We’ve had a relatively mild winter so far in this area, but we did have a decent amount of snow the past week and some cold temperatures. Over at Doll Diaries they were asking for photos for their Throwback Thursday feature that used older American Girl items with the theme of winter. I knew just the thing to get out: my dogsled, put Skip in his full outfit and someone in the snowsuit. Kit was more than happy to volunteer! In fact, she was having a bit too much fun with it, I couldn’t get her to come inside!

Mush 1
Skip was enjoying it too!
Mush 2

Finally the other girls decided to get bundled up and came out to join us:

Mush 3

Mush 4

Kit was really enjoying herself out there, she said we will have to do this more often.

Mush 5

While we were outside, Abby and Zara showed up with Finn. “We heard some sort of noise over here, we came to see what it was. Looks like Kit is having a great time!”
Mush 6

All of a sudden Finn got really excited and took off running! Zara ran after him and yelled “come back here Finn, you’re not a sled dog, you’re a herding dog!!!”
Mush 7

Maybe he’s a sled dog after all???
Mush 8


8 thoughts on “Mush!!!

    • Thanks, it was a fun post to write. The booties came with the dog, I tried making some for my real dog, but she doesn’t want any parts of it LOL.

    • Now I’m sick of it. I fell a couple of days ago because we have layers from having snow, rain, snow, sleet, snow, etc. I was just standing there, minding my own business when the layers let go under me, pitched me forward. I didn’t get hurt, just annoyed.

      I bow down to you after getting all 6 dolls ready for an outdoor shoot. I can’t imagine doing anymore than that!!!

      • I hear you I rarely get cabin fever, but for some reason this winter I am ready for it to end. I think it was shoveling 2 inches of slush the other morning. Bring on the 40 degree weather. LOL

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