One Broke Girl-Bakery Display Case, Part 1

Anyone else still shaking their head over the $500 price tag for the bakery?  I know I am.  I also got to thinking about what $500 would buy in this day and age.  A washing machine, 2 bathroom vanities, a set of 4 tires, a decent laptop, 2 iPad mini’s–I could go on and on.  Instead, I decided to put this in a different perspective.  If you went to Target and stood in the aisle with the Our Generation stuff, how much could you buy?

Retro Diner $110

4 x 4 Car $35

Gourmet Kitchen $65

RV Seeing You Camper $70

Retro Cruiser $90

Scooter $30

Bicycle $50

A horse $35

Tea Set $17

Total for all of these Our Generation items: $502.  Interesting!  And if you bought them around Christmas when they run their toy sales, you could make out even better, Our Generation frequently does a buy one/get one 50% off sale for Black Friday and runs sales throughout the holiday season.  You could also buy 14 – 17 full priced American Girl outfits, twice as many if you get them at the Cyber Monday sale.  Just some food for thought.

So, let’s get started!  I’m going to replicate as best as I can the pastry display case.  Remember, I’m trying to use things that I have or are easy to get.  After thinking a bit, I remembered that I had this chest of drawers that I picked up at Michael’s a while ago to use for a doll bedroom.  I’ve since found other things for that, so this was up for grabs.  Even though I did already have this, I am going to include it in my total expenses because it was essentially new, it just didn’t cost me anything additional to go out and buy it and it’s still available for purchase.  Regular price on this at Michael’s is $7.99, I had a 40% off coupon, so I only paid $4.79.  I know, I know, you’re thinking “that’s a chest of drawers! Has she lost it?”  Let me explain:

bakery shelves raw

Years ago I started scrapbooking, and I ended up going to a weekend long retreat where I met an interesting lady named Sherri Leonard.  Sherri LITERALLY wrote the book (actually several) on punch art and how to look at your paper punches in a different way, using basic shapes to create unbelievable stuff to use in your paper crafting.  It’s not only a great way to create adorable items for in your scrapbooks, but it helps reinforce the “outside of the box” way of thinking.  I’m dedicating this post to Sherri, if by chance you are reading this, thank you so much for your inspiration!

And yes, it looks like a chest of drawers, but when we are done, it will look totally different.  I promise!

sherri's book
One of Sherri’s Punch Art Books


First thing I did was paint everything white, inside and out:

This didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, I was very frustrated before it was over with. First off, it is winter and bitter cold here, so I couldn’t spray paint it. I decided to use acrylic craft paint. Not a good idea. I believe this chest is made of balsa wood and it didn’t react well to acrylic paint, I had a nice smooth surface when I started, but by the time I was done, it had raised the grain on the entire piece. I was so not happy. I had to remind myself though that this isn’t a piece of furniture, it’s a doll project. I was still unhappy though, and I had to set the project aside and collect my thoughts. That’s why it took me so long to finish this, I was busy trying to come up with a way to fix this. I even contemplated buying another one, and then finally said “No, this will just have to do.”  If I had it to do over again, I would wait until warmer weather to work on this project and I would spray paint it.  Oh well.

Anyhow, I put two coats over the entire thing so that I was sure it was well covered and looked good (even if it was rough, grrrr…).  I also chose not to cut the knobs off the drawers, you’ll see why further down the road.  You don’t need to paint the “shelves” that the drawers sit in completely, those will be covered with something else.  Just be sure to get the front and the sides really well.  (In this photo I did miss a little, but fixed it after I took the picture)

bakery shelves

That’s as far as we are going to go this week, pop back in later (give me 2 weeks, I have a lot of other stuff to post and taxes to finish!) for the next steps.  I decided that it would be easier to break this up in several posts and everyone can work on it as we go.

If you don’t have a Michael’s near you, this chest is also available online:

Don’t forget your coupon!


12 thoughts on “One Broke Girl-Bakery Display Case, Part 1

  1. Wow! This will be an interesting project. I can walk through Michael’s twice and not see some of the things you and a few others see. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more.

    • For me, it’s definitely an inherited trait. My dad was an engineer from the early days of the gas heating industry and my mom was very creative. In her 80’s she decided to build a 1/12 scale dollhouse and she was always on the lookout for things that could be used that weren’t made for that. Constant exposure to that and a number of years working as a picture framer with constant exposure to artists and their different thinking-it was bound to rub off LOL Sometimes I wish I could get my brain to shut down!

      • They were great weekend retreats jam packed with fun. Just a thought for the raised grain grrr. Try this on an inside shelf just to see…. Try just a light sanding to knock off some of that grain. It will need another finishing coat of paint then. Have fun!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more about the ridiculous pricing on the AG bakery! I love the comparison you make on all the stuff you could buy with the same money. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

    • Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I’m getting very tired of these high priced AG items, I’d rather see them concentrate on smaller, more detailed pieces.

    • I’m glad to see they are still selling them too in case anyone wants to make one. I have since noticed that the little glass front case from Hobby Lobby that so many people have been using is no longer available online and the store nearest me didn’t have them anymore either. Hopefully this will be another option.

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