The Valentine’s Day party

Back when the girls had the New Year’s Eve party, they talked about how much fun it would be to have a Valentine’s Day party. They were even happier when they realized that Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday this year, so they would have all kinds of time to prepare and could pull out all of the stops. And that they did!

Vday 1

Kit was in charge of making tea:
Vday 3

While Cassandra and Marie-Grace got all the snacks and goodies ready:
Vday 2  Vday 4

Rebecca, Abby and Zara had done all the sewing and decorating.  Abby and Zara ran home to change, but when Abby walked in to the kitchen, she started to laugh.

Vday 5“Check it out, I match the tablecloth!!!”

“We match the runner on the sideboard too” giggled Rebecca and Kit.

Vday 6 Vday 7

The girls had decided since they didn’t get to exchange names at Christmas, it would be fun to do it for Valentine’s Day.  They decided it would be “Secret Cupid” and no one could know who had each other’s names.  The only rule was that Abby and Zara couldn’t get each other’s names since they were sisters.  To keep it even more secret each girl got a plain bag that they brought the gift to mom in, and they whispered in mom’s ear whose name they had so that she could write the name on it.  That way, no one could cheat by figuring out whose handwriting it was.  Pretty clever huh?!

“Whose going to go first?” asked Rebecca?  No one answered right away, but suddenly Abby said she would go first.  “My name starts with the letter A, so it makes sense, doesn’t it?” she laughed.

Abby sat in the chair and mom set the bag beside her.  She said she had absolutely no idea who might have her name.  She opened the bag, and in it were a pair of bunny slippers and a big box of Valentine’s day chocolate. “YUMMY!” Abby exclaimed!  “Plus with this awful cold weather we are having, I can sure use these slippers.”

Vday 8 Vday 9

“So who do you think had your name Abby?” asked Cassandra. “Was it you?” Abby inquired. “Nope, not me!” “Hmmmm, was it Rebecca?” Abby questioned. “No, wasn’t me either.” “I haven’t a clue, I give up!” “It was ME!” shouted Marie-Grace. “Oh, duh, I should have known” Abby said, “I remember you and I looking at those slippers at the mall.”
Next up was Cassandra:
Vday 14  Vday 15
She quickly ripped in to her bag. “OH cool! A Strawberry Shortcake doll and this neat bag with a peace sign on it” she said. “I bet I know exactly who got me this…Zara!!!” “How did you know?” Zara questioned. “Because you and I were talking about this kind of stuff over Christmas break. I LOVE IT!”

“Well, since we are going alphabetically, Kit, you are next” said Cassandra. “No, skip me, I want to go last. You know, saving the best for last” Kit giggled. “Okay” said Cassandra, “that means Marie-Grace is next.”

Marie-Grace sat in the chair and mom handed her the bag. She shook it a bit and wondered what it might be. Then she finally just dug in!
Vday 12   Vday 13
In her bag was an adorable stuffed gorilla, and a cool book about Feng Shui. “Who do you think had your name?” asked Kit. “I’m not sure, hmmmm…Abby?” “Nope” said Abby. “Uh, Cassandra???” “Yep, it was me, I hope you like it!” responded Cassandra. “I don’t like it…I LOVE IT!”

Next up was Rebecca. She could hardly contain herself, she was so excited, and even more so once she opened it up. In her bag was this funny dinosaur figure that when you wound him up, he walked, and a really nice bag with a skating design embroidered on it.
Vday 10   Vday 11

“Oh my gosh, it’s perfect!” Rebecca gushed.  “And I bet I know exactly who it is from…Abby!”  “Yup, when I saw that bag, I knew you just had to have it!” said Abby.  “Thank you so much, it will get so much use going back and forth to the rink for lessons and practice.”

“Your turn Zara!” said Rebecca.

Vday 16 Vday 17

When she opened the bag, Zara found an adorable Hello Kitty doll and a Hello Kitty book.  “Well, the only two people left are Rebecca and Kit…I say it’s from Kit!”  “Wow, that was a good guess, even if there are only two of us” said Kit.  “I hope you like it!”  “It’s great!” said Zara.  “I’ve been wanting some Hello Kitty stuff, I just got a cool suitcase with her on it, these will go great with that.”

Last, but not least was Kit.  “Well, since everyone else has gone already, I know that my gift is from Rebecca.  I don’t know if I should be excited or scared” she joked.  “Just open it!” said Rebecca.

Vday 18 Vday 19

“Oh wow!!!” exclaimed Kit.  “A cool book, and a replica of the house from Downton Abbey!”  “You have to take it out of the box for everyone to see” said Rebecca.

Vday 20

“NO WAY! It lights up AND plays the Downton Abbey Theme!!!”

All of the girls agreed that this had been a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and now that all the presents had been opened, exchanged thank you’s and hugs.  There was a ton of food to nibble on, but before they ate, they wanted a group photo taken.  They insisted that Coconut and Finn be in the picture too since they were all dressed up.

Vday 21

Vday 22

“I wonder when we can get out of these stupid outfits?” Finn whispered to Coconut.  “I bet if we stole a couple of cookies, we’d be banished in a hurry” replied Coconut.  “DEAL!”

Vday 23

All of us at Say Hello To My Little Friends hope you had a great Valentine’s Day-and didn’t steal any cookies!

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    • Rebecca’s outfit is probably my favorite of all of them, but I am amazed at just how good Kit looks in red, I’m going to have to dress her in that more often!

    • That was definitely one advantage of setting up this shoot on my sewing table, I could get a much better angle on the photos. Hope you had a great day too!

  1. Loved the story, and photo’s. Your dolls looked like they were really having fun.
    Now all you need is a “Ugly Valentine Sweater Contest”

    • Hee hee, I’ll have to remember that one for a future post. Glad you could stop by Evil Twin. (In case anyone is wondering, Evil Twin is my sister, the one that has Felicity and the “other” Kit.)

    • Glad to see you posted the Home run finds. Was wondering just what you were talking about regarding the washer and dryer. You will no doubt be hated by all AG doll collectors. OMG what a find. The Sewing machine is to die for.

      • Considering just how long I’ve been looking for that $%#@! sewing machine, I’m beyond thrilled. Now I need to get the dollhouse out of the way soon so you have somewhere to sleep.

  2. Haha! Love it! Looks like the dolls had a great time. I better not show Julie this blog, ‘cos she just gets cards and a class party for V day. But she had fun at the Valentine’s dance! You can read about that later.

  3. This story is so cute!! I love everyone’s outfits and all the decorations! And that mini Downton Abbey is so neat! Looks like you had a fun Valentine’s Day! 🙂

    • Thanks! Stay tuned, later in the week I’m going to have a post that goes with this one, and I video taped Downton in action.

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