Our Generation “Under the Weather Care Set”

I’m embarrassed to admit I bought this set before Thanksgiving, and I totally forgot to review it! I guess because we were dealing with some serious family stuff and the holidays were fast approaching, it totally slipped my mind. It wasn’t until I posted about the Our Generation Tea Set and one of the comments referenced this set that I realized I hadn’t done it. Better late than never I guess!

This was one of the newer sets that I wanted BAD. I was super excited when I did finally run across it, it was even better in person than it looked! Getting it out of the package wasn’t too bad although, once again, I’m realizing that I need to take some adhesive remover to a few pieces, when I went to get it out to photograph it, they stuck to my fingers, argh! I’d like to take that tape and…I regress.

The whole thing is really very cute, not sure where to start, so I’ll just do it in the order I photographed it.
First up: the tray, and “food” for a sick person!
Sick at home 1
What better to cure what ails you than a bowl of chicken noodle soup (alphabet no less!) and a cup of hot tea! I think the teacup is extremely well done in this set, I love how you can see the contents. The tray is nice and sturdy too.

Next up: the necessities!
Sick at home 2
Only way to find out if you are really sick is to take your temperature–open your mouth and stick it under your tongue! Love this piece, I was all “awwwww” when I saw it in person. The hot water bottle is awesome too and the plug comes out, although it’s really difficult to get back in. The ice bag even opens, you could put some fake ice (beads) in it if you wanted to weight it for more realism. So far, so good!

The cure:
Sick at home 3
Two bottles of “mystery” medicine and of course honey to sooth that sore throat! I love the honey container as well as the stick, it’s not really wood, but it sure looks like it.

Little things that help:
Sick at home 4
You HAVE to have Kleenex when you are sick! What is really kind of neat about this particular Kleenex box is that the Kleenex is fabric, but the top comes off so you can take it out,  if you felt so inclined you could cut down real Kleenex to fit in to it.  The pencil is nicely done, and I was happy to see that it would fit in the pencil case that came with my AG desk, yay!  The activity book is just okay, it has a nice cover, but the inside is just blank pages.  And that polka dot thing-that’s the only “fail” (if you can call it that) in the whole set.  The reason is they call it a “fleece blanket”.  To me it’s more doll towel sized.  Maybe a blanket for the family bird??  Oh well, I’ll let this error slide.

Overall, I have to say that this is one of the nicest sets they have done.  I love that there are no duplications from other OG sets that I already have, and everything seems to be well thought out.  I give this set an A- (the minus is because of the “blanket” LOL)   If you see this one at your Target store, grab it, I have a feeling this one is going to be hard to find down the road.


11 thoughts on “Our Generation “Under the Weather Care Set”

  1. I think they were thinking like a baby blankie kind of blanket so it would be a cuddle thing (like a wubby etc) but yes, I agree, that’s not a blanket by any reasonable definition. I personally love the tea cup.

  2. I do like this set, but I’m still thinking of a way to make a more traditional thermometer, other than just a clear drinking straw w/ marks on it. Nonna may be right about the blanket being a “comfy” (wubby influence must be from “Mr. Mom!). I’m not wild about the spoon either. You can’t eat hot soup w/ a plastic spoon! But I have other spoons that are metal. I have some of the components to make a set like this myself, but that ice bag and hot water bottle are too cute! Too bad I can’t get those separately.

  3. I recently bought this set, specifically for the kleenex box. Love it! Oh, and the tray. I thought it would work for homework scenes as well as eating in bed. 🙂 Once I got it open at home I really did like some of the other pieces as well.

    • Target does sell on Ebay, don’t know if they ship to Canada though. Our Generation is now being sold by Mastermind Toys in Canada too, not sure if there are any near you or if they are all in the east. Rumor has it that they have a better selection than Target did! They have a website too, that might be a better option for you if you don’t have a store nearby.

  4. Have you seen the Spring 2015 sneak peak on Pinterest? I like Julie’s new outfit because I remember wearing outfits like that! Addy’s new dress has Mothers Day present written all over it for me 😉

    • Yes, I did see it, and I really think Julie’s outfit is awesome! I love Kit and Addy’s too. Guess I’d better start saving my money, I hope these new releases aren’t as expensive as the ones from last spring.

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