell me it was available, I darned near fainted. It may have been Valentine’s weekend, but for me, it was Christmas. It gets better too:

homerun 3

It was only missing a few things and they were things I didn’t really care about. It even had some of the little sewing accessories, and not one pair, but 2 pairs of scissors, yippee!!
homerun 4

To say that I am thrilled about this find is putting it mildly. When I started working seriously on my collection, I had three things that I thought I would like to have because they were things that I can’t imagine not having personally: a good camera, a laptop and a sewing machine. My dolls now have it all!

I know you are probably curious as to what I paid for all of this. Only $30. Yup, the same as what I paid for that last Craigslist purchase. I couldn’t help but think as I was driving home that I’ve gotten all of this stuff (this lot plus the bed and the kitchen) for less than what I would have paid for JUST the laundry set had I paid full retail. Is Craigslist great or what?!?! Plus I can thumb my nose at Target, no more running from store to store to find (or not find) these items. The best part is that I now have nearly everything I need furnishing wise for the doll house, quite honestly, I’m almost out of room. I need a toilet, and I found a seller on Etsy that makes them should I decide I don’t want to make it myself or I don’t find one in my thrift store searches.

Another fun thing about this experience was the lady who made the yard sale comment. We got to talking, she was buying the kitchen (the silver OG set with a table and chairs) for her daughter who is 7. She just recently got in to American Girl because her name is Grace, and was excited to see that the GOTY had the same name. They even went to Columbus so she could pick out her doll there. She said that they had already started making doll clothes, it was fun that her daughter was learning to sew. I told her that she needed to get on Pinterest, that there were all sorts of fun things that they could make. I also told her about the many blogs on the internet and about all of the creative people and how all of this creativity with both young and old was probably what impressed me more than anything with all of the doll fans. I hope she does check it out, she commented that she was an engineer by trade, perhaps somewhere down the road we will see something she has designed!


10 thoughts on “Home Run!

    • To me, getting good stuff for less is one of the best things! My husband jokes that I’m the “cheapest woman in the US”. Believe me, I earned that title. 🙂

    • It is interesting how people react to the doll community. This woman said that she was amazed at just how many adults collect AG stuff, when they went to the Columbus store, she said that about half of the people there were grown women buying for themselves.

      • The doll community is indeed very interesting and varied but psychologically, even across the generation and gender gaps, the culture of doll play fills an instinctual void for a supportive community. And the really cool thing? There are so many of us who “get it” that there just isn’t a stigma to fear. Even my dad hunts for things for me now (and I take him to all the miniature train shows I can find).

      • That’s cool that your dad is helping you to look. My husband wouldn’t know what to look for, but I do have to say he is very supportive and understanding. One day he saw Rhonda’s homepage over at Living A Dolls Life and joked that “someday it will look like that around here”. LOL

        When I was talking with this woman, we briefly touched on the whole thing with young girls who are torn on whether it’s okay to play with dolls after a certain age, and I told her that I was of the “who cares what anybody thinks?” group and she was like “YEAH!!!” My niece (wave to her since I know she reads here!) and I both joke about being the crazy doll ladies, but quite honestly, we really don’t care. It’s fun, it’s not hurting anyone or anything, and it’s a terrific creative outlet. I can think of a lot of things we could be in to that would be a whole lot worse. And I always look at it this way, if I were to totally lose interest in it (doubtful) I could sell off everything and still have a nice chunk of change in my pocket. How many things can you say that about?

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